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What is a police state? What is it like to live under the boot of a tyrannical government? George Orwell’s novel 1984 gives us a glimpse of what life is like. So does the documentary In The Shadow of Hermes by Juri Lina.  Pay close attention.

     “…To get an idea of what the New World Order authorities in the U.S.       considers a “Terrorist” consider the actual definitions being put out by       local and Federal authorities: What are Some Characteristics of       Terrorists?: “Nice-guy image” “Property Rights Activists” “Environmental  and Animal Rights” “Influence governmental of social policy” “Undermine confidence in the government” “Anti-government and Militia Movement” “Create an atmosphere of anxiety amongst the public” “Will employ a variety of vehicles and communicate predominantly by cell-phone, E-mail, or text messaging services” “Trained to be physically aware of their environment, whether it be a 747 jumbo jet or a court house” “May appear ‘normal’ in appearance… tourists, student, or businessperson” see Who’s a Terrorist?… ” from the website Liberty for life



The Founding Fathers are “terrorists”

Police State planners

 Code commies

Obama’s Community Volunteerism

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 Civilian National Security force


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