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Tuesday October 2nd Dr. Ricardo Duchesne Exterminate dissent…Western Civilization

 Tuesday October 2nd Western Civilization is on the ropes.  Dr. Duchesne is a professor in the department of social science at the University of New Brunswick Saint John. He completed a BA in History at McGill University and Concordia University, … Continue reading

Wednesday June 20th Jamie Kelso Western Civilization and…

Wednesday June 20th Jamie Kelso member of the board of directors of the American 3rd Position joins me to discuss the platform of this emerging political party. Western Civilization is worth maintaining, I think. Perhaps many of you do, as … Continue reading

Friday January 28th Marc Rubin

January 28th Marc Rubin Marcrubin.com Dadaism. Few have ever heard the term which is not a surprise. If you want to destroy Western Civilization you attack all aspects of the culture. The attack on the art of western civilization is called Dadaism. … Continue reading