Stealing land the smart growth way

This was a speech given in 2003 which is still relevant 10 years later, the only thing that has changed is the date. The land grab continues unabated, across the nation and the globe. Stealing land the smart growth way.

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Smart Growth Shows Its Ugly Side

South Carolina Landowners Face Off Against Richland County’s
Town and County Land-Use Plan and the National Park Service

By Kay McClanahan, December 2003

(This is the speech which was presented at the Freedom 21 Conference in July 2003, but it has been updated to reflect the latest news in the fight for property rights in SC as of December 2003. Originally printed in PFUSA, Oct. – Dec. 2003. Reprinted by permission of Kay McClanahan.)

 It’s a real honor for me to be allowed to speak to you today. You are my heroes. I want to share with you what’s happening in SC, particularly in Richland County. My husband, Bill, and I own Homestead Farms in Eastover, SC, outside Columbia, the capital, in the rural half of the county called Lower Richland.

We planned our whole lives around the dream of retiring to our little horse farm so we could finally enjoy it full-time. That dream was destroyed in 1999 when the Richland County Council passed the 2020 Town and Country Comprehensive Land Use Vision Plan that will restrict us and our neighbors forever in the use of our land.

The county did it the usual way, we are told. They quietly hired consultants and held “visioning” sessions with hand-picked citizens, most of whom were associated with the Palmetto Conservation Foundation, a SC non-profit land trust which County Council had paid a year earlier to do the land use study that we now know will dictate our new restrictive zoning. We knew nothing about any of it at the time it was happening.

At about the same time, Council set up a Conservation Commission to manage the land grab. This Commission’s job is to acquire our land, or our rights to it (through conservation easements), especially after preservation down-zoning ties our hands as to what we can do with it. The Commission hired the same Palmetto Conservation Foundation that did the land use study to select the properties they wanted for “preservation” and they prepared a secret map where our private properties were labeled “Conservation Opportunities.” The Palmetto Conservation Foundation and their other land trust comrades will also be paid BIG BUCKS to manage our properties after control or ownership of them is wrestled from us.

Kit Smith, a rich, liberal Democrat Councilwoman, who was on Clinton’s local EPA Advisory Board, and who was a founder of the Palmetto Conservation Foundation, is responsible for our Town and Country Plan.

Smith’s husband was the President of Nationsbank for NC/SC, then President of Bank of America for the entire East coast, at the time this was evolving, and he personally arranged for the bank to provide a $1.5 million dollar revolving fund for the Palmetto Conservation Foundation and a $50,000 dollar gift just before they were paid $100,000 to do the land use study and visioning meetings for the county.

Although County Council is made up of 6 Democrats and 5 Republicans, the Town and Country Vision Plan passed it 11 and 0.

They also passed an interim ordinance in 1999 so that they could IMMEDIATELY implement the Plan, all but the zoning. It was only good for two years, and basically said that everything in the Plan would be the law until they could pass specific new zoning ordinances, which they really expected to have within a few months.

The most damaging part of the Town and Country Plan is all in one chapter, called the Vision. You can look it up at under Comprehensive Land Use Plan. It calls for an urban growth boundary, created by down-zoning rural properties outside it to “Preservation Area” — green space — and denying them infrastructure. The Plan calls for “permanent preservation” of prime farmland, trees, any property on water and the land beside it, and land in the sand hills (all those areas that comprise our entire Southeastern half of the county), and refers to it — all 330 square miles of Lower Richland — as the “Congaree Preserve,” a term we had never heard before.

Preservation zoning of our land will mean that either the property can’t be subdivided at all or will mandate that the lots be so large that the average rural property owner won’t even have enough property to divide his land between his children, so that a judge has to order that it be sold in order to probate his estate. This is already happening in Charleston County, SC, who got their down-zoning nearly two years ago, where minimum rural lot sizes range from 10 to 25 acres, depending upon where you live.

For example, if you’re zoned “Ag 25” (25 acres minimum for one home), have two children, and less than 50 acres, you don’t have enough land to legally divide it. It’s called “large lot zoning.” Unlike Charleston, however, Richland County’s new Plan will also dedicate large areas that can’t be developed at all. It appears this may be accomplished by something they call overlay zoning – very restrictive zoning which they can place anywhere and supersede the existing zoning for any district.

We can’t be sure how they’ll do it because it’s being kept a secret. We just know they’re going to do it. In fact, no one in our County is being told how we will be rezoned or what our new restrictions will be until AFTER the zoning ordinance passes, when it’s too late to do anything about it.

These Plans are about control — greed. They are not about the environment. But ours does have a clear motive. Our Plan was specifically written to restrict minority growth. Besides providing for the clustered, mixed-use, and in-fill development in the city and urban fringes, and down-zoning the land outside it to worthlessness, our Plan also provides for development of one-square-mile densely-populated communes called villages in designated areas throughout the County that will be segregated by the economic status of the people who live in them. Each village is to have it’s own schools, so that only those children can attend whose parents have similar economic backgrounds.

It’s pure socialism.

The villages are to be of 3 kinds:

Upscale resort-like villages, called existing villages, because they already have existing infrastructure, will be for the wealthy;

Employment-based villages, which are like mill villages with an industry or other source of employment in the middle where everyone is encouraged to walk to work; and finally,

Non-employment based villages. Non-employment based villages will be remotely placed and have no employment opportunities. The Plan says we will only be allowed 7 villages in all 330 square miles of Lower Richland, all non-employment based, and all, like reservations, will be stuck out in the middle of nowhere. We know this because they’re on the Plan map. They will be a place, it would seem, for the poor and the displaced not-so-poor to be hidden away after their land is taken from them.

In light of the fact that 65% of that 330 square miles that the county wants is currently owned by blacks in Richland County means that the village concept of this Plan, if carried to completion, will rival Nazi Germany in its social engineering, and at the very least, will result in gentrification and segregation. And if successful, I believe it will serve as a blueprint for the rest of the country where there is minority ownership of land.

We know, from statistics from the Plan, that our white population in Richland County is declining and will remain just about level in the future, while the minority population is flourishing. What better way to stop this trend than to restrict ALL growth in the county, knowing that it will mostly be minority growth, and then go after the blacks’ land? Many of our African American families are land-rich and money-poor, having been there since slavery, and will be an easy target for this elitist land grab.

Ultimately, this Plan will make it possible for a very few individuals to control or own every piece of rural property in Richland County. And it won’t cost them much.

This is no accident. A bonanza is at stake.

We are told that Lower Richland County is the largest mass of land that is primarily owned by African Americans on the East coast AND the largest contiguous mass of pristine farmland within a 15-minute drive of a state capitol or a major metropolitan city on the East coast. And it’s not for sale.

Our land, which has been nurtured for generations, has made us a target simply because we HAVE been wonderful stewards. They’re doing it now because their statistics show that most S.C. farmers, black and white, are now senior citizens. They want our land before we die and leave it to our heirs. By depriving the elderly farmer the value of his land through zoning, who may have nothing else to fall back on for retirement plan or emergencies, they could well force him to give it up before he dies, if he needs money.

By the way, this Plan is not just about Lower Richland County. There are other rural areas in the county that will face the same restrictions. But all of Lower Richland has been targeted as the “Congaree Preserve.”

And this won’t just hurt farmers. Home prices will be higher everywhere. Some people who once could afford a home on an acre of land will have to be subsidized in one of those non-employment-based reservations. The problem is compounded by the fact that, for the last two years in a row, Richland County Council has stunned us by passing the two largest property tax increases in history. I think it was intentional.

All of this will end the American dream.

As all this was happening, we realized that only a handful of people were aware of what was going on. The media wouldn’t print it. So in 1999, six of us founded the Richland Landowners Association in order to educate our neighbors and to fight the implementation of this Plan. My husband sued the county on behalf of all rural property owners, and we dug our heels in. By 2000, we were devoting every spare moment to the cause. Instead of retiring to enjoy our farm, we retired in order to try to save it.

In 2001, we founded the SC Property Rights Watch in order to provide help for those who needed it in other parts of the state, and to distinguish ourselves from a group who had named themselves the SC Landowners Association, but who were not involved in our endeavors.

New members gave us new life. We didn’t have any money, so we reached out through the churches, civic groups, or any other way we could. On the state level, we blocked three bills that would give control of our creeks, ponds, and wetlands and the land beside them to the state, and another that would give them our farms, statewide.

We held off, at least for now, the funding for the SC Conservation Bank Act, a bill that will give half a billion dollars of taxpayers’ money to the Nature Conservancy and other trusts to grab our land. We kicked the American Farmland Trust clean out of SC. On the county level, we held up the writing of the specific zoning ordinances of the Town and Country Plan for four years and blocked the extension of the Interim ordinance, so that it expired two years ago without any ordinance to replace it.

Thinking that solved our problems, we were amazed when the County continued to enforce the Plan without any legal mechanism to do so, and, when our lawsuit finally made it to the SC Supreme Court, two years and $18,000 later, they ruled that our injunction against the Plan couldn’t be addressed because we had defeated the ordinance to enforce it.

They’re finally about to try to pass the new zoning in December, but instead of individual ordinances that we could address one at a time, they had consultants prepare a 300-page “uniform development code” which will fully implement the Town and Country Plan as a single ordinance, as well as restrict everything about our county, gestapo-like, including building codes, churches, business licenses, and morals.

It mandates what size your required front yard must be and how many, what size, and what variety of trees and shrubs will be required in your mandatory landscaped buffer zones in your front yard. It requires an 8 X 12 porch on each new home. It restricts signs and adequate parking, which will eliminate small businesses.

It dictates what you must do with your dog’s waste when you take him for a walk, where you must park your car, and how new roads must be built to discourage using them with automobiles. It restricts the harvesting of trees. It provides for trails for the public on private property, especially on water. And it provides for preservation down-zoning.

Getting ready for all this, the County made Code Enforcement Officers, who had been under the Planning Department, into Deputy Sheriffs, so that we can now be arrested for digging a ditch on our own land and serve more time for it than for peddling dope.

This month, County Council raised our taxes on prepared foods — another tax — from 5% to 7% to provide money to the Conservation Commission, so they can get ready for the grab that the new preservation zoning will make possible for them.

The Commission conducted secret title searches, soil studies, and other evaluations, on our properties, so they WILL KNOW, before zoning, those of us who are THE MOST VULNERABLE. They know what we own because we paid millions of dollars to install a GIS system for them to use to spy on us. It’s a satellite system to photograph us, our property, or anything else they want. It’s Big Brother. They’ll pick us out, zone us, swoop down on us, and once we cave in, they’ll call us WILLING SELLERS.

And according to the ordinance enabling them, if the Conservation Commission ever wrestles your down-zoned property away from you, they can get the county to change the zoning back up on it, and then resell it.

Holders of conservation easements in SC can also swap properties among themselves, and if the holder of the easement ever becomes the owner of the title, the conservation easement goes away, and they can develop the land.

We’re facing other problems, too. In Congress, Sen. Hollings and Rep. Clyburn of SC sponsored a bill to turn the Congaree Swamp National Monument — thousands of acres of swampland on the Congaree River in Lower Richland County that are surrounded by thousands of acres of our land — into a National Park and enlarge it. The Sierra Club applauds it.

Upon closer inspection, we learned that the Congaree Swamp is also a National Wilderness area, and that it was quietly made a United Nations Biosphere Reserve years ago. We discovered a map that is part of our state’s Forest Legacy Program, which targets our land and land on the other side of the river beside the Swamp (in two more counties) as “buffer” and “critical habitat.” We knew none of these things before.

We fear what the Park’s influence will be on these projects and what other projects it will inspire or encourage. For sure, its creation will add the power of the federal government to our county’s efforts, which we have held off thus far, to force land-use restrictions on us as the “Congaree Preserve.”

We opposed the Park vigorously. Although Senator Hollings would not meet with us, 500 of us met with Congressman Clyburn and begged him not to do it. Nearly a thousand of us EACH wrote letters to our Congressmen and the Chairmen of the Congressional Committees and Subcommittees who deal with National Parks. A delegation of us traveled to Washington, DC, where Ms. Hattie Fruster, President of the Lower Richland NAACP, addressed the National Parks Subcommittee of the US Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Her moving testimony is available on-line at

But this Senate Subcommittee was not allowed to respond to our pleas for help, nor was the House Subcommittee, because Senator Hollings had the Park and expansion added to the US Dept. of Interior’s Appropriations Bill, and it was all over.

Meanwhile, Richland County Council is making it harder and harder for anyone to be heard there. They say a citizen can only speak once, for two minutes, on any issue, no matter how many times it’s heard. Council often holds the public hearing before the ordinance is even available on it, so we can’t speak intelligently about it. Decisions are being made illegally in secret meetings and on telephones.

Our members have been called liars, crazy, uneducated, and ignorant.

We’re not. We have provided them with an alternate Plan years ago, one which respects reasonable planning and the environment, but which also protects the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.

They ignored us and told us to go away.

We didn’t. So they have become increasingly more aggressive.

In an effort to intimidate us, Sheriff’s Deputies have taken law-abiding citizens out of Council meetings just because they dare to sign up to speak out against the Plan or Conservation Commission.

We now have to go through a metal detector any time we try to attend County Council meetings. They say it’s for “Homeland Security.” If they want to protect our homeland security in Richland County, they need to concentrate on our government officials and their environmentalist buddies, not on our citizens.

In February, a Deputy manhandled the 72 year old President of the Lower Richland NAACP, because she was quietly voicing her concerns, having been called upon to speak.

In March, three Deputies attacked my 72-year-old husband from behind, after he, too, was called upon. He was not allowed to speak. Bill, who is partially blind and had just completed radiation therapy for cancer, was dragged from his seat by deputies, and when I begged them to let him go, they grabbed me too, twisting my arm behind me, tearing my elbow, shoulder, thumb, and back, and leaving huge bruises on me. I’ve had months of physical therapy.

We were set up. We had done nothing wrong.

Finally, in June, Godfather-style, a sniper shot one of our innocent, beautiful, beloved horses through the heart.

I’m hurting. But I’m not backing down. And neither are my friends.

WE WILL NOT NEGOTIATE with these People. If you do, they’ll just take what you offer and come back a year later and take the rest. That’s what they did in Charleston.

We will not be intimidated, and we will not give up.

We’ll continue our fight here and in the many other counties in SC that are embroiled in their own battles. The Richland Landowners Association and the South Carolina Property Rights Watch will be there beside them too, for the long haul. And with you, too, anywhere in the country, if you need us.

We will share our message. We will go anywhere we can to tell our story, and we will continue to bring in speakers like you from other areas of the country who are fighting your own land grabs, to tell our people.

They can’t keep this a secret any more. We know that we can’t depend on the local media, except for a few radio stations and independent newspapers, but we are getting coverage — national coverage — FOX NEWS CHANNEL; Insight Magazine — a great article entitled “Smart Growth Riles Black Farmers” on 9/16/02; Investor’s Business Daily; Wall Street Journal, and we’ve appeared on radio talk shows all across the country.

We are fighting them at the polls, too. Some places are unseating these Marxists. Charleston County has already voted out three of theirs.

We have defeated their candidates for state Senate and Lt. Governor; and the new Secretary of Agriculture is on our side.

In Lower Richland, we have an unflinching supporter in Representative Joe Neal, the past Chairman of the black caucus of the entire SC legislature, and a staunch Democrat. Joe is traveling the country to spread the word.

We can’t give up. I believe this is a greater threat to our safety, to the safety of our future generations, and to the future of our country than the threat of nuclear war.


I believe WE WILL PREVAIL because of what we have in common. We care about OUR RIGHTS, OUR LAND, OUR FAMILIES, OUR GOD, and EACH OTHER.

For all their power and money, they don’t have God.

This is still the land of the free. We must keep it that way. Thank you for having me. I’m looking forward to working with each of you.

God bless you and God bless America.

SC Property Rights Watch / Richland Landowners Association
P.O. Box 38
Eastover, SC 29044

Kay McClanahan

Kay McClanahan and Major

****update*** Here is the 2009 land use map. 


Out and about in your green ghetto- America 2050

       Where will you live in 2050? I can guarantee it won’t be where you want to be living. In fact, most of us will have been forced off our land long before 2050 arrives. Look at the maps contained within America 2050 here. People will be locked into one of the Mega Regions. Read what they are planning. Their focus is on the development of Mega Regions where they will be coercing people into living.


      Don’t believe me? Look at their transportation maps. Where do they take you? How will you access areas outside these regions? Look at the “transportation plan” for your area and you will see how much money is being spent on everything except roads. (Google transportation plan and your county to find your plan). They are not repairing our infrastructure and are diverting those funds into buying up land claiming they are saving “open space”, as if we are running out of it. Have you ever flown in a plane from the east coast of the U.S. to the west or from the northeast to the south? What do you see when you look down – open space, and a lot of it. About 50% of the U.S. population lives within 50 miles of the coastline. Go to Google Earth and look at the globe. We aren’t running out of open space.

        They are closing roads all across the nation and globe. For example, they closed the road in Pitkin, Colorado that local people used. Watch the short video. Take note of how they destroyed the surrounding area to close this road. And they claim they “love” mother nature. That’s a ruse. Their goal is control of every inch of dirt and every human being.

In Sonoma County California, they are no longer properly maintaining most of their roads. This will be happening in your area too as funds are diverted from road maintenance to open space preservation and the building of bike paths. Here is an excerpt from an article which discusses this.

          “…The county is responsible for maintaining 1,382 miles of roads. Current county policy is to properly maintain only about 200 miles of roads and to only fill potholes on the remaining 1,164 miles of roads. The supervisors have no plans to rebuild, repave or do anything but fill potholes on 84 percent of our county roads.
Roads to Gravel Policy
Without a pavement preservation program, the orphaned 1,224 miles of roads will deteriorate to a point where they can only be ground up into gravel or be completely rebuilt. At a cost of about $1 million per mile, this would cost over $1.2 billion, which is about same amount for the total annual County of Sonoma budget covering all county government expenditures.
This means that if you drive or ride a bike over county roads that are not part of the about 200 mile Priority Road network (i.e., major connecting roads like Petaluma Hill, Stony Point, Guerneville, Old Redwood Hwy) you can expect those roads to continue to worsen at an increasingly rapid rate. Because the deterioration compromises the road base (think of it like a foundation for a house) the pavement fails more rapidly with every rainfall. Filling potholes with asphalt patch becomes a losing battle.
At a certain point roads cannot be patched effectively and they must be rebuilt. Pavement preservation programs can extend the life of a road by years, saving millions of dollars compared to costly road reconstruction…”
Read the rest here.

    Urban Growth Boundaries are drawn around a region and no growth is allowed outside these boundaries. That includes no infrastructure development: gas lines, electric lines, water lines, sewer lines, phone lines, cable lines or roads.  They call this “smart growth”. Watch this short video which describes “Smart Growth”.

 How will they force people to comply?  In their own words, “Condition federal and state funds … and provide other “carrots and sticks,” to give integrated planning real impact”. Read more of their recommendations here

        You won’t be getting out and about like you’d like. Your freedom to move about in your car will be severely restricted – eventually eliminated.  All of the aforementioned as well as, increasing toll roads, HOV lanes, high gas taxes, traffic calming, vehicle miles traveled tax, economic collapse along with the ensuing inflation will eat away at your ability to afford a car or much of anything else and that is what they call “social justice”.  Social justice is the equalization of misery amongst the masses. And you will be the “unwashed” masses.

   Look at the National Complete Streets Coalition for more of their plans for your “transportation”.


Comprehensive plans & urban growth boundaries explained in 3 min.

     Joe Neal, South Carolina State Representative explains how “smart growth” embedded within Comprehensive Plans adopted by local government will encumber private property rights. He describes how “urban growth boundaries”  are arbitrarily created within plans which limit growth and development to specific areas. They think that is the smart way to develop hence the name “smart growth”. This means that if you own property outside of the “urban growth boundary” you will NOT be allowed to use YOUR land the way you want to. What they also do is change zoning so that uses that were previously allowed will no longer be allowed.

    For example, if you have a business located in an area  zoned for industry and the zoning for “industry” has now been eliminated in the comprehensive plan, then your ability to use your property (business) the way you like has just been destroyed.  Who will buy a business located in an area which is no longer zoned for that specific kind of business? Only an idiot would do that.

    As was mentioned in the video, how much value does your property have if you cannot use it to generate wealth? If you own your home, you hope to be able to sell it for more than you paid for it, it’s supposed to be an “investment” right? If you have a piece of land you’d like to put a business on, you don’t expect the commissioners to change the zoning so you can’t use your land.

 If the 3 minute video above does not play correctly in you tube, then click the link below and you can download it to watch it.

SouthCarolina _Comprehensive Planning.mp4

I am including a link to the longer video which is well worth taking the time to watch. This video was made 10 years ago.

        To request a copy of the longer DVD contact Don Casey,  from the group Keep Our Rights  at email him:


All aboard the United Nations Cooperation Circles train to…your enslavement.

Cooperation circles sound just yummy, don’t they? After all, who doesn’t want to cooperate? But who is it you’ll be cooperating with and what is it about? There are all kinds of “cooperation circles” that one can “cooperate in”. Your next stop on the “cooperation circle” train to world enslavement is:

Key word
Agenda 21
Agenda For Development
Agenda For Peace
Armed Conflict
Brundtland Report
Business & Industry
Capacity Building
Climate Change
Coastal Areas
Consultative Relationship
Cultural Conventions
Cultural Diversity
Cultural Heritage
Decision Making
Dependent Territories
Developing Countries
Earth Stewardship
Economic And Social Council
Economic Development
Education For All
Electronic Communications
Electronic Networking
Eradication Of Poverty
Financial Arrangements
Financing For Development
Geneva Conventions
Global Commons
Global Conferences
Hazardous Wastes
Human Rights
Human Settlements
Indigenous People
Information Access
Information Ecology
Information Technology
Institutional Arrangements
Interactive Publishing
International Cooperation
International Day
International Decades
International Economic Order
International Law
International Terrorism
International Year
Interreligious Dialogue
Knowledge-based Economy
Least Developed Countries
Local Authorities
Major Groups
Marine Life
Millennium Development Goals
Ngo Participation
NGO Process
Non Governmental Organizations
Oceans & Seas
Operational Activities
Persons With Disabilities
Political Declarations
Programme Of Action
Public Participation
Radioactive Wastes
Religion & Ecology
Rights Of The Child
Rural Development
Science & Technology
Science And Technology
Science For Sustainability
Self Determination
Small Islands
Social Development
Social Justice
Solid Wastes & Sewage
Sustainable Agriculture
Sustainable Production
System Coordination
Toxic Chemicals Marxism-Socialism-Communism-Promises-Destruction

Monday Nov. 5th Dr. Paugh & Dr. Joe Arminio Reality will interrupt the illusion

Monday Nov. 5th

Hr. 1 Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh former resident of communist Romania joins me  to discuss her latest book, UN Agenda 21 Environmental Piracy which is available on Amazon. Dr. Paugh also described what she encountered on her latest trip to eastern Europe. There just ain’t no fun to be had.

Hr. 2 Dr Joseph Arminio founder of the Society of Statesman  joins me to discuss the need for leadership training for youth and adults.

We champion Liberty, both spiritual and political. Toward these ends, we teach the source of Liberty and the source of the American Dream. Because leadership also requires good men and women speaking well, we teach Classical Rhetoric or oratory instruction of the type taught Lincoln and the Founding Fathers, not today’s typical Communications Course.

Furthermore, we proceed along Classical, Christian lines, seeing great merit in the methods of the medieval universities, which harnessed ancient Greek philosophy in the service of the Church, and which reconciled reason and faith.

The traitors walk amongst us…Misprision of Treason

Wednesday April 25th

Michael Shaw suggests charging those officials with Misprision of Treason who have enjoined themselves with foreign entities such as ICLEI. Information on Misprision of treason can be found at his website here

Misprision of Treason Primer: Responding to your City’s Association with ICLEI

By Freedom Advocates
Monday, 30 July 2012 17:44
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Article 1 Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution prohibits states or their subdivisions from entering into any “treaty, alliance or confederation” with a foreign political organization. Contracts with ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability headquartered in Bonn, Germany fit into this prohibition. Increasingly, American citizens are becoming aware of this fact.There are no U.S. Supreme Court cases under Article 1 Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution. That is because no state has engaged in the prohibited action during America’s history. The present situation is a first, de novo, circumstance.

According to, ICLEI was founded in 1990 as the ‘International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives.’ The ‘International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives’ became ‘ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability’ in 2003 with a broader international mission to pursue Sustainability issues. ICLEI is an international association of local governments as well as national and regional government organizations who have made a commitment to the United Nations program of Sustainable Development – Agenda 21.

Many elected city officials are indoctrinated through their League of Cities seminars and other associations to embrace Sustainable Development – Agenda 21 principles. This often leads to an ICLEI contract which accelerates the ride down the path of ruin.

At Freedom Advocates we recommend that a Misprision of Treason be presented to elected officials who fail to attempt to sever the ICLEI association. Let the honest and brave politicians who do attempt to sever and who stand for their oaths to the Constitution be left out of the misprision notice. A misprision is described as: “Misprision of treason is the failure to perform a public duty. A person who knows that a treason is being or is about to be committed but does not report it to a proper authority commits a misprision of treason.” (Misprision of Treason Law & Legal Definition,

A misprision is the concealment of a crime – treason. “Misprision of treason, is the concealment of treason, by being merely passive for if any assistance be given, to the traitor, it makes the party a principal, as there are no accessories in treason.” (Lectric Law Library)

States including California have misprision statutes. It is entirely appropriate to notify elected officials of the nature of the offensive activity before issuing a misprision. Then, hold the official accountable. For more information, view the ICLEI Primer at

California Penal Code – Misprision defined

You as an individual or part of a group can make a difference!

Get informed and inform others by utilizing the following tools:


ICLEI Primer: Your Town and Freedom Threatened

Despite Crumbling of Climate Change Consensus, ICLEI Marches On

ICLEI – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

ICLEI: Local Governments for Sustainability and the U.N. Connection

ICLEI is a Conspiracy and That’s No Theory


ICLEI wrote The Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide for the United Nations.

Pursue documentation evidencing ICLEI involvement: Public Disclosure Requests (how to use the Freedom of Information Act, commonly known as the FOIA, and more by Niki Raapana).

Write a letter to inform elected representatives regarding ICLEI membership to notify them of any related Article 1 Section 10 offense.

Will your public officials require a Notice of Misprision of Treason?

·        Sample California Notice of Misprision of Treason

·        SampleVirginia Notice of Misprision of Treason

Speak Out/Inform:

Many concerned citizens spoke out against the “One Bay Area” Plan at a MTC Planning Committee/ABAG Administrative Committee meeting on 12/14/12 in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. Heather Gass spoke to the ABAG/MTC board about the history of the One Bay Area Plan and cited their documents connecting them to UN Agenda 21 and ICLEI and informing them that they are in violation of Article 1, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution. Listen to Heather Gass at the 1:02:00 mark in this audio recording of the meeting.

EXAMPLES – Notice of Misprision of Treason


1. Michael Shaw Delivers Misprision of Treason to Alameda County, California Board of Supervisors

Delivered to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors via mail, December 2011:

·        Letter to Nate Miley, District 4 Supervisor, Alameda County, CA

·        Prepared notes for presentation October 11, 2011 to Alameda County Board of Supervisors

·        Sonoma County, California 8/6/11 speech text excerpts regarding Regionalism, ICLEI, ABAG and One Bay Area

·        ICLEI Primer article from

Delivered to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors via mail, January 2012:

·        Letter to Nate Miley, District 4 Supervisor, Alameda County, CA

·        Misprision of Treason Notice to Alameda County, California Board of Supervisors

·        Delivery of Misprision of Treason – Michael Shaw written Testimony – Alameda County, CA Board of Supervisors Meeting, January 10, 2012
Video (3 ½ minutes) – Michael Shaw delivering testimony and Misprision of Treason Notice to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors on January 10, 2012.
Video (37 ½ minutes) – Misprision of Treason Notice to Alameda County CA Board of Supervisors – Shaw Delivers Notice and Explains Why He Did It: Misprision of Treason is a 162 year old statute in California which makes ranking officials responsible for specific treasonous actions undertaken by government agencies. Shaw contends that for 10 years, the County of Alameda has harassed him and his business due to County policies that execute U.N. Agenda 21. This 37 ½ minute video includes background building up to the misprision notice…

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Sunday January 8th You will sleep in a box. What size box?

January 8th part 1 part 2  part 3

 Listen to these  about NGO’s. Sent to me by a listener today during the show. NGO Non Governmental Organizations are UN “accredited” groups that push the green con, they don’t care if people die, they hope for that and they help to create circumstances, so that will happen.

“Planet of Slums”  by Mike Davis is a book a listener suggested.

The sci-fi novel Neuromancer mentions super-dense housng–small boxes that people rent to sleep in—boxes stacked either side of an aisle.

Thursday January 5th Eco villages, grass roofs, locally centered lifestyles mean no escape for you

January 5th

Conservation easements, Eco villages and unions are topics discussed today. Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh joins me again. Her book, Echoes Of Communism is available on Amazon.

Diana Hunter called into the show and mentioned the conservation easement data base. Take a look.

The following is from

“Conservation Easements (How a property owner becomes a tenant)

Conservation easements actually are not easements at all. Easements generally imply an affirmative use of land for roads, power lines, etc. for the benefit of a third party or the public. Conservation easements actually are covenants that stipulate a negative use of the land. Conservation easements prohibit the landowner from acting in a manner that will change the ecological, open, natural, scenic or historical aspects of the land. The negative use can include obligations imposed upon the landowner. Conservation easements are also known as scenic easements, restrictive easements, open-space easements, and development rights.

A property owner must understand that by granting a conservation easement, he is not only restricting the future use of his property, he is actually conveying an interest in the property to a government agency or Non-Governmental-Organization (NGO) such as The Nature Conservancy. The conveyance of that interest results in a reduction in value of the property because it creates an unusual type of undivided interest in the property that may give rise to future conflicts and it prohibits prospective financially beneficial uses of the property.

Some examples of the actual wording in a conservation agreement are:

  1. The owner conveys to The Nature Conservancy a perpetual conservation easement over and across the property. (perpetual = forever)

  2. The purpose of the easement is to assure that the property will be retained forever as open space to provide for a diversity of wildlife habitat, education and agriculture and to prevent any use of the property that will significantly impair or interfere with these values. (This means prohibits prospective financially beneficial uses of the property.)

  3. Livestock grazing may continue provided that it does not cause significant deterioration of stream banks, water quality, vegetative communities, or soil structure and composition. (What is significant deterioration of all these resources? Who makes that determination and what quantity and/or quality measurements will be used?)

  4. The Grantee (The Nature Conservancy) has the right to preserve and protect the conservation values of the property. (This is a re-statement of 2 & 3 above and puts all decision authority in the hands of The Nature Conservancy.)

  5. The Grantee (The Nature Conservancy) has the right to enter upon the property at reasonable times (not defined) in order to monitor property owner (whose status is now that of a tenant) compliance with and otherwise enforce the terms of this easement. (This gives The Nature Conservancy absolute authority over the property and the tenant.)

  6. If The Nature Conservancy determines that the property owner (now tenant) is in violation of the terms of the easement, The Nature Conservancy can demand corrective action sufficient to cure the violation. If the violation has caused injury to the property, the property owner (tenant) will be responsible for all cost to restore the property to condition desired by The Nature Conservancy. If property owner (tenant) fails to take corrective action within a short time frame, appropriate legal action will be initiated.

  7. All legal cost incurred by The Nature Conservancy in enforcing the terms of the conservation easement including, without limitation, costs of suit and attorneys’ fees and any cost of restoration of the property will be borne by the owner (tenant).

One has to ask, “Who would enter into such an agreement?”

Additionally, major agricultural financial institutions have discontinued the practice of making loans on any property, which has been encumbered by a conservation easement. These financial institutions recognize the risk involved in making such loans.

Because of the loss of management control by the landowner and the accompanying transfer of the management decisions to The Nature Conservancy, two dangerous scenarios exist:

  1. The Nature Conservancy, through legal action, could acquire the property, leaving the financial institution without a secured asset.

  2. If the owner defaults on his loan, the financial institution inherits the unidentified management standards (which could be costly), and run the risk of The Nature Conservancy applying the same legal action against the financial institution.

The Nature Conservancy, in a Nature Conservancy Pamphlet on Conservation Easements, identifies land ownership as a combination of privileges that allows landowners to exercise certain rights. Being allowed to cut timber, explore for minerals, dig a ditch, and build a house are all examples of a landowner’s rights. A conservation easement restricts some or all of these rights in order to protect the habitat, flora, or fauna found on the land.

Further information provided in the Nature Conservancy Pamphlet is that the rights the owner relinquishes are transferred to an organization or body, such as a qualified conservation organization or government body, by a legal document called a conservation easement. When the document is properly drawn, signed, and recorded in the land records, the owner and future owners of the property can no longer exercise the rights relinquished in the conservation easement.

While there may be some benefits for some landowners in granting conservation easements, those instances are rare.

Prudence dictates that every landowner considering a conservation easement carefully explore the far-reaching consequences for entering into such a scheme. The complexity of the conservation easement demands that competent legal and tax counsel fully review and analyze any conservation easement proposal under consideration by a landowner. The landowner should carefully weigh the present benefit to be derived against the long-term burdens any such easement will place, not only upon himself, but upon his heirs.”


Friday December 23rd Mimi Steel Who are the grievance and give me groups?

Decenber 23rd Mimi Steel

Mimi Steel founder of the SFBay 912 Project and Citizens for Sustainable Liberty joins me to discuss what is happening in the San Francisco area. What is visioning? Consensus, wildlands, smart growth, sustainable development and light rail are just some of the topics we touched on today. Her website is

She also recommends: to learn about smart growth disasters.

Tuesday December 20th Who has the guns? Larry Pratt GOA

December 20th Who has the guns?

1st hr: Larry Pratt Exec. Director of Gun Owners of America joins me to discuss: “fast and furious”,   New Mexico Sheriffs and militias. His website is He is the author of several books which are available on his website.

 2nd hr: Jim Harbison joins me to discuss what the green Nazis are up to in New Mexico. Listen in as he describes the latest iteration of UN Agenda 21 in New Mexico. Do you know where your bicycle is?


Wednesday December 14th What Agenda?

December 14th

 I talked to myself today about UN Agenda 21.

Wednesday November 30th What is the carrying capacity of your land?

November 30th

I talked to myself and some callers about the terms we hear often and what they really mean. Someone called in from Save our State, a California group that has been fighting against illegal immigration for years.  Someone mentioned Rip Van Winkle and how the masses are asleep and I agree. One of the callers talked about the California EPA standards for fireplace use. Did you know that there are four stages for burning? 1. burn on only approved days, 2.burn discouraged, 3.burn prohibited unless using an approved burning device, 4. no burn I think you won’t be burning much, henceforth.

Sunday September 25th

September 25th


 No guest today, just little ol’ me.

Friday Rosa Koire Behind the Green Mask UN Agenda 21

September 23rd Rosa Koire

My guest today was Rosa Koire founder of The Post Sustainability Institute and Democrats Against UN Agenda 21. She has written a book entitled, Behind the Green Mask UN Agenda 21 which you can purchase right on her website. Great info on her sites and in her book so go there!!!

Monday September 19th Michael Shaw

 September 19th Michael Shaw

Michael Shaw is my guest today. He has been fighting UN Agenda 21 for at least 12 years. He is the founder of the organization called Freedom Advocates. There is a ton of info on his site so please go there.