Comprehensive plans & urban growth boundaries explained in 3 min.

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     Joe Neal, South Carolina State Representative explains how “smart growth” embedded within Comprehensive Plans adopted by local government will encumber private property rights. He describes how “urban growth boundaries”  are arbitrarily created within plans which limit growth and development to specific areas. They think that is the smart way to develop hence the name “smart growth”. This means that if you own property outside of the “urban growth boundary” you will NOT be allowed to use YOUR land the way you want to. What they also do is change zoning so that uses that were previously allowed will no longer be allowed.

    For example, if you have a business located in an area  zoned for industry and the zoning for “industry” has now been eliminated in the comprehensive plan, then your ability to use your property (business) the way you like has just been destroyed.  Who will buy a business located in an area which is no longer zoned for that specific kind of business? Only an idiot would do that.

    As was mentioned in the video, how much value does your property have if you cannot use it to generate wealth? If you own your home, you hope to be able to sell it for more than you paid for it, it’s supposed to be an “investment” right? If you have a piece of land you’d like to put a business on, you don’t expect the commissioners to change the zoning so you can’t use your land.

 If the 3 minute video above does not play correctly in you tube, then click the link below and you can download it to watch it.

SouthCarolina _Comprehensive Planning.mp4

I am including a link to the longer video which is well worth taking the time to watch. This video was made 10 years ago.

        To request a copy of the longer DVD contact Don Casey,  from the group Keep Our Rights  at email him:


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