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Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld Why can’t your kid read???

March 16th Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld            Something as simple as the headlines of a newspaper  are impossible for many to read. Why do you think that is? Why can’t your kid read?  My guest Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld spent the … Continue reading

Monday March 12th Professor C. William Kauffman “In-sourcing” the outsourcing of technology

Monday March 12th Professor C. William Kauffman Retired Professor C. William Kauffman from the Department of Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan and President, Explosion Research and Investigation Corporation was my guest today. We discussed the outsourcing of American Technology by … Continue reading

February 22nd Kathleen Marquardt Something’s fishy…

February 22nd Kathleen Marquardt Kathleen Marquardt joined me today. She is the author of “Animal Scam: The Beastly Abuse of Human Rights” and founder of Putting People First.  What are green cities? Anchorage Alaska had the cleanest water, but in … Continue reading

February 16th Dr. Paugh Who is who?

February 16th Dr. Paugh Hr 1  Just me, myself and I discussing, who is who. So who is it?  Hr2  Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh joins me again to discuss riding on the “sustainability train”. Oh, what a ride it will … Continue reading

Wednesday February 1st Prof. Koestler Do you know how to think? Sheriff Wilson defending you from them…

February 1st Prof. Koestler & Sheriff Dean Wilson  Hr 1 Prof. Koestler joins me to discuss “how” to think, which beats not thinking hands down. Systems Thinking Bibliography3 Hr 2 Sheriff Dean Wilson from Del Norte County California joins me to … Continue reading

Alice Moore Whose values should be taught… Richard Frey NDAA is a comin’ for you Part 2

January 31st Alice Moore & Richard Frey Hr1 Alice Moore, patriot and activist joins me to discuss what happened in the schools of West Virginia in 1974. Destroy our children and you destroy America was the mantra by some, over … Continue reading

Karen Schoen Ending the Agenda…

 January 16th Karen Schoen from www.agenda21today.com was my guest. She is a fellow freedom fighter who along with many others has been fighting against UN Agenda 21 in Florida. Karen and other members of her group have given presentations around … Continue reading

Thursday December 1st Did you know dandelions constituted “Biological Imperialism”? Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

 December 1st Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh     Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh joins me again to discuss her latest articles on UN Agenda 21. We discussed the socialist agenda in our schools, “biological imperialism”, and the effect illegal immigration is having, … Continue reading

Wednesday November 23rd John R. Marler UN Agenda 21…Houston, we’ve got a problem.

November 23rd John R. Marler was my guest today. He’s a Texan fighting against the NWO and UN Agenda 21. We discussed: The Global Ethic, the book entitled Brave New Schools, and John mentioned the Arc of Hope which contained … Continue reading

Beverly Eckman Group manipulation tactics and you!

 November 22nd        Group manipulation tactics.  Do you know you are being manipulated? Few people do and why would you?  You wouldn’t. And manipulators are trained and skilled at manipulation. Slick is a word that describes them.        Before you … Continue reading

Monday November 7th Charlotte Thomson Iserbyte

 November 7th Charlotte Thomson Iserbyte My guest today was Charlotte Thomson Iserbyte who is the author of the book entitled, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America which is available for free in PDF form here: www.deliberatedumbingdown.com You can also purchase … Continue reading

Friday November 4th William Taylor Reil

November 4th William Taylor Reil Bill Reil joins me again today to discuss the Committee of Ten and John Dewey. The Committee of Ten was a working group of educators that, in 1892, recommended the standardization of American high school … Continue reading

Thursday November 3rd Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

November 3rd Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh  Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh joins me again to discuss the “equitable distribution of teachers among schools”, smart meters and the “Baltimore Washington Cooridor”. UN Agenda 21 is the name of the game. You can … Continue reading

Monday October 24th Colin Gunn Indoctrinationmovie.com

  October 24th Colin Gunn Colin Gunn co-producer of the documentary IndoctriNation joins me to discuss homeschooling your kids and our Public Schools. We talked with several listeners with a variety of opinions. www.indoctrinationmovie.com is the website where you can purchase … Continue reading

Sunday October 23rd Jimmy X from Radio X

 October 23rd Jimmy X My guest is Radio X host Jimmy X. Join us as we discuss UN Agenda 21, zoning and other topics.