Thursday February 2nd Dr.Paugh Grunt, grunt, grunt…

Thursday February 2nd Dr. Paugh and Bill Reil

Hr1  Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh joins me to discuss the LOST Treaty (Law of the Sea) which will take control of all water. We also discussed new  old forms of communication that will be necessary as we devolve back into our caves to meet the 21st century goals of “sustainability”.  The economy will be “retooled”.


William Taylor Reil joins me to discuss corrupt politicians and The Intolerable Acts which we only briefly touched on. Your vote will be counted as many times as is necessary until we get to the, “correct” total.

Thursday January 26th Dr. Paugh & Prof. Koestler

Thursday January 26th Dr. Paugh & Prof. Koestler

Hr1 Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh explains the delusion suffered by millions who buy into the commie mantra of the “elimination of health care disparity”.  There has never been, nor will there ever be, an egalitarian society. It only exists in the minds of those who believe that if wishes were horses, all beggars would ride.

Hr2 Professor Koestler from Drexel University joins me to discuss the Seven Theories of Climate Change. He also mentioned some other books and articles which I have linked to below.

The Seven Theories of Climate Change
The ART of Predicting the Future by Don Koestler
Watermelons  The Green Movements True Colors
Heaven and Earth  IPCC2

Friday January 20th Tom Deweese How impoverished will The Global Poverty Act make you?

January 20th Tom Deweese

Tom Deweese, founder of the American Policy Center joins me today to discuss the “Global Poverty Act” being revived by Bill Gates, who earned his wealth via capitalism and now he wants to socialize yours. He is great at spending other people’s money. Read Tom’s article about it here:

 The two books a caller mentioned for children are, “Whatever Happened To Justice?” & “Whatever Happened To Penny Candy?” by Richard J. Maybury.  They are part of a larger series of books called “The Uncle Eric Series”.

More info on Richard Maybury’s books

Thursday Decenber 22nd What will we be cooking on our “cooking” stoves?

December 22nd

 Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh discusses the latest nonsense coming from the green Nazis. Cooking stoves and climate change. What are the green Nazis lying about now? Read her articles here:



Monday December 5th Cathie Adams, Zulu Beehive Hut anyone?

 December 5th Cathie Adams

 Cathie Adams from Eagle Forum joins me to discuss what the commies at the UN are plotting down at their meeting in Durbin, South Africa. Hey, a hut without windows, a hut without water, a hut without electricity; oh boy, just imagine the possibilities. Where’s Martha Stewart when you need her?  Check out the photo in the attached link of the Zulu Bee Hut they plan on forcing you to live in.

Tuesday October 18th Dr. Michael Coffman

 October 18th Dr. Michael Coffman

Dr. Michael Coffman joins me again today to discuss the “Wildlands Map” he created and what the designations mean. He has been fighting UN Agenda 21 sustainable development for a very long time. He has several websites where you can find information.  Look at his maps and see for yourself.

Thursday September 8th William Kay

September 8th

 William joins me to discuss the fascists and others using the mantra of global warming to enact their global agenda.  Listen in as we discuss how they are achieving their objectives and whether conspirators  are at work.  Is it just a “social movement” as William believes? I think not.

One of my callers suggested reading the info found on this link under the heading entitled “features”.

Henry Lamb “Comprehensive Plans” and you…

August 25th Henry Lamb

 Henry joins me again to discuss “global governance”, White House Rural Council, visioning, consensus, NGO’s,  comprehensive land use plans and the list goes on of the many ways they seek to enslave us.

One of the callers commented stating, “words mean things”; yes, they do.




Wednesday July 6th Ron Ewart, National Assoc. of Rural Landowners

July 6th Ron Ewart

 Ron Ewart joins me from the group National Association of Rural Landowners. They have been fighting for the rights of property owners for a long time. Please listen and check out their website. They have a ton of info you need to know. Get their “no trespassing” sign too.

Tuesday July 5th replay of Friday June 24th

 June 24th F.A.C.E. OFF Kim Fahey, Shirley Phister and Joe Solis

F.A.C.E. OFF Kim Fahey, Shirley Phister and Joe Solis were my guests.

Shirley Phister asks if anyone has any ideas for a lawyer to please email her:!/PhonehengeW This is a facebook page for Kim Fahey’s house. Please look.

Monday July 4th Dr. Edwin Berry

July 4th Dr. Edwin Berry

My favorite Atmospheric Physicist joins me again to talk about the truth. Global warming is one BIG lie. I know it, Dr. Berry knows it and if you listen to this podcast, you’ll know it too.

Monday June 27th Doreen Hannes Truth Farmer

June 27th Doreen Hannes

No farmers, no food, no life. You cannot get anymore succinct than that. Doreen knows and she’s back to let you know the truth about the attack on The American Farmer and it IS the Farmer who keeps you alive.

Thursday June 23rd F.A.C.E. OFF Bob Morris & Jerry Brinegar

June 23rd F.A.C.E. OFF Bob Morris  & Jerry Brinegar

Did you know that Desoto County has enacted a code that you cannot put a garden in your backyard without a permit? WOW! But Obama’s planted a garden…did they get a permit? The garden is getting rocky, very rocky. Well, there won’t be a remake of How Green Was My Valley anytime soon or will there?  Watch out for the rocks below…or the hoe above.

Wednesday June 22nd Janna Legg

June 22nd Janna Legg

 Janna Legg joins me to discuss UN Agenda 21 and her fight against it.  What boulders and jagged edges line our path to “sustainability”? Are their cliffs ahead and blind curves? Of course, UN Agenda 21 is the route you will be forced to take to your new plantation. Green really is the new red.

Tuesday June 21st Fred Kelly Grant JD

June 21st Fred Kelly Grant

Fred Kelly Grant JD joins  me again to continue our discussion on property rights and how they are being assaulted every where you look by the enviro-commies trying to take your property from you.  And it IS your property, not theirs. There is no “collective” here. You have an unalienable right to your property and the sooner the useful idiots wearing the uniform of the Globalists find that out, the better off they’ll be because I’m guessing eventually the patience of the American Patriot will run out.