Monthly Archives: December 2011

Friday December 30th William Taylor Reil Posse Comitatus and you.

December 30th William Taylor Reil Bill Reil joins me to discuss Posse Comitatus, Sheriff Brigades, what are they and can you start one, and militias. The Pa. Militia was changed in 1850 to be called a “National” guard. How can … Continue reading

Thursday December 29th Dr. Paugh Just how just is environmental justice?

December 29th Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh joins me to discuss environmental justice. What is it? Who knows, they make it up as they go along. What is the Plan Environment 2014? They will force programmable thermostats on you, and they … Continue reading

Wednesday December 28th Sheriff Jon Lopey Why do the green nazis want to destroy clean energy dams?

December 28th Sheriff Jon Lopey Siskiyou California County Sheriff Jon Lopey joins me to discuss the assaults on individual liberty taking place in his county by out of control bureaucrats. He discussed the pending demolition of four dams which provide … Continue reading

Tuesday December 27th Arkady Faktorovich How does one control people?

December 27th Arkady Faktorovich Arkady Faktorovich joins me to discuss life in the Soviet Union. He says he has come from “our future” to warn us. Do people who hail from a communist nation “see” what we cannot? I think … Continue reading

Monday December 26th Sheriff Mack Constitutional Sheriffs, tyranny and the police state.

December 26th Sheriff Richard Mack  joins me today to discuss the upcoming meeting he is coordinating  on January 29-31, 2012 – Las Vegas, NV. Please help make this happen. The peace officers are uniting to free America from state and federal tyranny. … Continue reading

Friday December 23rd Mimi Steel Who are the grievance and give me groups?

Decenber 23rd Mimi Steel Mimi Steel founder of the SFBay 912 Project and Citizens for Sustainable Liberty joins me to discuss what is happening in the San Francisco area. What is visioning? Consensus, wildlands, smart growth, sustainable development and light … Continue reading

Thursday Decenber 22nd What will we be cooking on our “cooking” stoves?

December 22nd  Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh discusses the latest nonsense coming from the green Nazis. Cooking stoves and climate change. What are the green Nazis lying about now? Read her articles here:    

Wednesday December 21st What is good behavior?

December 21st Bill Reil Bill Reil is my guest again today. We discuss the  founding fathers idea of what judges were to be doing, not what they are doing, the Judiciary Act of 1802 and who is making the mouse trap. Separation … Continue reading

Tuesday December 20th Who has the guns? Larry Pratt GOA

December 20th Who has the guns? 1st hr: Larry Pratt Exec. Director of Gun Owners of America joins me to discuss: “fast and furious”,   New Mexico Sheriffs and militias. His website is He is the author of several books which are … Continue reading

Monday December 19th Dr. Michael Coffman

December 19th Dr. Michael Coffman Dr. Michael Coffman joins me again today to discuss the “Wildlands Map” he created and what the designations mean. He has been fighting UN Agenda 21 sustainable development for a very long time. He has several … Continue reading

Sunday December 18th Hal Shurtleff Green codes and green teams, what are they?

December 18th Hal Shurtleff Hal Shurtleff from JBS joins me to discuss what is happening in the New England area. The green teams are out in force in Nashua N.H. You can find out info on The John Birch Society … Continue reading

Friday December 16th “Septic wars” anyone?

 December 16th Dan Peterson My guests today were: Hr 1       Dan Peterson from the Coalition for Property Rights joined me to discuss their activities in Florida. They educate, advocate and try to activate people to become involved in fighting … Continue reading

Thursday December 15th Who are the Sovereign Citizens?

 December 15th Bill Reil Bill Reil joins me today to discuss: the Sovereign Citizen, our corrupt government and the solutions to correct the corruption. There are solutions. Did you know that?

Wednesday December 14th What Agenda?

December 14th  I talked to myself today about UN Agenda 21.

Tuesday December 13th What is the language of UN Agenda 21 really?

 December 13th I discussed the language of UN Agenda 21 and what words really mean. Pastor Chuck Baldwin also joined me to discuss his run for Lt. Governor of Montana alongside Bob Fanning. They intend to: *Stop the federal … Continue reading