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Wednesday January 25th Michael Shaw and the “property rights council” soviet

January 25th Michael Shaw  Michael Shaw from Freedom Advocates   www.freedomadvocates.org joins me to discuss “property rights councils” which he and  I both agree are just another “soviet” structure and are NOT the answer to the assaults on our property rights.

Wednesday December 21st What is good behavior?

December 21st Bill Reil Bill Reil is my guest again today. We discuss the  founding fathers idea of what judges were to be doing, not what they are doing, the Judiciary Act of 1802 and who is making the mouse trap. Separation … Continue reading

Tuesday December 20th Who has the guns? Larry Pratt GOA

December 20th Who has the guns? 1st hr: Larry Pratt Exec. Director of Gun Owners of America joins me to discuss: “fast and furious”,   New Mexico Sheriffs and militias. His website is www.gunowners.org He is the author of several books which are … Continue reading

Friday December 9th Bill Reil Who was sued for malicious prosecution, negligence, conversion, invasion of privacy and trespass? Code Nazis!

 December 9th Bill Reil Bill Reil joined me again today. We took some calls from code Nazi victims and Bill offered some suggestions to help them. Please look at the tab on my website “William Taylor Reil docs” for additional … Continue reading

Tuesday December 6th Ronald MacDonald Who got the gold?

December 6th Ronald MacDonald author of the book, They Own It all Including You joins me to discuss who got the gold? Where is the gold? You can buy his book on RBN.

Sunday November 27th I talked to myself today about indifference.

November 27th  I talked to myself today about indifference. There are millions of people in the USA whose lives will be forever damaged by UN Agenda 21, yet their unwillingness to see what is happening astounds me. We are living in a … Continue reading

Friday November 25th Bill Reil Nullification, John Adams the Federalist and Thomas Jefferson the Anti-Federalist.

November 25th Bill Reil is my guest. We discussed Nullification, John Adams the Federalist and Thomas Jefferson the Anti-Federalist. Bill mentioned the 1798 Alien and Sedition Act and talked about the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions. We took some calls and … Continue reading

Wednesday September 7th

Semptember 7th  No guest today.

Thursday September 1st William Taylor Reil

September 1st William Tayor Reil Find some of Bill’s writing on the tab on this website with his name on it.  Today we discussed a nullification, the Bond v US Supreme Court ruling and involuntary slavery. Listen in to another lively … Continue reading

Friday August 26th Terry Hall and William Taylor Reil

August 26th  My guests this morning were Terri Hall from, Texans Uniting For Reform and Freedom http://texasturf.org/ where we discussed Rick Perry and the many masks he wears.  Listen in to find out who Rick Perry really is.  William Taylor Reil … Continue reading

Wednesday August 24th Devvy Kidd Devvy.com

 August 24th Devvy Kidd Devvy Kidd joins me to discuss the ponzi scheme called social security and what a scheme it is. How many people think they’ll get theirs when they turn 65? Read Devvy’s articles on her website, www.devvy.com

Friday August 19th William Taylor Reil

August 19th  William Taylor Reil is with me again to discuss the Constitution, persons natural or fictitious and one of my callers suggested these books to read: The Plot To Seize The Whitehouse http://www.wanttoknow.info/plottoseizethewhitehouse and 1000 Americans: The Real Rulers of … Continue reading

Sunday August 14th Jay Atkin Continental Congress 2009

August 14th Jay Atkin http://www.cc2009.us/ http://www.givemeliberty.org/ www.articlesoffreedom.us Jay Atkin was a delegate from Kansas to the 2009 Continental Congress.  He joins me to discuss “citizen grand jurys”, what they are and why we never hear about them anymore.

Friday August 12th William Taylor Reil

August 12th William Taylor Reil  Bill joins me again to discuss nullification and the 10th amendment.

Monday August 8th Fred Kelly Grant Trademark America

August 8th Fred Kelly Grant www.trademarkamerica.org Fred joins me to discuss  what he has been doing to fight against the assault on our property rights. He mentions the Bond v US Supreme Court decision, Sheriffs helping stop the Forrest Service … Continue reading