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What if I told you…

truth is hate to those who hate the truth

Farewell Africa


Gun control and you


Gun control and you

History would be something extraordinary if…


 History would be something extraordinary if only it were true.

                                                                                             – Tolstoy

The victor writes the history books, that doesn’t mean he told the truth.  The history of the world will unravel and the myths will collapse if truth is exposed.

In his book Hellstorm, historian Thomas Goodrich exposes truths about WWll few have ever  heard. The documentary  Hellstorm produced by Kyle Hunt is based upon Goodrich’s book.

In many countries, people are imprisoned for daring to question the “official version” of WWll history. That in itself should tell you something has been left out of history books. And that something is truth.

 You may purchase Hellstorm the book on Amazon

You can watch and purchase the documentary at


 Relevant reading/listening: Listen to author James Bacque discuss his book Other Losses which also exposes what was done in Germany.  Listen to a BBC interview with a WW2 British POW as he discusses what happened in Dresden.

Partial Transcript of Interview with Victor Gregg, WW2 British solder and POW:

INTERVIEWER: “Tell us how it was that you were in Dresden at that time.”

VICTOR GREGG: “It was evil….thousands of firebombs dropping all over the place, heat, fire, people screaming, people burning, people alight.  After about half an hour it started developing into something that was really bad….It was the second wave which really brought the tornado into being because then they started dropping the 4,000 lb bunker busters….It dehumanizes anything that you’ve experienced before.   I’ve been through 6 years of war.  I’ve lost all but 3 of the 28 blokes I joined up with in 1937.  I’ve been in every battle in the Middle East…but nothing prepared me for seeing women and children alight and flying through the air.  Nothing prepared me for that.  Before Dresden, I could look at people get killed and they’re dead.  But after Dresden, I was a nutcase.  It took me 40 years to get over it.  I don’t think I even laughed for 40 years.  I couldn’t even laugh at anything.   You see people stuck in…they tried to cross over to us, a group of ’em.   Cause I was on a bit of grass with these firefighters and we’d come back.  And this group tried to cross this road.  And the first lot of ’em got stuck in the middle of it, and couldn’t get away.   And in the end, they caught alight.  They were still alive…and then they exploded.  You can’t talk about it….because nobody who hasn’t experienced it, their mind can’t grasp it.”

INTERVIEWER: “Was it a turning point for you when you viewed how the Allies were tackling what was seen as an evil menace at that point?”

VICTOR GREGG: “I never blamed the airmen.  I’ve never blamed them because they was the same as the same blokes in the merchant navy.  They’re putting their lives at risk every time they went up.  And they lost a lot of men — 50, 55 thousand.  But I said and I still say,  and I’ve said it in print and on broadcast, I’ll never forgive the people who ordered those raids.  And that goes for all of them, Churchill, Atley.  All of ’em.  Whatever they can say.  Because as soon as it came through after about two weeks, and it started sinking in, because they were still carrying on bombing other cities like this.  And then of course, they tried to put the blame on somebody else.  But, ah, no no….we were supposed to be the good guys.  We was going to war to rescue Europe from the evil of the Third Reich.  And we finished up being worse than they were.  And I’m not going to say “we” because what annoys me is that all of this was done in our name.”

Eating healthy- the new crazy

        gmo fed tumors

From the Daily Mail UK

                   “…Why healthy eating may be the new eating disorder: Raw food and paleo dieters ‘at risk of a dangerous obsession with nutrition’…”

       Do you desire to stay alive and healthy for as long as possible?  Are you concerned about GMO foods? Interested in eating healthy food that has not been adulterated by processing? Think your body is your temple and in order to maintain, or regain health you need to watch what you eat? Well, you are now – officially nuts. And to go along with that diagnosis, pharmaceutical companies will make billions from the drugs prescribed by so-called “mental health “professionals”” who will now make millions convincing you that you are nuts.  The government will put you on one of their numerous lists, the school nurse or a teacher will ask your children what they eat at home, they will then alert the so-called Children’s “Protective” Services,  soon after, a swat team will arrive at your home, remove your children and then they will label you an unfit parent because you want to teach them healthy eating habits.   You’ll go broke trying to get your children back, your family is in shambles, the media will hound you, your face will be plastered all over TV and newspapers, your ignorant friends and neighbors will shun you thinking you must be some kind of subversive because you dared to disagree with the government approved diet, your boss gets wind of this,  knows his business is dependent on being politically correct, terminates you and your life has now been ruined.

Sounds far fetched, doesn’t it? But it isn’t.  Everyday all kinds of crazy things like I just described are happening to people.

Read the article here

I can foresee the day wanting to live past age 30 will be classified as a mental disorder.  Logan’s Run anyone?

 In fact, the UN wants to decrease the world’s population. Listen to this video.

 How do they do it?

Constant wars

 Is a link explaining this necessary?

GMO foods



fluoridated water

Monsanto chemicals

culture clashes due to unbridled immigration

 All lead to death – your death.

Dorothy we’re not in ______ anymore.

        You can fill in the blank with any “western nation” you like. In fact, the nations formerly classified as “western” (America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Canada)  barely resemble their original founding people. It seems while the descendents of founding settlers of these nations were snoozing, someone pulled a fast one and decided having a country with a common heritage (western culture aka western civilization) was a bad thing and needed to be eliminated. So we now have this mixture of people from radically different cultures who have no desire to “assimilate” into the founding culture, and seek only to dominate the nations they’ve come to.

       Many  European nations now have what are  classified as “no go” areas. What that means is the people who are descendents of the founding settlers ( FYI- White people) are in harms way if they travel into those areas.   The cultural Marxists who are behind  this demographic change claim the people who are being replaced are at fault.  They claim White people are racists and xenophobes. Nothing could be further from the truth. Dissimilar cultures do not combine, they clash. That is a historical fact. It makes no difference what century or continent you look at. In Los Angeles, the native Black population is being displaced  from their homes by the Latino illegal aliens who are mainly from Mexico and by legal immigrants. Read about it on the Your Black World website here.

        They are erasing Western Culture by replacing it with millions of illegal aliens and legal immigrants who hail from 3rd world nations. What is their endgame? It’s very simple. Eradication of the culture created by the founding settlers and their descendents. In other words, eliminating the people of European origin aka White people This is classified as genocide, although few people are willing to admit that because they are terrified of being labeled as a racist, hater, xenophobe, bigot, White supremacist, anti-Semite or a Naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews. I am none of those things, however the truth is no defense against the cultural Marxists who seek to marginalize the people they oppose.

      If you haven’t figured it out yet, let me share one other little known fact.  If you live in the USA, the GOP and the Democrats are not on your side; they work together against your best interests. They serve their masters, the Rothschild dominated cabal, not you.

      The Heritage Foundation claims the price tag for amnesty is 6.3 trillion. That is incorrect.  What price tag do you place on the irrevocable genocide of Western people and the destruction of Western Civilization?

This is all part of UN Agenda 21. There are no Western Nations in the NWO, just slave nations.

***** I believe a more accurate count of the # of illegal aliens in the USA is now about 35-40 million**********

The following is from Numbers USA.

Question: Who were the more than 90 million people added to the United States since 1970?

Most were immigrants.

Above-replacement-level immigration has doubled U.S. population growth.

There were 203 million people living in the U.S. in 1970 — we’ll call them “1970-stock Americans.” Births to that population have exceeded their deaths, resulting in the growth illustrated in the green block.

The green shows how much growth the U.S. would have had since 1970 if the number of immigrants arriving each year was the same as the number of Americans permanently moving away (currently that is an estimated 225,000). That is known as “replacement-level immigration.”

The red block shows the population growth cause by immigration policies of the U.S. government. It accounts for more than half of population growth since 1970. Although its frontiers were declared closed a century ago, the United States today is adding population at a numerical level just under the phenomenal Baby Boom, which far exceeded all other periods of U.S. population growth.

Why is their natural population growth (as shown by the green area), even though birth rates have fallen below replacement levels?

Well, it takes decades for a country’s population to stabilize after women adopt a family size that is on average 2.1 children. Their children have to finish having their children. Those children have to have their babies and the original mothers have to die off before full stabilization occurs.

A country that wants to stabilize its population has to start around 70 years in advance if fertility drops only to the 2.1 replacement level. Americans have had fertility since 1972 that is somewhat below replacement level. So stabilization could occur a bit sooner.

But even during the 70-year wait for stabilization, a country is able to enjoy substantially reduced population growth. That means the country can enjoy the resulting lowered demands for expanded infrastructure and mass urban development of farmland and natural habitat.

Americans, however, can enjoy none of that, thanks to Congress and its incredible increase in immigration.

If the chart had been started at any other date in U.S. history, wouldn’t it have looked very similar?

No. The last quarter century has been a unique period in U.S. demographic history.

Any other quarter-century slice would show the green –not the red– as the majority of population growth. And not other period except for the Baby Boom (1946-64) would show anywhere close to this much total growth.

At no other time in this country, have recent immigrants and their children (the red block) dominated population growth.

That has many political and sociological ramifications. It means that for the first time in U.S. history when Americans are asked to raise taxes or pay higher prices to provide additional schools, roads, cleaner air, etc., they are asked to do so not for the additional population and conditions they are creating but for the sake primarily of foreign-born residents and their children.

The majority of all new additional infrastructure needs over the past quarter century are the result of Washington’s immigration policies.

Thus, the costs Americans are asked to cover are ones that Congress (through immigration policies), and not American families (through their fertility), have created.

What is meant by “Total U.S. population”?

The circled numbers represent the U.S. Population in millions. The top line of the chart represents the total population of the United States each year.

In 1970, the U.S. population was about 203 million.

Today it has surpassed 293 million.

These numbers come from the U.S. Bureau of the Census which counted the residents of the country in 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000 and a revised projection done by the Census in 2002. All other years are estimated by the Census Bureau based on what was learned in the previous Census, on targeted surveys done each year and on other projection devices.

Does the red block include illegal aliens?


The bar graph counts only the annual number of legal immigrants.

If illegal aliens could be accurately counted and included, it is likely that the 1966-89 period would be revealed as being even more disparate from earlier eras. Illegal immigration is believed to be far higher during recent decades than in the past.

The Census Bureau estimates there are 8 million illegal immigrants currently in the U.S.

 On annual illegal immigration, the Center for Immigration Studies has extrapolated the latest Census data to show that 700,000 to 800,000 new illegal aliens are settling each year. Now, far, far more than that enter illegally each year, but there is a lot of back and forth. The 700,000 to 800,000 represents illegals who truly settle in for at least a couple of years, and usually much, much longer. .

Why do these charts start at the 203-million level?

These charts are about growth.

They are not about the total U.S. population — except tangentially — but about any additional growth in that population.

Astute chart readers are conditioned to raise questions when they see charts that start somewhere other than at zero. By picking a starting point proportionately far above zero, a chartmaker may be able to distort the impression of the information being portrayed.

But that is not what is happening here.

Because these charts are about population growth — and because there were 203 million people in this country in 1970 — they reveal only the U.S. population above 203 million.

While the 203 million people who are not shown here play a role in plans for roads, schools, parks, sewers and other infrastructure, it is the addition of residents that creates the greatest challenges.

These charts focus on the millions of people who are being added to the roads, schools, parks, and laborforce.

This information comes from the U.S. Bureau of the Census.

To find similar population growth in foreign countries, we must look to the Third World.

Although its frontiers were declared closed a century ago, the United States today is adding population at a numerical level just under the phenomenal Baby Boom, which far exceeded all other periods of U.S. population growth.

Why do these charts start at 1970?


The era since 1970 has been a unique period of American history. It is the only time that the federal government and the American people have moved in opposite directions in creating the country’s demographic future: The American people have chosen family sizes that allow for a stablized U.S. population; the federal government has chosen policies to force never-ending U.S. population growth.

The year 1970 is around the time of several great changes in America:

1. It was around 1970 — the year of the first Earth Day — when the American people made a collective commitment to stop squandering their environmental resources and to restore the natural world within their nation’s borders to a healthy and sustainable quality. Major laws were passed and agencies established to see that the environmental goals were met. The American people and U.S. companies spent billions of dollars to meet the goals.

2. It was around 1970 that most environmental experts began to agree that it would be difficult for the nation to reach its environmental goals without stabilizing its population at a level not too much higher than the 203 million with which the country began the decade.

3. Although no official population goal was set, a bi-partisan presidential-congressional commission recommended moving toward a stable population to meet environmental, economic and social goals that had been adopted during the Johnson and Nixon administrations.

4. In 1972, the American people — fresh from a historic Baby Boom — lowered their fertility to “replacement level.” Ever since, American fertility has been low enough to allow the population size eventually to stabilize.

5. It was around 1970 that the number of legal immigrants allowed into the country began to rise rapidly as a result of a change in the law back in 1965.

Since 1970, there have been two contradictory blueprints for the nation’s population future:

THE PEOPLE’S BLUEPRINT: The American people since just after 1970 have adopted behaviors and attitudes that — on their own — would move the nation toward a stabilized population size. Through millions of individual and highly personal choices, Americans have adopted on average a family size of two or fewer children while telling pollsters they want a stabilized national population.

WASHINGTON’S BLUEPRINT Since just before 1970, each Congress and each President has adopted a policy allowing immigration far in excess of traditional levels and moving the nation toward constant population increases.

The charts on these pages show how these conflicting visions have affected the demographic direction of the United States. As a Census year, 1970 offers the most logical starting point for measurement.

 By starting the charts at 1970, we measure what has happened since around the beginning of the era in which the majority of individual Americans in one way or another embraced population stabilization as a goal.

 Where does this data come from? READ MORE HERE



Running without shoes…so who are the “racists” now?

So who are the racists now?

 “…Irene van Niekerk is a 15-year-old runner who lives in a squatter camp near Pretoria, South Africa. She has won, in total, 27 gold medals, but owns no shoes.

Irene is a young  Afrikaans girl who lives in a shack in a squatter camp near Pretoria, South Africa. They have no electricity or running water, and Irene owns no shoes. She runs barefoot, because the shoes that were custom-designed for Irene were stolen by a drug addict. The shoes were custom-designed because Irene lost most of her toes in an accident as a child, when boiling water spilled on her feet. Her family eat when there is food and they bathe when there is water, but they praise God every day for what they have. Irene recently ran in both the 800m and the 1500m races and won gold medals in both. Apparently her time in the 1500m was 4:48, and the current world record for 15-year-olds is 4:00, so she is doing well.


Irene van Niekerk  a multiple gold-medal winning runner who lives in a squatter camp in South Africa...

Irene van Niekerk, a multiple gold-medal winning runner who lives in a squatter camp in South Africa.


Apparently Irene attends a Special Ed school, due to the trauma she has experienced in her life. She is interviewed in the video above. Please bear in mind that her home language is Afrikaans, so she tends to falter a little with her English. To continue with her running, and to escape poverty, Irene needs sponsors. Apparently the South African government provides nothing, not even school assistance….”

Read more:


       If you would like to help Irene and many of the other unfortunate Whites destitute, homeless and hungry, confined to the squalor of these White squatter camps in South Africa, the Church of Jesus Christ Christian and the South Africa Project has created the “Living Waters Foundation”. Please Help by sending your tax deductible monetary donations to the address below. Monica Stone will take personal responsibility in seeing to it that your donations reach the needy hands of our White kindred in South Africa.

Who Wants To Destroy Western Civilization?

         Marxists want to destroy Western civilization. Marxism is synonymous with  Communism and Bolshevism. Marxists are everywhere. They disguise themselves well.   Some Marxists will even change their name in an effort to hide their true identity such as the founder of  Marxism, Karl Marx whose real name was Mordechai Levy , or  Vladimir Lenin  whose real name was  Vladimir Ilych Ulyanov  , or Leon Trotsky whose real name was Lev Davidovich Bronstein.  

          Marxists typically appoint a puppet to sit on the “throne” while they lurk behind the curtain pulling the strings in order to direct their “front men” and advance their agenda.   Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn said, “The Communist ideology is to destroy your social order. This has been their aim for 125 years and it has never changed; only the methods have changed a little….And what is ideological war? It is a concentration of hatred, a continued repetition of the oath to destroy the Western world.”

       And what is the Western world? Everything Christian and ethnic European is the “western world”.  Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand make up the “Western” world.

      To understand exactly what Marxists are really all about, watching the documentary entitled In The Shadow of Hermes is a good place to begin.


Solzhenitsyn’s Warning to the “Free” World

Solzhenitsyn’s Warning to the “Free” World

“Few have explained this Communist-Capitalist partnership better — or exposed Soviet terrors more effectively — than Alexandr Solzhenitsyn. After criticizing Stalin in a letter to a friend, he was imprisoned for spreading “anti-Soviet propaganda” and served eight years in torturous Soviet labor camps (1945-1953). When he seemed to be dying of stomach cancer, a faithful doctor shared his testimony and apparently led Solzhenitsyn to put His faith in God. Exiled to Kazakhstan, he was restored to health. In his 1976 book, Warning to the West, he tells us that–

“…there also exists another alliance – at first glance a strange one, a surprising one – but if you think about it, in fact, one which is well-grounded and easy to understand…. [This] is the alliance between our Communist leaders and your capitalists.”

“This alliance is not new. The very famous Armand Hammer, who is flourishing here today, laid the basis for this when he made the first exploratory trip into Russia, still in Lenin’s time, in the very first years of the Revolution. He was extremely successful in this intelligence mission and since that time for all these 50 years, we observe continuous and steady support by the businessmen of the West of the Soviet Communist leaders.

“[Russia’s] clumsy and awkward economy, which could never overcome its own difficulties by itself, is continually getting material and technological assistance. The major construction projects in the initial five-year plan were built exclusively with American technology and materials. And if today the Soviet Union has powerful military and police forces – in a country which is by contemporary standards poor — they are used to crush our movement for freedom in the Soviet Union….

“Certain of your businessmen, on their own initiative, established an exhibition of criminological technology in Moscow. This was the most recent and elaborate technology, which here, in your country, is used to catch criminals, to bug them, to spy on them, to photograph them, to tail them, to identify criminals. This was taken to Moscow to an exhibition in order that the Soviet KGB agents could study it, as if not understanding what sort of criminals [political resisters]… would be hunted by the KGB….

“Lenin foretold this whole process. Lenin, who spent most of his life in the West and not in Russia, who knew the West much better than Russia, always wrote and said that the western capitalists would do anything to strengthen the economy of the USSR….

“Through the decades of the 1920s, the 1930s, the 1940s, the 1950s, the whole Soviet press wrote: Western capitalism, your end is near. But it was as if the capitalists had not heard, could not understand, could not believe this.

“Nikita Khrushchev came here and said, ‘We will bury you!’ They didn’t believe that, either. They took it as a joke. Now, of course, they have become more clever in our country. Now they don’t say ‘we are going to bury you’ anymore, now they say ‘detente.'” Nothing has changed[16] in Communist ideology.”

But everything has been changing in America!

Why? What can we do?

A key part of this planned transformation is Islamic terrorism, which has been fueled, funded and used by Russia. As in George Orwell’s 1984, there are three main forces used to destabilize the world and create the dissatisfaction needed for planned control in a “single world culture.”  [More on this topic]

Solzhenitsyn shows us the basic problem: rejection of Biblical Truth and values. “It is almost a joke now in the western world,” he reminds us, “to use words like ‘good’ and ‘evil.’ They have become almost old-fashioned concepts, but they are very real…. These are concepts from a sphere which is higher than us.”[17]

Indeed they are! “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil,” warned Old Testament prophet Isaiah (5:20). ‘Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good,” wrote the apostle Paul. (Romans 12:9) Yet Biblical views of good and evil are fast disappearing from the American consciousness. They seem too intolerant and divisive in today’s permissive, postmodern culture…”   read more here


What will you do without freedom?

What would you do without freedom_ Will you try_



Please click on the link above. Please listen to and watch a short 2 min clip.


Who were the Bolsheviks aka “Reds” and what do they have to do with gun control?

new world order 2

Who were the Bolsheviks?  It is CRITICAL that you know who they were. Read what Captain Schuyler wrote to Colonel Barrows in 1919 below. He was there and he tells you.


Why do so few people know anything about who they were? 

They control all media and education. JP Morgan purchased the top 25 newspapers  in 1917 so they had control of everything printed.

Make sure you watch the video in the article above.

How many did they kill?

Alexander Solzhenitsyn stated 66 million in Russia alone.  Alexander Solzhenitsyn talks about it in his final book “Our 200 Years Together” which was never published in English (Amazing isn’t it, they wouldn’t publish a Nobel Peace Prize recipient’s book in English so all the English speakers could read this great man’s thoughts), but thankfully a few of the chapters have been translated. Read them below.

Who is leading the call for gun control today?

Look here

Does it matter?

You decide.

So what did the Bolsheviks do before they started murdering millions?

Gun control.

Does history repeat itself?


Are the Bolsheviks here now?

What do you think?

Friday Nov. 9th The UN is stealing children

Friday Nov. 9th

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is discussed. Stealing children from their families is their goal. The UN is not your friend.

Byzantine Catholic Priest speaks about the UN stealing children under the so-called “UN Convention on the Rights of the Child” treaty.  Listen to this! It is translated into English. We played it on air and you need to pass this information on to everyone you know.

Beware of the UN Rights of the Child…. it is double speak for no rights at all.

Child stealing under the guise of child protection is happening all over the world. Listen, pass this on, in fact give the best Christmas present to all you know. Give them the truth. Download this onto a dvd or flash drive and have them listen.

Tuesday November 6th Monica Stone The tip of the spear…

Tuesday October 6th

       Monica Stone joins me again to continue her exposure of the terror being perpetrated on the Boers of So. Africa. What is happening there will happen here; it’s only a matter of time. If you want to see the future for you, look there. Other websites with information on what is really going on:

South Africa Project
She mentioned that some businesses in SA announced they would no longer hire white people. Woolworth’s was one of them. How do you like that? And do you recall the famous Woolworth lunch counter photo of them refusing to serve black people?  Do a little google search and all kinds of info will pop up.  Yes, Woolworth’s has a long tradition of discrimination, so who will be next….who is the “undesirable de jure”? It seems to me the creators of western civilization are next and they will not be the last. The take down is ramping up, isn’t it?

Friday Nov. 2nd Dr. Kevin MacDonald Ethnomasochism? Hmm.

Friday Nov. 2nd

     What is ethnomasochism and do you suffer from it? If you do you probably don’t even know it. Why? Well, years of browbeating makes one a masochist and if you happen to be a white person, a white gentile to be exact, well you have been brow beaten for a very long time. So long, you no longer have the wherewith-all to stand up for yourself. You have allowed the people behind your denigration to enslave you. And they have almost succeeded. Almost.

Kevin MacDonald is Professor of Psychology at California State University–Long Beach. After receiving a Masters degree in evolutionary biology, he received a Ph. D. in Biobehavioral Sciences, both at the University of Connecticut. Since assuming his position at California State University–Long Beach, his research has focused on developing evolutionary perspectives on culture, developmental psychology and personality theory, the origins and maintenance of monogamous marriage in Western Europe, and ethnic relations (group evolutionary strategies). He is the author of more than 100 scholarly papers and reviews, and he is the author of Social and Personality Development: An Evolutionary Synthesis (1988), A People That Shall Dwell Alone: Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy (1994), Separation and Its Discontents: Toward an Evolutionary Theory of Anti-Semitism (1998), and The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements (1998). He has also edited three books, Sociobiological Perspectives on Human Development (1988), Parent-Child Play: Descriptions and Implications (1994), and Evolutionary Perspectives on Human Development (2004). Cultural Insurrections, a collection of essays, appeared in 2008.