Free speech? What’s that?


Freedom of speech? No. No. NO! We can’t have that.  Someone’s feelings might get hurt. Listen to Paul Fromm founder of the Canadian Association for Free Speech discuss  the machinations of those who seek to silence any and all opposition to their totalitarian goals.


When hate hustlers speak…

         In my constant quest for the truth, I like looking at all the websites  the hate hustlers for profit such as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) claim are just hate filled sites full of lies, more lies and damn lies.  Hate speech. That’s the label the hate hustlers give to anyone who speaks the truth. Their goal: shut you up! I know when the hate hustlers call people names such as: hater, racist, homophobe, xenophobe, bigot, anti-Semite, White-supremacist, or Naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews,  those are the people that must be telling the truth, which is why the hate hustlers spend so much time trying to get you not to listen to what they have to say.

       Remember the old E. F. Hutton ad, “When E. F. Hutton speaks people listen”? I say when hate hustlers speak, you better listen very carefully to everyone the hate hustlers are condemning.  The condemned are the people you need to listen to. They are telling you the truth. The truth is hate speech to those who hate hearing the truth.

     Have you looked to see if YOU made it to the official  “hate map” the “Kings of Hate” put on display? Hate speech – it’s what the SPLC commies love to bathe in.




Doug Christie A life built on principle…

VANCOUVER. March 26, 2013.

           The last of four memorial meetings sponsored by the Canadian Association for Free Expression across Canada took place here this evening. Friend…s, former clients, admirers and members of Doug Christie’s Western Block party gathered to remember the Battling Barrister.

         Cecilia “Sissy” von Dehn  is a former nurse and midwife who, with a friend, several times passed out copies of Bill 48, the draconian legislation, brought in by the former NDP government, that sets up bubble zones around abortion clinics where no protests are allowed. “I felt no one knew what a bubble zone was. I distributed the law. We never discussed abortion. Apparently telling people what the law is in British Columbia is illegal. Our sign said: ‘You are in a bubble zone, Read Bill 48,'” Mrs. von Dehn explained.

            The Vancouver abortion clinic called the police and Mrs. von Dehn and her friend were arrested. She approached many law firms. “They were afraid of an unpopular case. I am grateful Doug Christie fought for another unpopular cause in my case,” she added.

             Another Doug Christie client, Terry Tremaine, spoke. Mr. Tremaine has been victimized by Richard Warman through a human rights complaint, a Criminal Code “hate law” complaint, three “contempt of court” complaints and a complaint to the University of Saskatchewan which resulted in the loss of his teaching position. “This whole country has become a bubble zone against free speech,” he said.

             “Doug Christie was my lawyer, but he was also my friend,” Tremaine said. “I haven’t been so affected by the death of anyone since the death of my own father in 1985,” he added. “No only have I lost my lawyer, I have lost my dear friend.”

           Mr. Tremaine was teaching at Red Deer College in 1983 while the James Keegstra “hate law” case was in progress. A student whose father had been Mr. Keegstra’s principal invited him to attend court one day. This was the first occasion Mr. Tremaine saw the Battling Barrister.

          James Keegstra was testifying. Mr. Tremaine had been prepared to see a monster from hyperventilating stories in the press. “But James Keegstra didn’t have horns. He was a sincere and thoughtful person and he started me off on a course of research that continues to this day.”

           “Doug Christie’s life was built on principle. He was devoted to freedom of speech and fought against people being fed into an unjust system.”

           “Doug Christie’s life was based on principle and he would withstand the rejection of lesser men. He was not swayed by the opinions of insignificant men. Doug was a hero for freedom,” he concluded.

           In his wrap-up, CAFE Director Paul Fromm reminded the audience that Doug Christie often said: The only freedoms you have are the ones you’re prepared to fight for.”

          “We have had thirty years of Trudeau’s lying Charter. He hijacked our Anglo-Saxon Common Law and replaced it with continental Napoleonic Law, where the state stingily doles out ‘rights’ to the serfs. The Charter, despite the apparent guarantees of freedom of speech, freedom of belief, and freedom of religion is a fraud. We are far less free today, in terms of free speech, than we were before the Charter,” Mr. Fromm said.

          “In the Whatcott decision, traditional Christians have just had the boots put to them by a Supreme Court panel of six who included three Jews, who, and we’re not supposed to notice this fact, constitute less than one percent of the population. Made up rights, like self actualization and satisfaction for privileged minorities, have trumped freedom of speech for Christians. These are hard times.”

             “Doug Christie helped hold back the censors’ onslaught. He got the archaic ‘false news’ law thrown out at the Zundel trial and developed many challenges to the hate law which have not been adjudicated. He achieved the acquittal of Chief David Ahenakew and the staying of charges against Terry Tremaine in hate law cases. We must carry on with his work,” Mr. Fromm pledged.

— Paul Fromm

Truth 2


Monday September 17th Paul Fromm You are Censored!!!

Monday September 17th

     Paul Fromm free speech activist joins me to discuss the pretend “free speech” in Canada, America and elsewhere. He has been an advocate for the victims of the anti-free speech commies. His organization has stood up for and helped to defend many victims of the so-called Human Rights Tribunal. If you go to his website     you will find a list of some of the people his organization has tried to help. These anti-free speech commies claim anyone who opposes them is a hater. It would appear to me that the only hate happening is the hate they spew towards anyone who dares to have an opposing opinion.

        We had some technical glitches for several minutes, but fortunately for us,  Shaun who is the host of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, just happened to be available to pitch hit for me until I could get connected to the system. That’s why they call it LIVE radio. Paul talked about censorship in Canada.

    Hear Paul on his radio show, The Fighting Side Of Me @ and read free speech thoughts

UPDATE 2-2014

    Paul Fromm is now heard weekly as a guest host on the radio show called Storm-front heard daily on Rense Radio.



Sunday September 4th Truth is hate…

Sunday September 4th

The truth is HATE to those who HATE the TRUTH. I did a little truth redistributin’. And I sang the “racist” song.

Monday August 27th Paul Fromm Calling all anti-?????

Monday August 27th

        Paul Fromm  from the organization called the Canadian Association for Free Expression which is dedicated to Free Speech, Immigration Reform, and Restoring Political Sanity joined me to discuss free speech. There isn’t any to be found in Canada. Dare to speak your mind about a variety of topics and you’ll find yourself charged with a violation of their hate speech laws and the Human Rights Tribunal will start to hunt you down. Their goal? Silence and destroy anyone who questions anything pertaining to “protected groups”.   Human Rights Tribunals have nothing to do with maintaining rights and everything to do with denying rights. They are just more practitioners of Orwell’s doublespeak. Some of the victims of the Human Rights Tribunals “hate laws” that Paul’s organization has attempted to help can be found on his website

         There are many commies in Canada. Who would have thunk it? All these years I thought Canada was just filled with all these peaceful live and let live kind of folks. Who knew?

“I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” – Voltaire  The commies in Canada don’t believe in free speech.

Find more info about the kinds of things they do to free speech advocates at

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Friday August 10th Bill Reil Freedom of the press…

Friday August 10th

 Bill Reil joined me to discuss freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Do you care about the loss of your freedom? Well, you should. Bill has written many documents that can be found on my website under that tab with his name on it.

Chick-fil-a freedom lovers speak!

Chick-fil-a video my friend Dan Haggerty recorded on Wednesday 8-1-12 at a mall in NJ. He along with Billy Baer are the hosts of the Baer-Haggerty Offense Radio Show. Their show is heard on every Wednesday at 3pm EST

Thursday June 7th Paul Fromm And if we don’t speak…

Thursday June 7th

         Fearless freedom fighter Paul Fromm joins me again to discuss the lack of “free speech” that exists in Canada. Free speech in name only is what they have there and here too, very soon. Feel free to say what you think now before they claim you have no right to speak the truth. He discusses the plight of one free speaker who used his pen to “speak” his mind and ended up in jail for it. Is that what you want here in America? You will have only what you are willing to stand up and fight for.


Monday May 28th Memorial Day free speakers who speak

Monday May 28th

My guest forgot she was supposed to be my guest so I took some callers and we talked about setting up your own low power fm station to help redistribute the truth.

 One of my callers has a website where you can get the stuff you need to help spread the word.

 Here is the list of words I mentioned you are not suppose to say otherwise big brother will be watching you. Actually, big brother is already watching you, so say or write them anyway.

Wednesday April 18th Rev. Ted Pike The anti-Christian agenda

April 18th

 Rev. Ted Pike joins me to discuss the anti-Christian show called,  Good Christian Bitches. Who is pushing the denigration of Christianity, who is doing nothing to stop it and why is it critical for Christians to stand up before we are enslaved? is Rev. Pike’s website. Information on who sponsors this show with the numbers to call is on his site. list as of March 12 with phone # of sponsors of this show

April 11th Paul Fromm Crossing the “red” sea…

April 11th

I filled in for John Stadtmiller on The National Intel Report and Paul Fromm joined me to discuss free speech or the lack thereof.  Paul is involved with the Canadian Association for Free Expression, Council of Conservative Citizens  and has a show on  

 The Black Panther clip I played is here: Former RBN radio host Greg Evenson audio I mentioned from March 1-2012

March 20th Paul Fromm Who are the freedom haters?

March 20th Paul Fromm

My guest was Paul Fromm Director of Council of Conservative Citizens and host on Voice of Reason Radio heard live every Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. EST —

We discussed the Southern Poverty Propaganda Law Center and their hatred of free speech, free thought and free association. We also discussed some examples of people targeted by freedom haters.

Paul’s websites are  and   Canadian Association for Free Expression ( He is updating the websites).

E-mail —

 Please help support Canadian Political Prisoner Terry Tremaine

 Send donations to:  CAFE, P.O. Box 332, Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3, CANADA.

February 27th John Casey The Cold Sun.

February 27th John Casey

Hr 1  John Casey retired NASA Engineer and the author of Cold Sun joins me to discuss his book about the cooling sun.

 Hr 2   I discussed the “race card” so eloquently played by our “Presidente”, which is just one of many cards in that infamous deck.

 Here is the Ron Paul video I mentioned.

February 7th Paul Fromm Does free speech matter?

February 7th Paul Fromm

Paul Fromm joins me to discuss free speech and the lack thereof. Is denying the unalienable right to free speech denying justice? Does free speech matter? His website is being revised so check back in a couple weeks, I will update this posting when his site is back up.

 Canadian Association for Free Expression