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Sunday November 27th I talked to myself today about indifference.

November 27th  I talked to myself today about indifference. There are millions of people in the USA whose lives will be forever damaged by UN Agenda 21, yet their unwillingness to see what is happening astounds me. We are living in a … Continue reading

Karen Budd-Falen Just how dirty is the Clean Water Act?

November 21st Karen Budd Falen         My guest today was attorney Karen Budd Falen who has been fighting for property rights for years. The Clean Water Act as well as other topics were discussed. She discusses the variety of secretarial … Continue reading

Friday November 18th William Taylor Reil The 4th Amendment is???

November 18th William Taylor Reil joins me again to discuss the 4th Amendment, petit juries and grand juries and the American Jurisprudence textbook which is a great resource for court decisions broken down by topic. He suggests people take a … Continue reading

Monday November 14th Paul Fromm www.canadafirst.com

Noverber 14th My guest was Paul Fromm who is the Director of the Canadian Association of Free Expression.  We discussed free speech and the lack thereof.  The Canadian “Human Rights Tribunal” is great at denying “human rights” and similar free … Continue reading

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Friday November 11th Chris Sullins Operation SERF

November 11th Chris Sullins My guest today was Chris Sullins author of the books entitled Operation SERF, and Horsemen of the Red Hand. He is former military with a keen eye for what is really happening with the OWS “movement”. … Continue reading

Sunday November 6th no guest

November 6th I had no guest today so I just talked to myself for almsot 60 minutes until my buddy Bill from NY called in to give his two cents. Listen in and you’ll be pleasantly amused, even if I … Continue reading

Sunday October 9th Dr. Greg Evenson www.theheartlandusa.com

October 9th Dr. Greg Evenson  My guest was Dr. Greg Evenson  former Kansas State Trooper and recipient of the Governor’s award for heroism. Listen in as we discuss his perception of the “climate” in America. http://www.theheartlandusa.com

Friday October 7th Amanda Teegarden Ok-Safe.com

October 7th Amanda Teegarden Amanda Teegarden  Executive Director of Oklahomans for Sovereignty and Free Enterprise www.Ok-Safe.com   joins me to discuss Fusion Centers. What are they, how many are there and who is creating them? Are you now a “prisoner” in … Continue reading

Sunday September 11th

September 11th    No guest today just lil ol’ me discussing “the future’s executioners”. Will you be one of them? The choices you make today will make the choice for you.

Thursday September 8th William Kay

September 8th www.ecofascism.com  William joins me to discuss the fascists and others using the mantra of global warming to enact their global agenda.  Listen in as we discuss how they are achieving their objectives and whether conspirators  are at work.  … Continue reading

Wednesday September 7th

Semptember 7th  No guest today.

Friday September 2nd Sheriff Richard Mack

September 2nd Sheriff Richard Mack http://sheriffmack.com/  Sheriff Mack joins me again to discuss Judge Roll,  Printz v US and the role of the sheriff in protecting YOU.

Thursday September 1st William Taylor Reil

September 1st William Tayor Reil Find some of Bill’s writing on the tab on this website with his name on it.  Today we discussed a nullification, the Bond v US Supreme Court ruling and involuntary slavery. Listen in to another lively … Continue reading

Thursday August 4th Salvatore Santoro

 August 4th Salvatore Santoro Sal joins me to discuss his book “Theft of Sovereignty Saving American Liberty”. Corruption, corruption, corruption; the globalists are stealing your freedom. His book is available via Amazon so check it out.

Friday July 29th William Taylor Reil

July 29th William Taylor Reil FDR and gold is the topic today. Whose property is it anyway?