Wednesday June 6th Del. Pat McDonough The color of racism…

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Wednesday June 6th

      Maryland Delegate Pat McDonough joins me for a quick cruise down “Truth Boulevard”.  He’s called a racist by the mayor. Racism exists in Baltimore, but who are the real racists? We discuss the firestorm he created by mentioning the fact that black youths are “terrorizing” the community and committing many crimes in Baltimore.

“Some people say I should apologize,” McDonough said near the start if his two-hour weekly show Saturday night. “My parents brought me up and taught me one thing: You never aplogize for the truth… I’m not going to apologize. I’ll tell you who needs to apologize: the mayor and the politicians who allowed this to happen — they need to apologize. They not only need to apologize, they need to fix it.”…

“…I want to tell you, it’s a very simple matter,” he continued. “Either Baltimore city overcomes crime, or crime will overcome Baltimore city — and the city will no longer be livable at all. And it’s very close to that situation in a lot of ways. This is not just a black issue. Yes, the gangs down there, the mobs, are black. I know we have knuckleheads and criminals that are white, but I’m trying to focus on this issue…”–20120520_1_public-safety-mobs-black-issue

      He tells it like it is and we should all thank him for having the courage to speak the truth. Only the truth will set us free. He knows it. I know it. So why is it no one else in all of Maryland will stand beside him? Cowards.

***update  8-2013

Delegate Pat McDonough is standing tall again. He fights for the rights of  people to avoid becoming another victim.

In 2012, McDonough made headlines for not toning down his rhetoric, claiming Baltimore was being “terrorized” by ” mobs of black youths .” He again pointed “youth mobs” in his statements made Thursday.

“Roving youth mobs in Baltimore’s Harbor area and usually safe neighborhoods, like Little Italy, are becoming common place,” he said.

Little Italy meanwhile is looking into hiring private security following a spate of assaults and robberies .


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