Readin’, Writin’ and Race Hustling

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Readin’, Writin’ and Race Hustling

The “new” “3 R’s” won’t include much ‘readin’, nor writin’ anymore, but “race hustling”, that’s the course in which they will be giving out doctoral degrees. That trumps all. No need to think when you can be paid to hustle race. Why, it is almost an Olympic sport. Lots of people make a fortune doing it. The noted “community organizer ” Tim Wise excels at race hustling, as do many others. Lots of cash to be earned grabbed.

Here are a few excerpts from an article  about “social justice” in schools written by Michelle Malkin.

“… in an increasing number of districts, “back to school” doesn’t mean back to learning. Under the reign of social justice indoctrinators, academics are secondary to political agitation. Activism trumps achievement….”

Knowledge is highly over-rated anyway and only gets people into trouble. Brains and being a compliant slave do not go hand-in-hand.

“In Massachusetts, the John J. Duggan Middle School … is now a “social justice magnet school.”

What is “social justice”? Social Justice is a code word for race hustling which has nothing to do with justice and everything to do with blaming Whitey for all the ills of the world.

If you are “White” and you happen to notice this trend – you are a racist.

“… the emphasis will be on “helping students develop the necessary skills to analyze and synthesize information and to generate empathy by looking at multiple sides of important issues facing the world, be that hunger, water quality, racial barriers, child labor or imbalance of power…”

So, how does “generating empathy” work? Well, you lie and deny anything that doesn’t fit “your” narrative. You lie about history and deny truth. You ignore scientific evidence in favor of feelings. Never let facts get in the way of the hustle.  Moreover, by multiple sides, what they really mean is only their side. Only their ideas or opinions have merit and if you disagree, you are a racist, a hater, a bigot, a White supremacist, a homophobe, a xenophobe, a terrorist and a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.   The only thing they really want you to “learn” is White people are responsible for EVERYTHING that is wrong in the world. Everything. Don’t forget it. So if you are White, self-hatred is laudable, flagellation is better, suicide is best. The sooner you begin these commendable acts the better. If you do not like the previous suggestions, the least you could do is not procreate with anyone who looks like you; we need less of you, not more.

“…“The new principal says the school’s primary job is teaching “fairness…”

  Faaaiiiirrrnnneessss…no need to worry about scientific facts, math, correct grammar, spelling etc. Just forget the 3 R’s.  We got ourselves some “fairness” action going on.

“…Duggan Middle School’s junior lobbying factory is “serious about creating 21st century global citizens [slaves], and it begins with understanding who we are as members of each of those communities…”

And “who” is “we”? If you are a “person of color” you are the perennial “victim”. If you are a person of color and you happen to object to the victim-hood label, you are labeled “Uncle Tom” or you are “acting White”.   And if you are White (which we are now told is really only a “social construct” and doesn’t exist except when it comes to race hustling as in: affirmative action, quotas, set-asides, promotions, school admission,  etc.), then you are the perennial “victimizer”.  Never forget that.   You are the “victimizer” because YOU had the gall to build your nations to benefit your people (Umm, who else would people build their nations for?)     Did Asian people build their nations to benefit Hispanics?  Did Hispanics build their nations to benefit Black people? No!  Why would they? And if you notice this you are racist.

“…At the Crescent Heights Social Justice Magnet School in Los Angeles, children will work on “action projects” …  transforming into “agents of change.” …Yes, they will learn language arts…”

If you had any thoughts of, or expectations of, anything that resembles evil Whitey’s King’s English…off to the rack you go – hater! English is a racist code.

“But basic [emphasis mine] reading and writing [yep, whatever you do, don’t let the idea of mastery of a subject get in your way] are only a focus of the magnet school, the founders explain, because “we want our students to recognize injustice in their world or the world at large and be able to fully express their outrage, their plan of attack, their progress in this endeavor…” [riots anyone?]

And being able to fully express their outrage as exemplified by their meritorious command of the English language is passé. We now have a scholarship for speaking Ebonics.  I now ask, what be it?

“…In Chicago … the Social Justice High School (SOJO), …activist teachers openly foster identity politics…”

Everyone is allowed to identify with their people except Whitey. If Whitey does it, he automatically becomes Hitler incarnate and a White supremacist Naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

“…and systematically undermine individualism…”

Collectivism good. Individualism bad.

“…Their specialties: “struggle and sacrifice…”

In other words, the man (for the uninitiated “the man” = White man) has been keepin’ ’em down. Now if they would only do a tiny bit of research they would find the real oppressors are those who control the money. They are the root of all our struggles – just ask Jesus.

“ …SOJO’s mission statement…“Through collective community power…”

Oh and by the way, the “social construct” known as Whitey need not apply to join this “collective community”.

“…we commit to a conscious effort to overcome the intended historical obstacles that have been designed to dis-empower and divide our communities…”

Divide and conquer is the name of their game. They have no interest in uniting people. They  already divided all by race. In their collective mind, it is all of them against Whitey, aka the “social construct”.   And the list of grievances goes on and on and on.

“…At the Paulo Freire Social Justice Charter School, also in Massachusetts, students won’t learn math. They’ll be taught “social justice math….”

That’s right. Let’s all sing together: “1 plus 1 is three, cause that’s what we want it to be”.

The bottom line, as in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, “four legs good, two legs bad”.  In other words, people of color good, “Whitey” bad.

And the mold-able mush for brains of those sitting in the classrooms of today, are ripe for exploitation. There is blood in the water and the sharks are circling.

Social justice another con job

social justice

      Social justice really means the destruction of Western nations and the culture created by Western Man in favor of a third world culture as is demonstrated in places like Somalia.  Or Ghana. Here’s a news story from Ghana you probably missed.

The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gets it. Recently he stated

“We let go of the delusion of multiculturalism before it turned Hungary into a refugee camp”.

It really is very simple. Borders make great nations just like fences make great neighbors.

“Terrorist organizations recruit fighters to join their ranks from among immigrants living in the continent’s western part, while the southern borders of the EU – including our own state’s borders – are besieged by waves of modern-day migration, in the face of which increasingly frustrated states and governments are at a loss. […]

Europe is facing questions which can no longer be answered within the framework of liberal multiculturalism. Can we shelter people, many of whom are unwilling to accept European culture, or who come here with the intent of destroying European culture?

That is a novel question which the Western people of all Western nations should be asking themselves.

The truth is social justice isn’t justice -it’s a con job.


Social justice warriors

   social justice warriors, equality of outcome

ATLANTA — Eleven former Atlanta public school educators were convicted Wednesday of racketeering for their role in a wide-ranging conspiracy to inflate scores on students’ standardized tests.

Social justice warriors caught “inflating” test scores is the politically correct way of stating they changed a wrong answer to a right one. In other words, they cheated.  But then again, the fans of social justice demand equal results and these educators social justice warriors were only trying to make that happen.  They should not be penalized for attempting to advance the lie. That would be unfair. They should be rewarded. Bonuses given. Promotions too. Oops. Those were the rewards for “inflating”.

 Only one teacher was acquitted of all charges. The 11 convicted represented teachers, testing coordinators and other administrators who were accused of participating in the conspiracy dating to 2005, motivated by pressure to meet federal and local standards to receive bonuses or keep their jobs in the Atlanta Public Schools district of about 50,000 students.

 They are participants in the Cultural Marxist lie called education. They are guilty of “dumbing up” their student’s scores. Quality takes a back seat to equality.




Regional Plans create ghettos

regional plans

The video below discusses regional plans. The regional plan discussed is for the San Francisco Bay area, however the same objectives and associated issues are inherent in ALL regional plans.  This is an excellent video recorded in California on May 30, 2012.  If you don’t want to listen to the entire video scroll down to the index listed below the video and go to the comments Randall O’Toole makes and listen to the questions asked by the audience. Regional plans create ghettos.

Published on Jun 1, 2013

00:00 Host, Robert Eyler, CEO, Marin Economic Forum
03:17 Panel Introductions
05:46 Is PBA good for the region and Marin??
06:57 Pledge of Allegiance
07:29 Mark Luce, ABAG, supports PBA, 10 minute presentation
18:06 Thomas Rubin, opposes PBA, 10 minute presentation
28:25 Steve Kinsey, Marin County Supervisor, supports PBA, 10 minute presentation
38:10 Randal O’Toole, CATO Institute, opposes PBA, 10 minute presentation
47:25 Should PBA be put to a vote? Liz Manning
47:54 – Luce
49:16 – Rubin
50:52 What are the social implications for minorities in High Density Housing? Chris Pareja
51:05 – Kinsey
51:58 – O’Toole
56:00 What are the implications of agreement between Marin County and HUD? Basia Crane
56:23 – Kinsey
57:43 – O’Toole
59:00 Please explain the mistakes in the Rena calculations. Diane Furst, Mayor, Corte Madera
1:00:10 – Luce
1:01:54 – O’Toole
1:03:54 What does PBA do to help solve climate change? Bill Kearney
1:04:32 – O’Toole
1:05:42 – Kinsey
1:06:36 – Luce
1:07:24 – Rubin
1:08:22 Why is “no plan” option off of the table? Meilin Kurtzman
1:08:42 – Kinsey
1:09:41 – O’Toole
1:11:10 Are the financial projections in the plan realistic? Chris Engle
1:11:28 – Rubin
1:11:49 – Kinsey
1:12:51 – Luce
1:13:39 – O’Toole
1:14:42 Why is Marin being zoned urban; what is the rationale behind 30 units per acre? Amie Itzgeral
1:15:12 – Kinsey
1:15:46 – Luce
1:16:46 – O’Toole
1:18:23 This appears to be an attack on the middle class. Clayton Smith
1:19:36 – Kinsey
1:20:33 – Rubin
1:21:01 – Luce
1:22:14 Mark – what would it take for you to change your position? Herb Smith
1:22:50 – Luce
1:23:29 – Kinsey
1:24:19 Why do you think this plan is good for Marin? Blaine Morris
1:25:11 – Kinsey
1:26:00 – O’Toole
1:27:50 How will a diesel train compete with fuel efficient cars? Scott Erkhart
1:28:26 – Kinsey
1:29:08 – O’Toole
1:31:00 Why can’t a city member of ABAG, simply opt out? Dan Ucher
1:31:59 – Luce
1:33:19 – Rubin
1:34:51 We are close to the AB32 standards – do you recognize this?? Stephen Nestel
1:36:13 – Luce
1:36:55 – Kinsey
1:37:35 – Rubin
1:40:10 Closing Statement – O’Toole
1:42:26 Closing Statement – Kinsey
1:44:48 Closing Statement – Rubin
1:47:15 Closing Statement – Luce

Video by Steve Kemp

Listen to Randall O’Toole

When will the singing begin?

Do you know what a White Privilege wristband is?

Here are articles tracking what they did.

Of course now they claim they NEVER promoted this. They are backtracking because they were caught.    Here is the flyer with instructions for White kids on how they should grovel. It’s entitled, A Mental Model For White Anti-Racists”. Now remember, anti-racist really means anti-White because as far as the “social justice/cultural Marxist” crowd is concerned – only Whites are racists.

 Tim Wise is a nice Jewish man who gets paid big bucks to go around the country to speak at high schools and colleges to tell White kids to hate themselves. He spews his blatant hatred of White people under the guise of “social justice”.  (Someone get him a mirror or perhaps he considers himself a different race?)


Here is a letter he wrote. Here is how his letter to White people begins:

“For all y’all rich folks, enjoy that champagne, or whatever fancy ass Scotch you drink.

And for y’all a bit lower on the economic scale, enjoy your Pabst Blue Ribbon, or whatever shitty ass beer you favor.

Whatever the case, and whatever your economic station, know this…

You need to drink up.

And quickly.

And heavily.

Because your time is limited.

Real damned limited.

So party while you can, but mind the increasingly loud clock ticking away in the corners of your consciousness.

The clock that reminds you how little time you and yours have left.

Not much more now.

Tick, tock.

Tick, tock.


Tock…” go to this link to read the rest. Black kids are being taught to hate Whites. Make sure you watch the 5 min. video.
You can look up what is taught to Latinos in their “La Raza” studies.  La Raza means “The Race”, and the race they refer to is their own. Latinos/Hispanics are being taught to hate White people. Make sure you look at what they wrote on White students’ faces.  For example, “Is White skin really fair skin?” Here is an example of how unfair it is to be White. And here is another example of this unfairness.

In case you are not “tuned in” to who is doing what to whom, it is dangerous for you to remain ignorant. Colin Flaherty wrote a book entitled, White Girl Bleed A Lot. I suggest you take a look at it. The MSM often does not specifically tell you “who” the perpetrators of many crimes are because the “social justice” con artists claim that information is “racist”. They will claim “youths” or “teens” or “students” or a “mob” did it, but they rarely describe who the  aforementioned are.  I know you have been brainwashed into believing its racist to notice – wrong! It is racist to hide facts from people.  You have a right to know. Forewarned is forearmed. You also need to know that “hate crimes laws” don’t benefit or protect White people. Think George Orwell’s Animal Farm where some animals are more equal than others.

You also need to know that gun bans place you in danger. Make sure you re-watch the 5 min video (in the article linked above) to understand this.

The purpose of flooding this nation with millions of illegal aliens and legal immigrants is to eliminate the descendents of the founding settlers i.e White people and their culture. The mayor of Johannesburg South Africa  said, “There will be no work for Whites”. He said, they will “pursue the Black Economic Empowerment Laws aggressively”.  Can you see the handwriting on the wall?

If you want to know about how the president of South Africa is singing songs about murdering the Whites (aka Boers) look here:

When will the singing begin here?

This is Cultural Marxism.

This is Protocol No. 5.

This is being deliberately done.

Here is a recent Philadelphia Magazine article which the black Mayor of Philly, Mayor Nutter, will now “investigate”.

If you want to teach your kids and yourself what life would be like WITHOUT White people then send them to the following website and have them read this:

So will you be buying a wristband? Or, as is recommended that you do in the A Mental Model For White Anti-Racists pdf  I linked to, have you “found a person of color who is willing to hold you accountable for addressing privilege” yet?

Let’s play a game.

I want to play a game. Will you join me? I am going to call it, “Who” is the the real oppressor?  I am going to post a link to a video and I want you to tell me who you think is really “behind” the agenda being exposed in the video. Email your answers to me.

Although this particular video discusses Wisconsin schools, this is what is being taught in all schools.

Can you tell me:

1. Who is really behind this agenda?

2. Is this agenda racist?

3. What does divide and conquer mean?

4. Have you ever heard of “cultural Marxism?

5. Do you know “who” the cultural Marxists were and are?

6. What do you believe their endgame goal is?

7. “Who” are the real oppressors?


Read more about the book Why Johnny Can’t think    and then buy it.  Here is information to combat the  Anti-White propaganda being spewed throughout our “educational” system. Read this  and this.
Pass this information on to everyone you know. They need to know their heritage, who they really are, and not the Marxist propaganda their fed in schools designed to make them loathe themselves. They need to understand how they are being manipulated.
And if you can stand a little more truth read my post entitled, When will the singing begin?

Monday October 22nd Kevin Eggers Communitarianism is…

Monday October 22nd

Kevin Eggers who writes the occasional article joins me to discuss Communitarianism. The grand poo-bah of them all. This is the philosophy driving UN Agenda 21.  And UN Agenda 21 is part of the grand plan by the Rothschild family to rule the world. Kevin does a superb job of explaining what Communitarianism is. Kevin has his articles posted on the comment section of the Napa Valley Register however, they edit his commentary.

Niki Raapana is the foremost expert on Communitarianism and has been researching it for over 12 years. Kevin doesn’t have a website so look at Niki’s.

Niki writes:

“Twenty-first century communitarianism is a philosophical, political, and legal theory. It combines every opposite theory in the history of the world. It’s a projected vision for a new global order by the year 2020. It’s what all of us should be socially evolving into.

Communitarians borrow ideas from ancient religions, Plato, Marx, Jefferson, Buber and Madame Blavatsky. Studying their theory is a nightmare. It’s unfocused and vague. And, this new theory is nothing like what Fredric Bastiat called a valid scientific inquiry, as in one that “… proceeds by way of observation.” Their new ideas are unoriginal and their methods are unscientific. We’re being led into a solution which “… like astrology and alchemy, proceeds by way of imagination.” (Fredric Bastiat, Economic Harmonies)

Communitarian thinking actually reminds me a lot of the “alien theory.” Communitarians base all their ideas in rituals, ancient languages, and beliefs only their adepts understand. Like the most scholarly alien theorists, their ideas use facts that prove everything except whether or not aliens actually exist. As social evolutionists, communitarian gurus claim their best evidence lies in how many people feel their vibes and embrace their values. ..” read more

Wednesday October 10th Ken Eyring & Eileen Maschino Equity & Social Justice

Wednesday October 10th

     Eileen Mashimo and Ken Eyring from the Southern New Hampshire 912 group and joined  me to discuss the “sustainable communities initiative” in New Hampshire. What is it? It’s many things and here are just a few of the “ideas” derived from this initiative and related plans. The EPA, DOT and HUD are in bed together and they’re upset about all those “impediments to fair housing”. What are they  you ask? HUD will make the final determination of exactly what “they” are. They make it up as they go along. There is “for profit” demographic research taking place. There’s a “regional equity” team too. Oh and they’re not on your side. Well, they might be on your side if you meet the criteria of the “underserved” population.

“Divorcing your car” was another one of  their goals. Hmm. How do you think that is going to work for you? Do you have a “walk-able, livable toolkit”? Don’t worry; it’ll be coming your way soon.  The “New Urbanist” Conference was mentioned. How much do you wanna bet those “new urbanists” don’t live anywhere near an “urban” area? These “urbanists” claim their “core values” are grounded in “equity and social justice” Hmmm. I wonder how much of my equity will be redistributed for their “social justice”?  Sure doesn’t sound very equitable to me? Does it to you?

Cedargrove Institute for Sustainable Communities was mentioned and so was Action Media. I think you better look them up. Did your town, county or region take grant money?  No idea? Not to worry. HUD will be limiting recipient discretion about how it is used anyway so you don’t have to worry your pretty little head over it.

They claim they are “building one America”; they are, but it’s one where freedom no longer lives and you have become prey.


Tuesday June 19th Edmund Ruffin The Hatfields and McCoys

Tuesday June 19th

Edmund Ruffin is a decendent of both the Hatfields and McCoys. He joins me to tell the true tale of what really happened. You can find his article here


Tuesday May 5th Don Casey The triple bottom line is…?

Tuesday May 5th

So Don Casey joins me again to talk about the  “TBL” or “3BL” otherwise known as, “the triple bottom line”. He also discusses “food policy councils”  and I can guarantee, they’re not like a girl scout council. Nope. No relation to them in any way, shape or form. Google them and see what you find. Dorothy we’re not in Kansas anymore. What is “species equity” and why should you care? Well, YOU dear human, are now equal to the amoeba and consideration of their needs must be taken prior to any activity you may want to engage in such as eat, drink, walk, play, etc. Are ya seeing the big picture yet? Generational equity is another term Don defined. Oh, you’re just gonna love it!


Thursday May 24th Jim Goad & Dr. Paugh Stop telling the truth!

Thursday May 24th

 Hr 1   Jim Goad editor of Taki’s Magazine joins me to discuss why white men suck.  They do ya know. Well, that’s what we are told anyway. Don’t believe it? Just ask any kid in school. The textbooks are lousy with information telling the kids how much white people suck and they have done little right. Take a peek into your kids textbook, if they are even allowed to bring them home. You will be shocked to say the least.

Hr 2 Dr. Paugh joins me to discuss the Law Of The Sea (LOST) Treaty. Seems we cannot drown this treaty no matter what we do, but drown it we must otherwise those globalist bastards will be drowning us.


Tuesday May 22nd Dave Kopacz Cookies and juice…

Tuesday May 22nd

 Dave Kopacz from joins me to discuss the joys of UN Agenda 21. Not! Listen in as we redistribute truth while drinking our juice and eating our cookies.

Monday May 21st Amanda Teegarden Oh those school days…

Monday May 21st

Amanda Teegarden from joins me to discuss technology and other things. I played a clip  of a school kid attempting to ask his teacher a question. Drag your kids out of the indoctrination camps called schools NOW!

Amanda also has a podcast she does which can be found here:

Friday Minister Derrick Grayson One of those trues…

Friday May 18th

 Minister Derrick Grayson from the Electrick Church of Georgia joins me to caste his pearls of wisdom our way.  Listen in if you can handle the truth. Can you? Find his website here

And watch his many you tube videos here.

Thursday May 17th Colin Flaherty White Girl Bleed A Lot…knockout game

 Thursday May 17th

Hr 1 Colin Flaherty author of “White Girl Bleed A Lot– The return of Racial Violence and How The Media Ignore It” joins me to discuss what the MSM won’t tell you.  The knockout game is happening all across the nation and if you are White, you are the target 99% of the time.  Did you know that? You had no idea, did you? Take a look around you. What kind of euphemisms do you hear describing the perpetrators of crime, that’s if it’s even reported? Youths? Teens? Students? Rowdy?

    You have a right to know “who” is doing what to whom.  Political correctness is a weapon used by the Cultural Marxists to destroy this nation.  Does failure to accurately describe the perpetrators of crimes make one complicit? I think so.

    The media fails to accurately report these crimes and the cops fail to charge the perps with a hate crime. Now, if the perps doing this were White, the media would talk about it 24/7 and the cops would charge them with a hate crime.

Do the FBI statistics lie? Look here:

 Do you want the truth? Can you handle it? Colin reports it.

The only book to document the recent epidemic of black mob violence: Hundreds of examples in more than 100 cities. All since 2010.

Dr. Thomas Sowell: ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review. is his website. His book is available at Amazon.