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Thursday December 1st Did you know dandelions constituted “Biological Imperialism”? Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

 December 1st Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh     Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh joins me again to discuss her latest articles on UN Agenda 21. We discussed the socialist agenda in our schools, “biological imperialism”, and the effect illegal immigration is having, … Continue reading

Tuesday November 29th Vicki Davis Channeling the truth about “efficiency”.

November 29th Vicki Davis discusses computer systems and how that technology is used to create our green prison. We discussed economic development specialists; property rights councils, public/private partnerships, and how using technology they plan to enslave all of us using … Continue reading

Thursday November 24th Happy Thanksgiving

November 24th This is a replay of Paul Fromm who was my guest November 14th. His website is www.canadafirst.com  

Friday November 11th Chris Sullins Operation SERF

November 11th Chris Sullins My guest today was Chris Sullins author of the books entitled Operation SERF, and Horsemen of the Red Hand. He is former military with a keen eye for what is really happening with the OWS “movement”. … Continue reading

Wednesday October 26th no guest

 October 26th  I had no guest today just great callers who helped me discuss Gloriiiiia Steinhem and the police state our illustrious elected officials and other useful idiots are creating. Pam Evans also updated us on what is happening in … Continue reading

Sunday October 9th Dr. Greg Evenson www.theheartlandusa.com

October 9th Dr. Greg Evenson  My guest was Dr. Greg Evenson  former Kansas State Trooper and recipient of the Governor’s award for heroism. Listen in as we discuss his perception of the “climate” in America. http://www.theheartlandusa.com

Friday October 7th Amanda Teegarden Ok-Safe.com

October 7th Amanda Teegarden Amanda Teegarden  Executive Director of Oklahomans for Sovereignty and Free Enterprise www.Ok-Safe.com   joins me to discuss Fusion Centers. What are they, how many are there and who is creating them? Are you now a “prisoner” in … Continue reading

Oleg Atbashian Shakedown Socialism

 September 30th Oleg Atbashian   September 30th Second Show  Oleg joins me to discuss the “wonderful”  attributes of socialism. Not! Listen in as we discuss his life in the USSR as a propaganda artist for the politburo.    http://www.shakedownsocialism.com/  

Tuesday September 27th No guest

Semptember 27th  No guest today.  Lots of callers with lots of ideas. Listen in.

Wednesday September 14th Stewart Rhodes Oath Keepers

September 14th Stewart Rhodes www.oathkeepers.org  Stewart Rhodes the founder of the organization “Oath Keepers” joins me to discuss his organization.  Who are the Oath Keepers and how many will keep their oath? Let’s pray enough to save our great nation … Continue reading

Monday September 12th

September 12th  No guest today so you get to hear my unsolicited opinion on the “Trans Pacific Partnership” and a few other topics.  Here’s a great website with good info. I had Terri Hall on my show a few days … Continue reading

Sunday September 11th

September 11th    No guest today just lil ol’ me discussing “the future’s executioners”. Will you be one of them? The choices you make today will make the choice for you.

Tuesday August 16th Steve Scott F.A.C.E. OFF

August 16th  Steve Scott one of the unsung heroes in the property rights fight joins me to give a few suggestions on how to fight back against the property nazis. He has a lot of great info so take the … Continue reading

Tuesday August 2nd Dr. C. William Kauffman

August 2nd   Dr. C. William Kauffman www.china-threat.com Dr. Kauffman is a retired Aerospace Engineer form the University of Michigan who joins me to discuss how our collegiate “elite” are helping to sell the American people down the river. Treason is … Continue reading

Sunday July 31th William Taylor Reil

July 31th William Taylor Reil  Bill discusses the 1st Amendment and who doesn’t enjoy that one???