Friday April 27th Sharon Sebastion Their devotion to ignorance…

Friday April 27th

Sharon Sebastion joins me to discuss UN Agenda 21, it’s implementation worldwide and her book Darwin’s Racists Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow which can be purchased here


February 17th William Taylor Reil The “malady” of human nature…

February 17th William Taylor Reil

William Taylor Reil joined me to discuss the “malady” of human nature, Amish Farmers growing food you want to eat, but our government wants to deny you and oaths of office no one bothers to honor.

Thursday January 19th Dr. Paugh Pull that green rabbit out of that hat!

January 19th Dr. Paugh

Dr. Paugh joins me to discuss her latest article entitled, Obama’s Six Agency Merger – Smoke and Mirrors. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

Henry Lamb “Comprehensive Plans” and you…

August 25th Henry Lamb

 Henry joins me again to discuss “global governance”, White House Rural Council, visioning, consensus, NGO’s,  comprehensive land use plans and the list goes on of the many ways they seek to enslave us.

One of the callers commented stating, “words mean things”; yes, they do.




Thursday July 21th Amanda Teegarden Ok-Safe, Inc.

July 21th  Amanda Teegarden

 Amanda joins me to discuss what her group is doing to fight the NWO in her state.

Sunday July 10th William Taylor Reil

July 10th William Taylor Reil

Bill joins me to discuss the separation of church and state. Listen in…they are leading us down a God-less path deliberately.

Sunday July 3rd William Taylor Reil

July 3rd William Taylor Reil

Check out the tab on my website with Bill’s name on it. He has put some of his info on there. And if I could get him to stop procrastinating and put more of his info up there, I’d do it. Bill and I both like to procrastinate; it gives us something to do.

 Bill is my resident Constitutional Scholar. We had a bad connnection today so I am doubtful you can hear much 0f what he said, but try it anyway.

Friday July 1st Don Casey

July 1st Don Casey

Don Casey joins me again to discuss food, food sheds, urban growth boundaries, comprehensive planning and various other aspects of UN Agenda 21 sustainable development that are enchroaching on our liberties minute by minute. Be alert America…there IS something very wrong afoot.  Something evil this way comes…

Thursday June 30th Henry Lamb

June 30th Henry Lamb

Doreen Hannes guest hosts for me and her guest is Henry lamb. He has been a freedom fighter fighting against UN Agenda 21 sustainable development for a very long time.

Freedom21 is the manifestation of the belief that American society operates best when it is founded upon these principles:

  1. People have inherent, natural, unalienable rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness – the foundations of sovereignty. 
  2. Governments exist expressly to protect these rights. 
  3. Governments derive power from the consent of the governed, to protect these rights. 
  4. Public policies which constrain people’s rights must be enacted only by representatives elected by the people. 
  5. Constitutionally limited government is the best form of government. 
  6. That government is best which governs least. 
  7. No foreign government shall supersede the authority of the government of the United States of America.

Wednesday June 22nd Janna Legg

June 22nd Janna Legg

 Janna Legg joins me to discuss UN Agenda 21 and her fight against it.  What boulders and jagged edges line our path to “sustainability”? Are their cliffs ahead and blind curves? Of course, UN Agenda 21 is the route you will be forced to take to your new plantation. Green really is the new red.

Tuesday June 21st Fred Kelly Grant JD

June 21st Fred Kelly Grant

Fred Kelly Grant JD joins  me again to continue our discussion on property rights and how they are being assaulted every where you look by the enviro-commies trying to take your property from you.  And it IS your property, not theirs. There is no “collective” here. You have an unalienable right to your property and the sooner the useful idiots wearing the uniform of the Globalists find that out, the better off they’ll be because I’m guessing eventually the patience of the American Patriot will run out.

Thursday June 9 Fred Kelly Grant JD

June 9 Fred Kelly Grant JD

Fred Kelly Grant JD joins me to discuss property rights and “coordination”. The “coordination process” as directed by Congress is simply that: a process by which local government and federal agencies are to meet in a government to government dialogue in order to attempt to reach consistency between federal plans and actions and local plans and policies.

Congress has directed every federal agency to engage in that government to government process with local governments.
Find out how this can work to your benefit. Listen in.

Wednesday May 25th Don Casey

May 25th Don Casey

Don Casey joins me again to discuss food sheds, vehicle miles traveled tax and land patents. What are these  you ask? Never heard of them you say? Well, in the famous words of Betty Davis, buckle up everybody you’re in for a bumpy ride.

Here are the articles  mentioned in today’s show.