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Wednesday September 14th Stewart Rhodes Oath Keepers

September 14th Stewart Rhodes www.oathkeepers.org  Stewart Rhodes the founder of the organization “Oath Keepers” joins me to discuss his organization.  Who are the Oath Keepers and how many will keep their oath? Let’s pray enough to save our great nation … Continue reading

Sunday September 11th

September 11th    No guest today just lil ol’ me discussing “the future’s executioners”. Will you be one of them? The choices you make today will make the choice for you.

Wednesday September 7th

Semptember 7th  No guest today.

Tuesday September 6th Terry Gossett Californians for Property Rights

September 6th  My guest was Terry Gossett from Californians for Property Rights  www.c4pr.org He has been fighting against the assault on property rights in California for ten years.  Join us as we discuss the unelected board of  commies known as the … Continue reading

Friday September 2nd Sheriff Richard Mack

September 2nd Sheriff Richard Mack http://sheriffmack.com/  Sheriff Mack joins me again to discuss Judge Roll,  Printz v US and the role of the sheriff in protecting YOU.

Thursday September 1st William Taylor Reil

September 1st William Tayor Reil Find some of Bill’s writing on the tab on this website with his name on it.  Today we discussed a nullification, the Bond v US Supreme Court ruling and involuntary slavery. Listen in to another lively … Continue reading

Monday August 29th Dr. Kevin MacDonald www.kevinmacdonald.net

 August 29th Dr. Kevin MacDonald Dr. Kevin MacDonald joins me to discuss his book entitled, Culture of Critique. Join us as we discuss the ramifications of multiculturalism. Will America still have a Representative Republic when the people who created it … Continue reading

Sunday August 14th Jay Atkin Continental Congress 2009

August 14th Jay Atkin http://www.cc2009.us/ http://www.givemeliberty.org/ www.articlesoffreedom.us Jay Atkin was a delegate from Kansas to the 2009 Continental Congress.  He joins me to discuss “citizen grand jurys”, what they are and why we never hear about them anymore.

Sunday August 7th Dan Roberts

August 7th  Dan Roberts www.thateverymanbearmed.com Dan joins me again to discuss guns and “flash” mobs that are plaguing America.

Thursday August 4th Salvatore Santoro

 August 4th Salvatore Santoro Sal joins me to discuss his book “Theft of Sovereignty Saving American Liberty”. Corruption, corruption, corruption; the globalists are stealing your freedom. His book is available via Amazon so check it out.

Sunday July 31th William Taylor Reil

July 31th William Taylor Reil  Bill discusses the 1st Amendment and who doesn’t enjoy that one???

Wednesday July 27th Adam Kissel FIRE Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

July 27th Adam Kissel www.thefire.org Adam joins me again to discuss the latest assaults on liberty happening on a daily basis at our so called “institutions of higher learning” .  What is “special programming”? What is the “tunnel of oppression”?  Listen in … Continue reading

Tuesday July 26th David Hunnicutt Oregonians in Action

July 26th David Hunnicutt http://www.oia.org/ Oregonians in Action has been in the fight for property rights for many years. Why does a farmer need to make $80000.00 a year for two years before he can build a house on his … Continue reading

Thursday July 21th Amanda Teegarden Ok-Safe, Inc.

July 21th  Amanda Teegarden http://www.ok-safe.com/Home.htm  Amanda joins me to discuss what her group is doing to fight the NWO in her state.

Monday July 18th Jerry Kirk freedom-school.com

July 18th Jerry Kirk www.freedom-school.com Jerry kirk joins me to share his ideas on how to fight back against the globalists. We discuss how perception creates reality.