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Fight back against UN Agenda 21.

Get educated.

Tell others what you have learned.

             Here are some ways to fight back against UN Agenda 21. Go to meetings: zoning, school board, water board, town council, planning, commissioner, metropolitan planning organization, COG council of government, transportation authority, church (even if you don’t belong, go anyway and take a few handouts with you), Jay Cees, Knights of Columbus, VFW, etc, take them info (print out some handouts from my site or many of the others I have linked to, I have included a couple handouts below). Find what you like and run with it.

          Find out about what you need to do to put info on your local public access tv station. My radio show from Jan-13-2012 had a caller who knew a lot about it. Listen to the podcast for ideas. (found under podcast tab)

        Make good use of that junk mail everybody gets. Send a handout back in the postage paid envelope (don’t waste your $.42 on postage, if it’s not prepaid) or take that envelope, write a short comment on it including a website for people to go to and leave it on a shelf/counter in the grocery store, drug store, gas station, give it back to the server thru the drive thru window. Leave it on the table after you finish your meal at a restaurant.

 All you need to write is something such as:

Looking for answers? Look here or pick out any website you like.

You are being lied to. The truth is here

Feel like something is wrong, but not sure what? Look  WWW.FREEDOMADVOCATES.ORG

Something is wrong and you know it. Find out

Want the truth? Look here

What is the “green con”? Find out here

 What is “sustainable development”?

UN Agenda 21 is a big con

Your property will be targeted

Why can’t the cashier make change?

What is American Deception?

Hey you! look here

      I know many people are struggling, but you can write a short message on an envelope that comes with the junk mail and leave it around. That doesn’t cost anything, other than your time.


Heather Gass

Leader of The Bay Area Tea Party created a 3 ring binder filled with documents that she shows to people when she is explaining UN Agenda 21. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, just take her documents below (in red) and make your own binder to show people (a couple are specific to California so if you are in another state, substitute your own state info, and if you don’t know where to find it, just ask!).



ABAG Compact and ICLEI tax return

 APA – Myths and Facts about Agenda21



EPA – US Register stating EPA is on board with Agenda21

Glenn Beck Agenda21 Article

ICLEI Tax return and ICLEI Local Handbook for Agenda21

Olympics and Agenda21






 Handouts to print out

 SD handout 6-4

Agenda 21 available in “word” format too, just ask

Look at these websites for more info

The Conservative Blindspot

Conservation Easements great info on what they really mean (designed as a trifold pamphlet)

SD info  Or if you want to make your own handouts, this one has a ton of info you can use. This one is several pages so if you print it out, I suggest double sided.

 There are other handouts on these websites as well as some of the others I link to:

  Anti-AGENDA21 BILL Ask your legislators to submit a bill for your state too.

  If you cannot find a group fighting against this in your town, start one. Meetup is a website where people can go to find like-minded people.

  Leave comments after all articles you read online, send letters to the opinion section of your local paper. There are several locally oriented websites: Patch is liberal, but it might be worth your time. Can you write? See if you can start writing for the Examiner

 Get a bull horn and man the sidewalk. Hold signs. Get creative. Some people may take note of what you are attempting to tell them about.

And if you don’t bother to do anything, here’s a handout you can give to your kids.

Children of Tomorrow

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