Thursday September 1st William Taylor Reil

September 1st William Tayor Reil

Find some of Bill’s writing on the tab on this website with his name on it.

 Today we discussed nullification, the Bond v US Supreme Court ruling and involuntary slavery. Listen in to another lively conversation.

 Here is the website I mentioned regarding the phone app for uploading videos.

 “Qik” is the name of the phone app.

Wednesday May 2nd Rev. Ted Pike They spy on you…

Wednesday May 2nd

Hr 1 Rev Ted Pike  joins me to discuss  CISPA bill which would take over the internet and they would be spying on you, even more than they already do. This bill passed in the house so call all your senators at 866-220-0044 and tell them NO to  S-2105

Hr 2 Debbie Coffey  joins me to discuss  The National Association of Conservation Districts  and The International City/County Management Association (ICMA) She explains how organizations partner with international groups to advance the UN Agenda 21. Find her articles here:

March 20th Paul Fromm Who are the freedom haters?

March 20th Paul Fromm

My guest was Paul Fromm Director of Council of Conservative Citizens and host on Voice of Reason Radio heard live every Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. EST —

We discussed the Southern Poverty Propaganda Law Center and their hatred of free speech, free thought and free association. We also discussed some examples of people targeted by freedom haters.

Paul’s websites are  and   Canadian Association for Free Expression ( He is updating the websites).

E-mail —

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 Send donations to:  CAFE, P.O. Box 332, Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3, CANADA.

February 20th Ronald MacDonald Who owns the money?

February 20th Ronald MacDonald

 Ron joins me to discuss codes, zoning and who owns the money.


February 16th Dr. Paugh Who is who?

February 16th Dr. Paugh

Hr 1  Just me, myself and I discussing, who is who. So who is it?

 Hr2  Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh joins me again to discuss riding on the “sustainability train”. Oh, what a ride it will be. Take a look at this map…where do you see yourself???

Sunday February 12th All roads lead to…Big Brother.

Sunday February 12th

 I talked to myself today about The FBI’s latest memo telling us how to spy on our fellow Americans. Hey WOW players, beware, if you communicate to your fellow warriors YOU could be a terrorist. Ruh roh.

fbi    aka  we make it up as we go along

 I also read from an article I found on website entitled, The Death Row of Urban Highways.  Green ghettos are in your future…they will drive you into it.


February 7th Paul Fromm Does free speech matter?

February 7th Paul Fromm

Paul Fromm joins me to discuss free speech and the lack thereof. Is denying the unalienable right to free speech denying justice? Does free speech matter? His website is being revised so check back in a couple weeks, I will update this posting when his site is back up.

 Canadian Association for Free Expression

Monday January 30th Comm. Rothschild talks green prints- Jeff Lewis & Rick Frey Will the real terrorists please stand up?

January 30th Comm. Rothschild, Jeff Lewis & Rick Frey

Hr 1 Commissioner Richard Rothschild from Carroll County Md. joins me to discuss the Plan Maryland land grab signed by executive order by the Governor.  This is designed to usurp local control over property rights and implement statewide control over YOUR property. What is  ag-print, green-print and growth-print? Listen in to find out.  Here are the presentations of people who came to the conference Commissioner Rothschild mentioned. 

Plan Maryland handout-great talking points

Hr 2  Jeff Lewis National Dir. of the Patriot Coalition and Richard Frey, General Counsel join me to discuss the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)  law. Their organization has teamed with Stewart Rhodes from Oathkeepers to write a resolution to expose what the NDAA  really means and to encourage legislators to stand against what is contained therein. new site so you must put this in your browser to reach it


January 24th Dave Kopacz How green is your prison?

January 24th Dave Kopacz

 Fearless patriot Dave Kopacz from the Massachusetts Liberty Preservation Association joins me to discuss how HUD plans on redistributing misery.

Wednesday January 18th Cdr. Compton & Bill Reil The reality of Real ID

January 18 Cdr Compton & Bill Reil

Cdr Jim Compton and Bill Reil joined me today to discuss the Real ID Act which is being implemented via our Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Most people don’t know that it is being implemented via their DMV even though many states have passed bills against it. Homeland Security is giving the DMV money to do this.

Monday January 9th Ronald MacDonald You have no right to your rights, anymore.

January 9th

Ronald joins me again to discuss Administrative Law, what does it really mean, codes, permits, the FRB (Federal Reserve Bank) and how to begin to fight back. Listen in, he provided great information and insight. Did you know that We-The-People never granted anyone the authority to create administrative courts? What is a writ of prohibition?

He is the author of a book entitled, They Own It All Including You available on RBN

Tuesday December 27th Arkady Faktorovich How does one control people?

December 27th Arkady Faktorovich

Arkady Faktorovich joins me to discuss life in the Soviet Union. He says he has come from “our future” to warn us. Do people who hail from a communist nation “see” what we cannot? I think they do.  He says in the Soviet Union everything has changed, yet nothing has changed. What is the tyranny of equality? Is it happening here? Why do people confuse control with leadership?


Monday December 26th Sheriff Mack Constitutional Sheriffs, tyranny and the police state.

December 26th Sheriff Richard Mack

 joins me today to discuss the upcoming meeting he is coordinating  on January 29-31, 2012 – Las Vegas, NV. Please help make this happen. The peace officers are uniting to free America from state and federal tyranny.

This is the clip of gun confiscation I played.

Please make your donation today and share this page with all that you can. You can also donate via credit card.

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Sunday December 18th Hal Shurtleff Green codes and green teams, what are they?

December 18th Hal Shurtleff

Hal Shurtleff from JBS joins me to discuss what is happening in the New England area. The green teams are out in force in Nashua N.H. You can find out info on The John Birch Society at and check out some documents he has posted on


Friday December 16th “Septic wars” anyone?

December 16th Dan Peterson

My guests today were:

Hr 1

Dan Peterson from the Coalition for Property Rights joined me to discuss their activities in Florida. They educate, advocate and try to activate people to become involved in fighting for their property rights. He has been involved in “septic wars” so check out the articles on their website  Take a look at another group Dan mentioned who also are active in the septic wars battle: The ongoing septic war battles could cost Floridians up to $15,000 to meet mandates based on flawed science.

Hour 2

Lt. Eric Shine, host of “In The Zone” heard on RBN joins me to discuss S1867 and how the “National Defense Authorization Act” relates to what has been happening to him. His website has a lot of info so check it out and listen in.