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Friday August 24th James Harbison The border no more…

Friday August 24th James Harbison was my guest today. He hails from Las Cruces and submits an editorial weekly to the Las Cruces Sun-News. We talked about our so-called borders. Crime is rampant, citizens are scared and our gubmint does nothin!  … Continue reading

Thursday August 23rd Pam Evans Alina Ramirez voices in the “wetlands”???

Thursday August 23rd  Pam Evans and Alina Ramirez join me from Florida to talk about what is being done to Floridians; they are being driven off their land too. Wetlands, EPA, Army Corp of Engineers, crooked politicians, greased palms and lone … Continue reading

Wednesday August 22nd Phil Tourney USS Liberty sailing for truth…

Wednesday August 22nd Phil Tourney joins me again to talk about the USS Liberty. He and other sailors from that ship are willing to give presentations to groups so contact him@

Rosa Koire “Strategy To Win”

Rosa Koire, friend and Freedom Fighter extraordinaire has a “strategy to win”. Please read this and send off to others. STRATEGY.TO.WIN.KOIRE.2012 Also check out her websites linked below.  

Monday August 6th Whose got the guns? Gun Owners of America

Monday August 7th Larry Pratt from Gun Owners of America joins me to discuss the continual assault on our God given right to defend ourselves.

Chick-fil-a freedom lovers speak!

Chick-fil-a video my friend Dan Haggerty recorded on Wednesday 8-1-12 at a mall in NJ. He along with Billy Baer are the hosts of the Baer-Haggerty Offense Radio Show. Their show is heard on every Wednesday at 3pm EST

Thursday June 14th Ron Olfert Apex predators and incompatible land use

Thursday June 14th          Incompatible land use. What does it mean? The animals will roam free and the humans will be in cages. Ron Olfert joined me to discuss what is happening with the grizzly’s in Montana. “Land uses which … Continue reading

Wednesday June 13th Merlin Miller The A3P is…

Wednesday June 13th  Merlin Miller candiate for POTUS running on The American Third Position Party joins me again to discuss his screenplay, False Flag as well as his position on a variety of topics. Check out the websites below for … Continue reading

Tuesday June 12th Derrick Grayson The minister of truth

Tuesday June 12th Derrick Grayson The minister of truth joins me again to discuss race.  Derrick is a vocal fan of freedom, liberty and the truth. Listen to him on his you tube channel TMOTOFGA and his website is  

Monday June 11th Debbie Coffey The ABC Method…

Monday June 11th Debbie Coffey joins me to discuss the closing of our roads by government agencies like the BLM, the Forrest Service and various other so called “public servants”. Smile you are on “government” camera. The cameras are in … Continue reading

Friday June 8th Dr. Carley Germs, germs, germs…

Friday June 8th Dr. Rebecca Carley joins me again to talk vaccines, rabies and you.

Tuesday May 5th Don Casey The triple bottom line is…?

Tuesday May 5th So Don Casey joins me again to talk about the  “TBL” or “3BL” otherwise known as, “the triple bottom line”. He also discusses “food policy councils”  and I can guarantee, they’re not like a girl scout council. … Continue reading

Friday June 1st The power of the individual…

Friday June 1st Brian who is the co-host of Real News Radio, heard here on RBN Saturday mornings, joined me from the Bilderberg meeting to give us a birds-eye view of what the ‘elitists” were doing. You can find more … Continue reading

Thursday May 31st Shelley Kennedy & Dr. Paugh The good fight…

Thursday May 31st Hr 1 Shelley kennedy NJ Agenda joins me to discuss the fight against UN Agenda 21 in NJ. The group she is a member of is Hr 2 Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh joins me to discuss … Continue reading

Tuesday May 29th John Marler& James Perloff Inherit the wind

Tuesday May 29th  Hr 1 John Marler Texas UN Agenda 21 fighter joins me to discuss UN Agenda 21 stuff. Hr 2 James Perloff author of  The Shadows of Power, Tornado in a Junkyard and The Case Against Darwin joined me … Continue reading