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Monday May 2nd, Guest apperance on The Captain’s America show

May 2nd

Sunday May 1st Robert Semands from Govern Edmond Locally

May 1st Robert Semands We will be discussing the “3 click” challenge.  What is it? It’s the 3 click simple way to prove to the disbelievers that “ICLEI” really is United Nations connected and directed.  ICLEI, it ain’t what your … Continue reading

Thursday April 28th No Guest

April 28th No Guest

Wednesday April 27th Rebecca Carley M.D.

April 27th  Rebecca Carley M.D. Vaccines, the Hippocratic Oath and weapons of mass destruction, what are they really? What’s the truth? Dr. Carley left the practice of General Surgery and “allopathic” medicine after realizing that no one was … Continue reading

Tues. April 26th Preston Fleming author Forty Days at Kamas

April 26th Preston Fleming  So what will life be like in the American tyranny of Kamas? Is this a view into our future?  Inspired by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s account of a Soviet labor camp revolt in Gulag Archipelago, Volume III, the … Continue reading

Sunday April 24th No Guest

April 24th No Guest

Thursday April 21th Doreen Hannes The Truth Farmer

April 21th Doreen Hannes Doreen Hannes has been fighting against the assault on our farmers and our food for a long time. Her website is    She has been an avid student of the effects of World Trade Organization Free … Continue reading

Wed. April 20th Rosa Koire from Democrats Against UN Agenda 21

 April 20th Rosa Koire Rosa is one of the founders of    and Democrats Against UN Agenda 21  There’s nothing about “UN Agenda 21 sustainable development” that is partisan. It’s the equal opportunity slavemaster. Both the Demorats and Republirats elitists are working in … Continue reading


Sunday April 17th

April 17th  No guest this show.

Thurs. April 14th Dr. Michael Coffman author Rescuing A Broken America

April 14th Dr. Michael Coffman Dr. Coffman is the creator of the Wildlands Map which cleary portrays what life will be like in these United States if the globalists pushing their “green” agenda, get their way. They are the new “Queen … Continue reading

Wed. April 13th Tom Deweese from American Policy Center

April 13th Tom Deweese Tom has been an activist for 40 years ( and he’s been on our side, the Patriot’s side every step of the way). He joins me to discuss his 20 year battle against UN Agenda 21 sustainable development … Continue reading

Tuesday April 12th Steve Goreham author of Climatism

April 12th Steve Goreham  Steve Goreham  author of Climatism will join me to talk about what’s really happening with our “climate”.  He will dispel the hustle spewed by the global warming charlatans with the truth. Climatism is the “new” communism only … Continue reading

Friday April 8th No Guest

April 8th

Thursday April 7th Dave Bego author The Devil At My Doorstep

April 7th Dave Bego You can find David’s book at his website It’s a great book with great info. He knows firsthand all about the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) so buy his book. He spent over three years … Continue reading

Wednesday April 6th Henry Lamb from

April 6th Henry Lamb Henry Lamb has been fighting against UN Agenda 21 sustainable development for 25 years. He’s an expert on this assault on our property rights, freedom and liberty. His websites are:,,