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Monday April 30th Merlin Miller The 3rd position…

Monday April 30th Merlin Miller  candidate for POTUS  representing The American Third Position Party http://american3rdposition.org/  joins me to discuss the fine mess we now find ourselves in here in the good ol’ USA. He explains his position on many of … Continue reading

March 23rd William Taylor Reil The Anti-American “Civil” Liberties Union and the truth…

March 23rd William Taylor Reil My guest today was William Taylor Reil, feisty constitutional scholar and friend. We discussed the Anti-American Civil Liberties Union and their assaults on Christianity, as well as other topics.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcHCdGFZW0w&feature=player_detailpage Maureen O’Hara clip I mentioned. … Continue reading

February 8th Jared Taylor Is race a social construct?

February 8th Jared Taylor        Jared Taylor founder of American Renaissance joins me to discuss race and multiculturalism. Is race a “social construct”? Some people think it is, but how can that be when affirmative action is based solely upon race? … Continue reading

Monday August 29th Dr. Kevin MacDonald www.kevinmacdonald.net

 August 29th Dr. Kevin MacDonald Dr. Kevin MacDonald joins me to discuss his book entitled, Culture of Critique. Join us as we discuss the ramifications of multiculturalism. Will America still have a Representative Republic when the people who created it … Continue reading