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Free speech? What’s that?

Freedom of speech? No. No. NO! We can’t have that.  Someone’s feelings might get hurt. Listen to Paul Fromm founder of the Canadian Association for Free Speech discuss  the machinations of those who seek to silence any and all opposition … Continue reading

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There’s no antidote for the poison…

What is “Cultural Marxism”?  Cultural Marxism has been dubbed “the greatest cancer in the Western world” but few even know what it is.  “Cultural Marxists” said they’d make the “long march through our institutions” and they have. Without exception, the … Continue reading

When hate hustlers speak…

         In my constant quest for the truth, I like looking at all the websites  the hate hustlers for profit such as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) claim are just hate filled sites full of lies, more … Continue reading

Monday September 17th Paul Fromm You are Censored!!!

Monday September 17th      Paul Fromm free speech activist joins me to discuss the pretend “free speech” in Canada, America and elsewhere. He has been an advocate for the victims of the anti-free speech commies. His organization has stood up for and helped … Continue reading

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Monday August 27th Paul Fromm Calling all anti-?????

Monday August 27th         Paul Fromm  from the organization called the Canadian Association for Free Expression which is dedicated to Free Speech, Immigration Reform, and Restoring Political Sanity joined me to discuss free speech. There isn’t any to be found … Continue reading

Thursday June 7th Paul Fromm And if we don’t speak…

Thursday June 7th          Fearless freedom fighter Paul Fromm joins me again to discuss the lack of “free speech” that exists in Canada. Free speech in name only is what they have there and here too, very soon. Feel free to … Continue reading

Monday April 9th Thought crimes…down the rabbit hole we go

Monday April 9th Zion Crime Factory was my guest today. We discussed The Bolshevik Revolution, who they were and why is it so few people know the truth.  We discussed Zionism. We also discussed those nations that have made questioning issues … Continue reading