Tuesday January 10th Don Casey “What” is a farmer?

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January 10th Don Casey

So you think you want to farm, eh?  Unless you receive 75% of your income from farming, you are not what “they” define as a “farmer” and you will not receive the special benefits, tax status etc that accompanies farming. What is community supported agriculture? How about  Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT)? Did you know they want to measure your “resource extraction”? Ever heard of it and do you know what it means?  Look here where you have been?

What are “livable communities”? Google it and find out.

What is the “triple bottom line”? Google 3bl and see what you find. Here’s an article I found, take a look.  http://www.businessethics.ca/3bl/whats-wrong-3bl.html

How does one “equalize” hunger, any ideas? Do you think it means everyone gets more to eat?

Do you have a clue what a “food shed is?  Check out Georgia HB 225 and HB 37 Alabama.

Here’s a link for tools and techniques for local planning. http://server.admin.state.mn.us/resource.html?Id=2910

A handful of GOP leaders created a resolution to expose UN Agenda 21. Look here: Resolution Exposing United Nations Agenda 21_1207112Final-2.

Here’s the “social justice” article I mentioned: social justice

What one person can do

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