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Thursday August 23rd Pam Evans Alina Ramirez voices in the “wetlands”???

Thursday August 23rd  Pam Evans and Alina Ramirez join me from Florida to talk about what is being done to Floridians; they are being driven off their land too. Wetlands, EPA, Army Corp of Engineers, crooked politicians, greased palms and lone … Continue reading

Tuesday August 21st Kirk MacKenzie Defend Rural America

Tuesday August 21st Kirk MacKenzie from Defend Rural America joined me to discuss strategies to fight back. www.DefendRuralAmerica.com

Friday August 17th Chuck Untersee Behold A Pale Horse…

Friday August 17th Chuck Untersee producer and directer of the documentary, Behold A Pale Horse joined me to discuss his documentary. You can view the trailer and purchase the DVD here www.beholdapalehorse.tv

Tuesday August 14th Terry Backs Whose water is it?

Tuesday August 14th  Terry Backs from www.westernmtwaterrights.wordpress.com was my guest. They are after the water everywhere. Listen in because the tactics here will be and are being replicated all over.

Tuesday August 7th Ryan Elson Exposing The Fake Roots

Tuesday August 7th  Canadian Freedom Fighter Ryan Elson joins me to discuss the green commies up his way. Listen in as we discuss the green cons going on in Canada under the guise of “sustainability”. http://exposingtheroots.wordpress.com/ http://www.wearechangevictoria.org/ http://www.freedomfreeforall.com/

Chick-fil-a freedom lovers speak!

Chick-fil-a video my friend Dan Haggerty recorded on Wednesday 8-1-12 at a mall in NJ. He along with Billy Baer are the hosts of the Baer-Haggerty Offense Radio Show. Their show is heard on www.wnjc1360.com every Wednesday at 3pm EST http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EzSYKA62RY

Tuesday May 5th Don Casey The triple bottom line is…?

Tuesday May 5th So Don Casey joins me again to talk about the  “TBL” or “3BL” otherwise known as, “the triple bottom line”. He also discusses “food policy councils”  and I can guarantee, they’re not like a girl scout council. … Continue reading

Tuesday May 22nd Dave Kopacz Cookies and juice…

Tuesday May 22nd  Dave Kopacz from www.Masslpa.org joins me to discuss the joys of UN Agenda 21. Not! Listen in as we redistribute truth while drinking our juice and eating our cookies.

Monday May 14th Ron MacDonald Calling all cowards…

Monday May 14th Hr 1 I discussed courage or the lack thereof. hr 2 Ron MacDonald Learning to fight back.

Thursday May 10th Dr. Corsi and Dr. Paugh Hegel is alive and well…

Thursday May 10th  Hr 1 Dr. Jerome Corsi joins me to discuss the infamous birth certificate and Sheriff Joe Arpaio who is under attack by the DOJ for being a constitutional Sheriff. www.1776nation.com is where you can find Dr. Corsi’s … Continue reading

Tuesday May 8th Ty Bollinger Cancer and the truth…

Tuesday May 8th Ty Bollinger  is a medical researcher, health freedom advocate, former competitive bodybuilder and also a certified public accountant. He is the author of Cancer Step Outside the Box and A Guide to Understanding Herbal Medicines and Surviving the Coming Pharmaceutical … Continue reading

Monday May 7th Heather Gass & Frank Jorge Velvet gloves and iron fists…

Monday May 7th  Hr 1 Heather Gass  freedom fighter extraordinaire and leader of The East Bay Tea Party www.theeastbayteaparty.com joins me to discuss regionalism and unelected bureaucrats making decisions for you. She mentioned a folder she takes with her to … Continue reading

Sunday May 6th Ron Stephens Sterilizing the countryside…

Sunday May 6th  Ron Stephens joined me again to talk about UN Agenda stuff. There is a lot of “stuff” about it to discuss. http://canadalive.yolasite.com/

Thursday May 3rd James Harbison No utilities for you!!!

Thursday May 3rd Hr 1 James Harbison joins me to discuss what is happening in New Mexico. He writes biweekly articles for the  Las Cruces NM paper http://www.lcsun-news.com/ Hr 2 Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh joins me to discuss the upcoming … Continue reading

Charlotte Thompson Iserbyte How dumb are we?

Tuesday May 1st Charlotte Thompson Iserbyte author of The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America joins me to discuss how dumb we are and we are dumbed down; in fact we are so dumbed down we think we’re smart. That’s the beauty … Continue reading