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Friday April 1st Steve Goreham Author of Climatism

April 01-2011 Podcast Global Warming. Want the truth about “global warming”? Then listen to this podcast and go to his website and buy his book. You have been hustled by the globalists who stand to make trillions of dollars … Continue reading

Friday March 25th Steve Palmer from PA. Tenth Amendment Center

March 25-2011 Podcast Pennsylvania Tenth Amendment Center Steve and I discussed the 10th Amendment to the constitution. Don’t know what it is? Then listen and find out. You need to understand the foundational principles our country was founded on in … Continue reading

Friday March 18th Hour 2 Fred Delia Delia’s Gun Shop

March 18-2011 Podcast  Fred is the owner of Delia’s Gun Shop which has been under attack by gun grabbers and haters of your right to defend yourself who call themselves, Neighborhood Partners To End Gun Violence. They pretend they are … Continue reading

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Friday March 18 Hour 1 Commissioner Richard Rothschild

March 18 Part1 Richard Rothschild  Carroll County Maryland newly elected commissioner Richard Rothschild is truly a gem and a rare breed of politician. In fact, I’d say he wasn’t a politician at all; he’s an American Patriot who is standing … Continue reading

Monday March 14th – My First KFNC 1360 Colorado Show

March 14th Podcast

Friday March 11th Tom DeWeese of American Policy Center

March 11th Tom DeWeese Podcast Visit the American Policy Center Tom Deweese has been fighting against UN Agenda 21 for a very long time. Listen in and find out what UN Agenda 21  sustainable development means for you and I … Continue reading

Wednesday March 09th Cassandra Anderson

March 09th Cassandra Anderson Cassandra writes about UN Agenda 21 on her blog. What is it you ask? Listen to the pocast and read to find out.

Wednesday March 04th No Guest

March 04th

Wednesday March 2nd Niki Raapana

March 2-2011 Podcast Niki Raapana’s web sites: Niki has been documenting and fighting against UN Agenda 21 sustainable development for 11 years. She knows what it’s all about and you need to as well. If you don’t start … Continue reading