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Friday May 25th Andrew Preacher & Brian Claire The power of corruption Child Protective Services

Friday May 25th Andrew Preacher and Brian Clair  join me to discuss the assault on parents in the UK and the abuse of children who fall prey to the power of corruption in the child protective service industry. It is big … Continue reading

Tuesday May 22nd Dave Kopacz Cookies and juice…

Tuesday May 22nd  Dave Kopacz from www.Masslpa.org joins me to discuss the joys of UN Agenda 21. Not! Listen in as we redistribute truth while drinking our juice and eating our cookies.

Wednesday May 16th Kathleen Marquardt The sacred cows…

Wednesday May 16th  Kathleen Marquardt joins me to discuss Agenda 21. We discussed a variety of issues including the NWO plan for global hegemony. You can read her articles here www.rockytopfreedom.com

Tuesday May 15th Nancy Battle & Devvy Kidd The hardened patriot…

Tuesday May 15th  Hr 1 Nancy Battle fellow freedom fighter from Texas joins me to discuss  things she did in her town to fight against UN Agenda 21. If she can stand up at age 78 and fight back, all … Continue reading

Friday May 11th Troy Grice & Dr. Paugh The convergance of chaos…

Friday May 11th  Hr 1 Troy grice author of Indivisable joins me to discuss his novel of chaos created by economic collapse www.goldsteinrepublic.com  Hr 2 Dr. Paugh joins me again to discuss the latest exploitation of the American citizenry by illegal … Continue reading

Wednesday May 2nd Michael Shaw Executive orders…Treason abounds.

Wednesday May 2nd  Michael Shaw from Freedom Advocates and I discussed Executive Orders signed by treasonous officials implementing UN Agenda 21. The following excerpt from and article found on The Agenda 21 Awareness website here lists the numerous executive orders … Continue reading

Wednesday May 2nd Rev. Ted Pike They spy on you…

Wednesday May 2nd Hr 1 Rev Ted Pike  joins me to discuss  CISPA bill which would take over the internet and they would be spying on you, even more than they already do. This bill passed in the house so … Continue reading

Sunday April 22nd Ron Stephens And the green commies march on…

Sunday April 22nd  Ron joined me to discuss UN Agenda 21 crap and there’s a lot of crap to talk about. You can find good info here. http://canadalive.yolasite.com/

April 17th Don Casey Toilet paper commies say…no sheets for you!!!

April 17th Don Casey joined me to discuss GIS ground penetrating radar mapping everything underground, RFID chips included in everything and soon in the ink imbedded in each sheet of your toilet paper to track how much you use. Think … Continue reading

Tuesday April 10th Dr. Carley Vaccines or disease which came first?

Tuesday April 10th  Dr. Carley joins me to discuss vaccines and disease. Which came first??? Find out more info at her website www.reversingvaccineinduceddiseases.com and www.drcarley.com  

Thursday April 5th Dr. Paugh You humans just gots ta go…

Thursday April 5th Dr. Paugh  Hr 1  I discussed what was done to “Chicken Man” Andrew Wordes. On air today I inadvertently kept referring to him as “Chicken George”, my faux pas. You can read about what was done to … Continue reading

March 28th Sustainable Communities Salamander huntin’ anyone?

Wednesday March 28th Mike Shaw  Freedom Advocates founder Michael Shaw www.freedomadvocates.org joins me to talk about BO’s executive orders and how they fit into the UN Agenda 21 game plan. Nationalization of the nation, Sustainable Communities and so much more … Continue reading

March 1st Dr. Paugh Lost at Sea…

 March 1st Dr. Paugh Dr. Paugh joins me again today to discuss our oceans and who wants total control of every drop of water in them and every other body of water from the smallest to the largest. The LOST Treaty … Continue reading

February 22nd Kathleen Marquardt Something’s fishy…

February 22nd Kathleen Marquardt Kathleen Marquardt joined me today. She is the author of “Animal Scam: The Beastly Abuse of Human Rights” and founder of Putting People First.  What are green cities? Anchorage Alaska had the cleanest water, but in … Continue reading

February 16th Dr. Paugh Who is who?

February 16th Dr. Paugh Hr 1  Just me, myself and I discussing, who is who. So who is it?  Hr2  Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh joins me again to discuss riding on the “sustainability train”. Oh, what a ride it will … Continue reading