Monthly Archives: February 2012

Sunday February 12th All roads lead to…Big Brother.

Sunday February 12th  I talked to myself today about The FBI’s latest memo telling us how to spy on our fellow Americans. Hey WOW players, beware, if you communicate to your fellow warriors YOU could be a terrorist. Ruh roh. … Continue reading

Friday February 10th William Taylor Reil What’s in a Constitution?

Friday February 10th William Taylor Reil William Taylor Reil joined me today to talk about the Constitution and who thinks we no longer need our Constitution. We also talked about the patriot Congressman Charles Lindbergh. Boy could we use 485 … Continue reading

Thursday February 9th Dr Ileana Johnson Paugh We pretend to work and the Communists pretend to pay us…

February 9th Dr Ileana Johnson Paugh Hr1  Dr Ileana Johnson Paugh was my guest today. We discussed what life was like living in a police state. Dr. Paugh grew up in communist Romania. Are there similarities to what is happening … Continue reading

February 8th Jared Taylor Is race a social construct?

February 8th Jared Taylor  Jared Taylor founder of American Renaissance joins me to discuss race and multiculturalism. He has written a book entitled White Identity which can be purchased on his website Jared mentioned a conference he will be … Continue reading

February 7th Paul Fromm Does free speech matter?

February 7th Paul Fromm Paul Fromm joins me to discuss free speech and the lack thereof. Is denying the unalienable right to free speech denying justice? Does free speech matter? His website is being revised so check back in a … Continue reading

Monday February 6th Don Casey intergenerational equity means…?

Monday February 6th Don Casey Don Casey joins me to discuss a resolution exposing UN Agenda 21, intergenerational equity and Habitat II where the “community regeneration process”, which was designed by some students at Washington State University, won a gold … Continue reading

Sunday February 4th strategies for the battle

Sunday February 5th No guest today, just some strategies for you to use to fight back.

Friday February 3rd Frosty Woolridge biking the numbers …

Friday February 3rd Frosty Woolridge  Frosty Woolridge joins me to discuss immigration and over-population. What’s in a number? We take some callers and take a ride on the path to the truth.  

Thursday February 2nd Dr.Paugh Grunt, grunt, grunt…

Thursday February 2nd Dr. Paugh and Bill Reil Hr1  Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh joins me to discuss the LOST Treaty (Law of the Sea) which will take control of all water. We also discussed new  old forms of communication that … Continue reading

Wednesday February 1st Prof. Koestler Do you know how to think? Sheriff Wilson defending you from them…

February 1st Prof. Koestler & Sheriff Dean Wilson  Hr 1 Prof. Koestler joins me to discuss “how” to think, which beats not thinking hands down. Systems Thinking Bibliography3 Hr 2 Sheriff Dean Wilson from Del Norte County California joins me to … Continue reading