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Thursday July 28th Christine Marfut F.A.C.E. OFF

July 28th Christine Marfut Christine joins me to discuss how she and others have been harassed by code enforcement in the city of Northport Florida.  There’s something fishy going on in Northport. The judge who helped Christine was 12th Circuit … Continue reading

Thursday July 14th Joe Solis F.A.C.E. OFF

July 14th Joe Solis www.faceoffmovement.blogspot.com Joe joins me again to update us on what is happening with the code Nazis in his neck of the woods- Texas. The Nazis are everywhere, look behind you, look right, look left, look in … Continue reading

Wednesday July 13th Kim Fahey Knock, knock. Who’s there? Code commies!!!

 July 13th Kim Fahey 2011 http://californiafaceoffmovement.blogspot.com/ http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/PhonehengeW This is a face book page for Kim Fahey’s house. Please look. Kim joins me again to discuss the latest assault on his liberty.  Listen in to learn what to expect when the code commies … Continue reading

Thursday July 7th Pam Evans, Aida Fernandez, Michelle Cassens

July 7th Pam Evans, Aida Fernandez, Michelle Cassens www.faceoffmovement.blogspot.com Aida Fernandez’s web is    www.mylandgrabbyderm.com Michelle Cassens’ web   www.auditoaklandceda.com Join me as my guests tell their stories of the assault on their property rights. Aida and Pam are in Florida and … Continue reading

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Tuesday July 5th replay of Friday June 24th

 June 24th F.A.C.E. OFF Kim Fahey, Shirley Phister and Joe Solis http://brevardcountyfaceoffmovement.blogspot.com/ http://californiafaceoffmovement.blogspot.com/ F.A.C.E. OFF Kim Fahey, Shirley Phister and Joe Solis were my guests. Shirley Phister asks if anyone has any ideas for a lawyer to please email her: … Continue reading

Thursday June 23rd F.A.C.E. OFF Bob Morris & Jerry Brinegar

June 23rd F.A.C.E. OFF Bob Morris  & Jerry Brinegar http://californiafaceoffmovement.blogspot.com/ Did you know that Desoto County has enacted a code that you cannot put a garden in your backyard without a permit? WOW! But Obama’s planted a garden…did they get a … Continue reading