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Sunday September 4th Truth is hate…

Sunday September 4th The truth is HATE to those who HATE the TRUTH. I did a little truth redistributin’. And I sang the “racist” song.

Monday August 27th Paul Fromm Calling all anti-?????

Monday August 27th  Paul Fromm  from Canadian Association for Free Expression joined me to discuss free speech. Find more info at  

Sunday August 26th Paul Lemmen The con goes on…

Sunday August 26th  Paul Lemmen joined me to talk about the “con”. He knows it and is adept at explaining it. His website is He is the author of a book entitled, Confessions of a Con-Man: The Life and … Continue reading

Monday August 13th Ignorance is bliss…Communitarianism isn’t.

Monday August 13th   Communitarianism is the topic. This is the article I read from during the show For more info on Communitarianism go to Niki raapana’s website

Thursday August 9th Karen Schoen Divide and conquer…

Thursday August 9th  Divide and conquer…that’s the name of the game, but unless you talk about it, how will you know it’s happening? Karen Schoen an “Agender” joins me to talk about the various strategies used to divide all of us. … Continue reading

Tuesday August 7th Ryan Elson Exposing The Fake Roots

Tuesday August 7th  Canadian Freedom Fighter Ryan Elson joins me to discuss the green commies up his way. Listen in as we discuss the green cons going on in Canada under the guise of “sustainability”.


The Third Way ain’t no way to live…

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Niki Raapana writes …”The Third Way agenda is simply a new way to revise the American legal system from within. Third Way founders need a shortcut in order to require more citizen responsibilities without actually going through the lengthy legal … Continue reading