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TRANSFER OF DEVELOPMENT RIGHTS Managing growth of the county/local government decides which sections of the county it will deny the right to develop – “sending zone.” This includes a private land owner’s right to construct any structure on his property. … Continue reading

Infill…it’s what on the zoning menu for your town too.

You moved into your home and never thought that someone could demolish the home next door and put two in it’s place. Look across the street. Three houses could be six. Don’t think only old run down homes are being … Continue reading

Portland Mall Shooter Stopped by CCW holder, Media lies by omission.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuLgO4wo4xI&feature=player_embedded Are you surprised you are lied to?  You shouldn’t be. They’ve been lying to us for a very long time.  It’s time to wake up.  

Are you nuts? You are now!

The industry of modern psychiatry has officially gone insane. Virtually every emotion experienced by a human being — sadness, grief, anxiety, frustration, impatience, excitement — is now being classified as a “mental disorder” demanding chemical treatment (with prescription medications, of … Continue reading