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History would be something extraordinary if…

 History would be something extraordinary if only it were true.                                                                                              – Tolstoy The victor writes the history books, that doesn’t mean he told the truth.  The history of the world will unravel and the myths will collapse if truth … Continue reading

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Truthfulness compels me to…War is a racket

          General Smedley Darlington Butler, USMC  said “Truthfulness compels me to” in a speech about war which he gave in 1933. (Gen. Butler was the most highly decorated military man up until to WWII)  He knew all too well who wars … Continue reading

What happened to building 7 on 911?

  911. Ever heard of it? Most everyone in the world has. But how many people ever heard about building 7? No Muslims with box-cutters were anywhere to be found. No planes flew into it.  Architects and Engineers for 911 … Continue reading

“Not suicide, but a mercy killing”

             Over 22 active duty soldiers and veterans commit suicide every day. Did you know that? Ever wonder why? Perhaps the suicide note written by this tormented US soldier will open your eyes.  Originally published by Gawker with the family’s … Continue reading