This land is my land! Well in name only…

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 Land thieves like old fashioned cattle rustlers no longer steal under the cover of darkness.  Daylight dawns and the thieves walk amongst us stealing our property.  “Do gooders” they call themselves.  They “claim” it’s all about saving mother nature. I guess they don’t remember the 70’s commercial  “It’s not nice to fool mother nature”, nor is it nice to steal.

   They won’t tell you they are thieves, but thieves they are, none the less.  In this particular video  it’s taxpayer approved theft though I doubt very much the taxpayers really understood what they were doing to themselves. Dupes would be a good way to describe them.

Conservation groups are stealing land  and it is happening all over the USA.  They get to dictate to you what you can do on your land and you get to pay 100% of the tax note on land you own in name only.

 Don Casey from Keep Our Rights created a great brochure which explains conservation easements. Look here. 

If you don’t understand what words used by thieves really mean you won’t “get” what is being done to you and how you are being misled. Orwell called it double speak.



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