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Friday October 19th RamZpaul The truth is hate…

Friday October 19th  RamZpaul joins me again to continue our conversation about race, racism, nationalism, cultural marxists, refugees, multiculturalism and why the promotion of multiculturalism is only focused on majority European heritage nations: USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, and Europe. No one is … Continue reading

Tuesday October 2nd Dr. Ricardo Duchesne Exterminate dissent…Western Civilization

 Tuesday October 2nd Western Civilization is on the ropes.  Dr. Duchesne is a professor in the department of social science at the University of New Brunswick Saint John. He completed a BA in History at McGill University and Concordia University, … Continue reading

Sunday August 26th Paul Lemmen The con goes on…

Sunday August 26th  Paul Lemmen joined me to talk about the “con”. He knows it and is adept at explaining it. His website is www.anexconsview.wordpress.com He is the author of a book entitled, Confessions of a Con-Man: The Life and … Continue reading

Thursday August 2nd The rancid reality of the truth

Thursday August 2nd Chick-fil-a, rap and dressage, cultural marxists were topics I discussed today.  Here’s the video I mentioned. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=knCj92zA0tU

Monday June 18th Illegal Aliens & The Big Lie

Monday June 18th  Frank Jorge former Minuteman joins me to discuss illegal immigration and amnesty for millions of Illegal Aliens. Who comes first in America the citizen or Illegal Aliens? I think citizens come first. We are supposed to be … Continue reading

Monday April 30th Merlin Miller The 3rd position…

Monday April 30th Merlin Miller  candidate for POTUS  representing The American Third Position Party http://american3rdposition.org/  joins me to discuss the fine mess we now find ourselves in here in the good ol’ USA. He explains his position on many of … Continue reading

Friday April 20th Ramzpaul Let’s “play” whack-a-commie…

Friday April 20th My guest today was satirist Ramzpaul whose commentary can be viewed here. http://www.ramzpaul.com/ The Cultural Marxists are out in force and Ramzpaul helps to “play” whack-a-commie with his astute observations. Ramzpaul whacks political correctness right in the … Continue reading

March 13th Craig Bodeker A conversation about race…

Tuesday March 13th Craig Bodeker   Documentary filmmaker Craig Bodeker joins me to discuss his documentary entitled, A Conversation About Race which can be viewed here www.nclnow.org.   Craig decided to make the film in 2008 after hearing then candidate Barack Obama … Continue reading

Friday January 28th Marc Rubin

January 28th Marc Rubin Marcrubin.com Dadaism. Few have ever heard the term which is not a surprise. If you want to destroy Western Civilization you attack all aspects of the culture. The attack on the art of western civilization is called Dadaism. … Continue reading