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Bugs are in.

Got bugs? Oh, well.  At one time kids with bugs aka lice were sent home so all the other kids would not get bugs. Now bugs are in, brains out. We are surrounded by morons at the highest level. There … Continue reading

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For most people justice doesn’t exist.  I have written about crimes committed by those tasked with keeping our children “safe”.  Here is another example. Some time in the future we will tire of this, those responsible will be held accountable; … Continue reading

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“Normalizing” abnormality

One of the goals of Cultural Marxists is to normalize abnormality. Cultural Marxism makes abnormal normal, and normal abnormal. Pedophilia. Is it now the new norm in America? Read this twisted article wherein the attorney who wrote it attempts to … Continue reading

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“Once you pop, you won’t have to stop”

“Once you pop, you won’t have to stop”. Oh baby, isn’t that special? I bet you cannot guess what they are referring to. It’s something they teach the kids in 5th grade. I’ll give you a hint. It doesn’t have anything … Continue reading

Thursday Nov. 15th Andrew Peacher and Kevin Bull The earth needs rebels…

Thursday Nov. 15th  Have you ever heard of the UN Rights of The Child Treaty? Most people never have, many soon will.  Government agencies are stealing children all over the world under the guise of the protecting them. Andrew and … Continue reading

Friday Nov. 9th The UN is stealing children

Friday Nov. 9th The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is discussed. Stealing children from their families is their goal. The UN is not your friend. Byzantine Catholic Priest speaks about the UN stealing children under the … Continue reading

Friday May 25th Andrew Preacher & Brian Claire The power of corruption Child Protective Services

Friday May 25th Andrew Preacher and Brian Clair  join me to discuss the assault on parents in the UK and the abuse of children who fall prey to the power of corruption in the child protective service industry. It is big … Continue reading

Sunday May 20th Brandon Turbeville Whose child are you?

Sunday May 20th Brandon Turbeville  joins me to discuss the plight of Katerina Jeleva who is a Utah woman who had her son stolen by “family services.” Her son is still in custody despite a declaration of innocence by the … Continue reading