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Friday February 25 No Guest

Febuary 25th

Wednesday February 23rd Randal O’Toole “The Anti-Planner”

My guest was Randal O’Toole The AntiPlanner February 23nd Randal O’Toole Podcast Listen in to what Randall has to say.  He doesn’t believe in conspiracy theories and neither do I.  I believe in facts which are well documented all over … Continue reading

Friday February 18th Beverly Eakman February 18th Beverly Eakman If you want to know who Big Brother is, what he does, and where he lives you need to read Beverly Eakman and listen to this podcast. She has been exposing behavioral psychology’s covert, attitude- … Continue reading

Wednesday February 16th Jared Taylor

February 16th Jared Taylor

Friday February 11th Ron Ewart

February 11th Ron Ewart NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF RURAL LANDOWNERS This land is your land, this land is my land…from  California to the  New York island, from the Redwood Forest, to the gulf stream waters…No, wait…that’s not right. This land is … Continue reading

Wednesday February 9th Doreen Hannes

February 9th Doreen Hannes Truth Farmer Food or no food. Which do you prefer? The government wants your food…they want to control every morsel you get to eat. Did you know that? No? Listen in and you’ll find out. The … Continue reading

Friday February 4th Don Casey

February 4th  Don Casey  Keep Our Rights Don Casey hails from Alabama, but his message is universal. Your property rights are under assault and it doesn’t matter where you live: rural, urban or suburban, you will not be allowed to do … Continue reading

Wednesday February 2nd Dean Gotcher

February 2nd Dean Gotcher The Institution for Authority Research