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February 29th Michael Shaw Food deserts are a mirage

February 29th Michael Shaw Michael Shaw from Freedom Advocates joined me to discuss regionalism and property rights councils (which are erroneously leading some down the road to slavery). You don’t create exactly what you are fighting then assume somehow your … Continue reading

February 28th Dave Kopacz The planners are planning…

February 28th Dave Kopacz  The planners are planning.  They are land thieves using planning as a tool to take your land. Be afraid, be very afraid …then get over it, rise up and take back your freedom.

February 27th John Casey The Cold Sun.

February 27th John Casey Hr 1  John Casey retired NASA Engineer and the author of Cold Sun joins me to discuss his book about the cooling sun.  Hr 2   I discussed the “race card” so eloquently played by our … Continue reading

February 26th What is earth overshoot day?

February 26th     Who controls the message?

February 24th Kevin Eggers The solution is the problem

February 24th Kevin Eggers  Kevin Eggers joins me to discuss Communitarianism, Regionalism aka a Soviet which consists of unelected bureaucrats making the rules, which is how the government of the Soviet Union operated, and he also talked about Senator Borah. Kevin … Continue reading

February 23rd Bill Reil & Dr. Paugh Run for your lives, the sea levels are rising…

February 23rd Bill Reil & Dr. Paugh Hr1 William Taylor Reil Nullification was the topic. Hr 2 Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh The Virginian fighters vs. the green commies.  Game on.

February 22nd Kathleen Marquardt Something’s fishy…

February 22nd Kathleen Marquardt Kathleen Marquardt joined me today. She is the author of “Animal Scam: The Beastly Abuse of Human Rights” and founder of Putting People First.  What are green cities? Anchorage Alaska had the cleanest water, but in … Continue reading

February 21st George Frigon Water, water, water

February 21st George Frigon George Frigon, waste water expert was with me today to discuss septic systems and how Maryland wants to limit development by denying new septic systems. This is just another tactic used to drive people off their … Continue reading

February 20th Ronald MacDonald Who owns the money?

February 20th Ronald MacDonald  Ron joins me to discuss codes, zoning and who owns the money.  

February 19th Droning about drones…

February 19th I talked to myself about private spying drones shot down by bird hunters and other delightful stories.

February 17th William Taylor Reil The “malady” of human nature…

February 17th William Taylor Reil William Taylor Reil joined me to discuss the “malady” of human nature, Amish Farmers growing food you want to eat, but our government wants to deny you and oaths of office no one bothers to … Continue reading

February 16th Dr. Paugh Who is who?

February 16th Dr. Paugh Hr 1  Just me, myself and I discussing, who is who. So who is it?  Hr2  Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh joins me again to discuss riding on the “sustainability train”. Oh, what a ride it will … Continue reading

Wednesday February 15th Tim Nordell Scenic byways you will never see…

February 15th Tim Nordell Tim Nordell joined me to discuss “scenic byways” and what that term really means. There is nothing “scenic” about it. Here is the article he has written which will give you a lot of great info … Continue reading

Tuesday February 14th Mark Jacobs Kiss your water goodbye…

February 14th Mark Jacobs Mark Jacobs joined me today to discuss  the pending plan to inject semi-treated sewage into the aquifers in Florida. How about a little poop with your lemonade? A caller mentioned distillation as a method to clean water. Put … Continue reading

Monday February 13th Jim Harbison, Melodee, & Terri Hall Whaddya need a road for anyway?

February 13th Jim Harbison Terri Hall Melodee Hr 1 Jim Harbison freedom fighter from New Mexico joins me to talk about the latest commie aka sustainable development maneuvers happening in his area. Jim writes an editorial every other week for … Continue reading

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