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Thursday August 22nd Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh Echoes of Communism

August 22nd Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh My guest today was Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh author of the book entitled, Echoes of Communism and a prolific writer whose articles can be found on www.canadafreepress.com We discussed her recent trip to her … Continue reading

Monday September 12th

September 12th  No guest today so you get to hear my unsolicited opinion on the “Trans Pacific Partnership” and a few other topics.  Here’s a great website with good info. I had Terri Hall on my show a few days … Continue reading

Thursday September 8th William Kay

September 8th www.ecofascism.com  William joins me to discuss the fascists and others using the mantra of global warming to enact their global agenda.  Listen in as we discuss how they are achieving their objectives and whether conspirators  are at work.  … Continue reading

Monday August 22nd Dr. Michael Coffman Sovereignty.net

August 22nd Dr. Michael Coffman   Dr. Michael Coffman joins me to discuss his book, “Rescuing a Broken America” which details who, what, when, where and why of the plan for our enslavement at the hands of the Globalists who … Continue reading

Wednesday August 17th Don Casey Keep Our Rights

August 17th Don Casey  Don has been fighting against UN Agenda 21 sustainable development for 20 years. He joins me again to discuss food, mitigation fees, ecological food prints and the triple bottom lines. Join me because nothing is what … Continue reading

Monday August 15th Dr Edwin Berry Atmospheric Physicist

August 15th Dr Edwin Berry www.climateclash.com www.climatefire.com Dr Ed Berry Atmospheric Physicist joins me to discuss  a variety of topics. Ted Gunderson  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxKcn4_mR2s chem trails  

Wednesday August 3rd Vicki Davis channeling reality

August 3rd Vicki Davis www.channelingreality.com Vicki Davis former systems analyst joins me to discuss her research into  “free trade zones”. Free?  There ain’t nothin’ free about them, but don’t tell anyone;  we don’t want the masses rising against their master. … Continue reading

Monday July 25th Richard Rothschild

July 25th Richard Rothschild http://www.richardrothschild.org/ Carroll County Maryland County commissioner joins me to discuss his fight for property rights in his county. Richard has been instrumental in fighting for individual property rights in his county. He understands what UN Agenda … Continue reading

Thursday July 21th Amanda Teegarden Ok-Safe, Inc.

July 21th  Amanda Teegarden http://www.ok-safe.com/Home.htm  Amanda joins me to discuss what her group is doing to fight the NWO in her state.

Friday July 15th Virginia Farver

July 15th Virginia Farver Virginia Farver joins me to discuss what she has learned about cell phones and smart meters since the death of her son forced her into researching them 3 years ago. A tale too often repeated by many.

Thursday July 14th Joe Solis F.A.C.E. OFF

July 14th Joe Solis www.faceoffmovement.blogspot.com Joe joins me again to update us on what is happening with the code Nazis in his neck of the woods- Texas. The Nazis are everywhere, look behind you, look right, look left, look in … Continue reading

Monday July 11th Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

 July 11th Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh http://romanianconservative.blogspot.com/ http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/37561 Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh joins me again and we discuss the symptoms of communism and the  symptoms of UN Agenda 21.   A survivor of communist utopia and its indoctrination, she immigrated … Continue reading

Wednesday July 6th Ron Ewart, National Assoc. of Rural Landowners

July 6th Ron Ewart http://www.narlo.org/  Ron Ewart joins me from the group National Association of Rural Landowners. They have been fighting for the rights of property owners for a long time. Please listen and check out their website. They have … Continue reading

Friday July 1st Don Casey www.keepourights.org

July 1st Don Casey http://www.keepourights.org Don Casey joins me again to discuss food, food sheds, urban growth boundaries, comprehensive planning and various other aspects of UN Agenda 21 sustainable development that are enchroaching on our liberties minute by minute. Be alert … Continue reading

Friday June 24th F.A.C.E. OFF Kim Fahey, Shirley Phister and Joe Solis

 June 24th F.A.C.E. OFF Kim Fahey, Shirley Phister and Joe Solis http://brevardcountyfaceoffmovement.blogspot.com/ http://californiafaceoffmovement.blogspot.com/  So what are the Code Nazis doing to the people in Brevard? Hmm. Well, the same as in other counties all over the USA. “First they came … Continue reading