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March 28th Sustainable Communities Salamander huntin’ anyone?

Wednesday March 28th Mike Shaw  Freedom Advocates founder Michael Shaw www.freedomadvocates.org joins me to talk about BO’s executive orders and how they fit into the UN Agenda 21 game plan. Nationalization of the nation, Sustainable Communities and so much more … Continue reading

Property Rights Councils: Adding a Stakeholder to the Soviet Brew

Property Rights Councils: Adding a Stakeholder to a Soviet Brew  by Michael Shaw “Recently, several have called for the municipal creation of Property Rights Councils (PRC). The argument is that government officials need input for this “special interest.” Paul Coble … Continue reading

Why I am against property rights councils. Rosa Koire, ASA

You may have been hearing about Property Rights Councils lately—these are the supposed answer to UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development intrusions into private property rights. I am against them.  Read more

The road to communism is littered with “councils” and “property rights councils”, they are no different.

The road to communism is littered with “councils” and “property rights councils”, they are no different.  What is a council? A council is a group of unelected, appointed bureaucrats who make decisions for/against you.  The term “soviet” and “council” means … Continue reading

Wednesday March 7th Deb Bacigalupi Free the dams!!!

 Wednesday March 7th Deb Bacigalupi Deb Bacigalupi joined me to talk about her fight against the green commies who want to blow breach the dams in Siskiyou County California. Heather Gass fellow freedom fighter also called and joined in the … Continue reading

Monday March 5th Liz Reitzig & Ron MacDonald Comfortable tyranny…

Monday March 5th  Liz Reitzig & Ron MacDonald Hr 1  Liz Reitzig co founder of the Farm Food Freedom Coalition www.farmfoodfreedom.org joins me to discuss food, farmers and tyranny. We don’t have enough food, or enough farmers, but we have … Continue reading

February 29th Michael Shaw Food deserts are a mirage

February 29th Michael Shaw Michael Shaw from Freedom Advocates www.freedomadvocates.org joined me to discuss regionalism and property rights councils (which are erroneously leading some down the road to slavery). You don’t create exactly what you are fighting then assume somehow your … Continue reading

February 28th Dave Kopacz The planners are planning…

February 28th Dave Kopacz  The planners are planning.  They are land thieves using planning as a tool to take your land. Be afraid, be very afraid …then get over it, rise up and take back your freedom. www.masslpa.org

February 24th Kevin Eggers The solution is the problem

February 24th Kevin Eggers  Kevin Eggers joins me to discuss Communitarianism, Regionalism aka a Soviet which consists of unelected bureaucrats making the rules, which is how the government of the Soviet Union operated, and he also talked about Senator Borah. Kevin … Continue reading

Tuesday February 14th Mark Jacobs Kiss your water goodbye…

February 14th Mark Jacobs Mark Jacobs joined me today to discuss  the pending plan to inject semi-treated sewage into the aquifers in Florida. How about a little poop with your lemonade? A caller mentioned distillation as a method to clean water. Put … Continue reading

Thursday February 9th Dr Ileana Johnson Paugh We pretend to work and the Communists pretend to pay us…

February 9th Dr Ileana Johnson Paugh Hr1  Dr Ileana Johnson Paugh was my guest today. We discussed what life was like living in a police state. Dr. Paugh grew up in communist Romania. Are there similarities to what is happening … Continue reading

Monday February 6th Don Casey intergenerational equity means…?

Monday February 6th Don Casey Don Casey joins me to discuss a resolution exposing UN Agenda 21, intergenerational equity and Habitat II where the “community regeneration process”, which was designed by some students at Washington State University, won a gold … Continue reading

Wednesday February 1st Prof. Koestler Do you know how to think? Sheriff Wilson defending you from them…

February 1st Prof. Koestler & Sheriff Dean Wilson  Hr 1 Prof. Koestler joins me to discuss “how” to think, which beats not thinking hands down. Systems Thinking Bibliography3 Hr 2 Sheriff Dean Wilson from Del Norte County California joins me to … Continue reading

Sunday January 29th Ron Ewart What is the “critical area ordinance”?

January 29th Ron Ewart  Ron Ewart from The National Association of Rural Landowners www.narlo.org joins me to discuss what is meant by “critical area ordinances” and how do they impact you. The EPA wants to place a 500 foot buffer … Continue reading

Friday January 27th Dave Bego To work or not to work…

January 27th Dave Bego & Bill Reil  Hr1  What does “right to work” really mean? Are unions for you or are the union bosses just plotting against you.  Hear from someone who spent one million dollars fighting against the union “hustle”. … Continue reading