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Thursday May 26th Rosa Koire Democrats Against UN Agenda 21

May 26th Rosa Koire http://www.democratsagainstunagenda21.com/ Rosa Koire joins me again to talk about what it’s like to be “Delphi’d”. Don’t know what delphi’d is? Well, you’ll be shocked to know it is being done to you more often than you … Continue reading


Wednesday May 25th Don Casey www.keepourrights.org

May 25th Don Casey www.keepourrights.org Don Casey joins me again to discuss food sheds, vehicle miles traveled tax and land patents. What are these  you ask? Never heard of them you say? Well, in the famous words of Betty Davis, buckle up everybody you’re … Continue reading

Thursday May 19th William Kay www.ecofascism.com

May 19th William Kay www.ecofascism.com Environmentalism is Fascism. I agree with this statement. And it’s also communism. And the green pushers hail from both sides of the fence. They are not one group.

Wednesday May 18th Larry Bell author Climate of Corruption

May 18th Larry Bell http://www.climateofcorruption.com/Preview.pdf Larry Bell joins me to discuss his book, Climate of Corruption. He’ll discuss the politics and power behind the global warming hoax. And it is a hoax, indeed. So Larry’s dedicates his book to Al … Continue reading

Tuesday May 17th Cathie Adams, Eagle Forum International Issues Chairman

May 17th Cathie Adams http://www.eagleforum.org/un/2011/11-05-06.html  Cathie Adams, Eagle Forum International Issues Chairman Former Ch GOP Tx joins me to discuss the Green Climate Fund and how it will be fundamentally transforming the Global Economy. Oh, here’s that “green” word again. What … Continue reading

Thursday May 12th James Simpson www.crisisnow.net

May 12th James Simpson www.crisisnow.net My guest on Thursday May 12th will be Jim Simpson who writes for a variety of publications including  Andrew Brietbart’s “Big Government”.  We will be discussing several of his articles including his expose on UN … Continue reading

Wednesday April 6th Henry Lamb from Sovereignty.net

April 6th Henry Lamb Henry Lamb has been fighting against UN Agenda 21 sustainable development for 25 years. He’s an expert on this assault on our property rights, freedom and liberty. His websites are: www.sovereignty.net, www.freedom21.org, www.repeal17now.org

Friday March 18 Hour 1 Commissioner Richard Rothschild

March 18 Part1 Richard Rothschild  Carroll County Maryland newly elected commissioner Richard Rothschild is truly a gem and a rare breed of politician. In fact, I’d say he wasn’t a politician at all; he’s an American Patriot who is standing … Continue reading