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Thursday May 17th Colin Flaherty White Girl Bleed A Lot…knockout game

 Thursday May 17th Hr 1 Colin Flaherty author of “White Girl Bleed A Lot– The return of Racial Violence and How The Media Ignore It” joins me to discuss what the MSM won’t tell you.  The knockout game is happening all … Continue reading

March 13th Craig Bodeker A conversation about race…

Tuesday March 13th Craig Bodeker   Documentary filmmaker Craig Bodeker joins me to discuss his documentary entitled, A Conversation About Race which can be viewed here   Craig decided to make the film in 2008 after hearing then candidate Barack Obama … Continue reading

February 8th Jared Taylor Is race a social construct?

February 8th Jared Taylor        Jared Taylor founder of American Renaissance joins me to discuss race and multiculturalism. Is race a “social construct”? Some people think it is, but how can that be when affirmative action is based solely upon race? … Continue reading