Infill…it’s what on the zoning menu for your town too.

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You moved into your home and never thought that someone could demolish the home next door and put two in it’s place. Look across the street. Three houses could be six.

Don’t think only old run down homes are being demolished. See the attached photo section showing a PRISTINE $265,000.00 home that is now gone. FIVE homes will soon be in its place.

This is a city wide problem. It can happen to you, it’s only a matter of time. You better fight for Portland  YOUR TOWN zoning protection! They’ll change minimum lot  size requirements right under your nose. And you won’t be happy. Nope. I guarantee, you’re not going to like what’s on the zoning menu.

 This is a city wide problem. We need city wide support and participation!

People all over Portland noticed something odd was happening. Nice homes were being torn down to be replaced by 2 or 4, fifteen foot wide, two story tall homes. “Infill development is the establishment of a new land use on a site that may be undeveloped, underutilized or otherwise marginally acceptable for development but is located within an established, stable development where public facilities such as roads, water sewer and general services are available.”

They soon learned that a code change in 1991 eliminated the minimum lot size in their neighborhood. A lot could be “segregated” or cut in two if originally platted that way.


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