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Thursday September 8th William Kay

September 8th www.ecofascism.com  William joins me to discuss the fascists and others using the mantra of global warming to enact their global agenda.  Listen in as we discuss how they are achieving their objectives and whether conspirators  are at work.  … Continue reading

Wednesday September 7th

Semptember 7th  No guest today.

Tuesday September 6th Terry Gossett Californians for Property Rights

September 6th  My guest was Terry Gossett from Californians for Property Rights  www.c4pr.org He has been fighting against the assault on property rights in California for ten years.  Join us as we discuss the unelected board of  commies known as the … Continue reading

Wednesday August 31st Heather Gass The East Bay Tea Party

August 31st Heather Gass  www.theeastbayteaparty.com  Heather gass joins me to discuss some of the things they have been doing in the San Francisco area to fight against UN Agenda 21 which is rolling down the pike like a steamroller. Listen in.

Tuesday August 30th Doreen Hannes Truth Farmer

August 30th Doreen Hannes  Doreen Hannes joins me again to discuss Codex Alimentarius–food, food, food. It ain’t nothing but the food man. www.truthfarmer.wordpress.com

Monday August 29th Dr. Kevin MacDonald www.kevinmacdonald.net

 August 29th Dr. Kevin MacDonald Dr. Kevin MacDonald joins me to discuss his book entitled, Culture of Critique. Join us as we discuss the ramifications of multiculturalism. Will America still have a Representative Republic when the people who created it … Continue reading

Wednesday August 24th Devvy Kidd Devvy.com

 August 24th Devvy Kidd Devvy Kidd joins me to discuss the ponzi scheme called social security and what a scheme it is. How many people think they’ll get theirs when they turn 65? Read Devvy’s articles on her website, www.devvy.com

Monday August 22nd Dr. Michael Coffman Sovereignty.net

August 22nd Dr. Michael Coffman   Dr. Michael Coffman joins me to discuss his book, “Rescuing a Broken America” which details who, what, when, where and why of the plan for our enslavement at the hands of the Globalists who … Continue reading

Sunday August 21st no guest

 August 21st  I talked about the bra burners and what was really the goal of the women’s liberation movement: Liberate you from freedom to slavery…

Thursday August 18th Shaun Surplus

August 18th Shaun Surplus Shaun joins me from Australia to discuss what the globalists are up to down there. It’s illegal to pick up wood off the side of the road there and it will be here too sooner than … Continue reading

Wednesday August 17th Don Casey Keep Our Rights

August 17th Don Casey  Don has been fighting against UN Agenda 21 sustainable development for 20 years. He joins me again to discuss food, mitigation fees, ecological food prints and the triple bottom lines. Join me because nothing is what … Continue reading

Thursday August 11th Vicki Davis Channeling Reality

August 11th Vicki Davis  Vicki joins me again to discuss the “battle of ideas and systems”, “trojan triangles” and “meta” language.

Wednesday August 10th Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

August 10th Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh Dr. Johnson Paugh joins me again to discuss the “six livability principles” and what they mean. What do they really mean? You can read her articles on Canadafreepress.com and you can also buy her … Continue reading

Tuesday August 9th Greg Autry author Death by China

August 9th Greg Autry www.deathbychina.com Greg Autry joins me to discuss his book entitled,  Death By China Confronting the Global Dragon A Call To Action.  Listen in as we discuss reality vs the “Disneyland” version of China portrayed by the … Continue reading

Thursday August 4th Salvatore Santoro

 August 4th Salvatore Santoro Sal joins me to discuss his book “Theft of Sovereignty Saving American Liberty”. Corruption, corruption, corruption; the globalists are stealing your freedom. His book is available via Amazon so check it out.