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Life as a green slave

    How “far-fetched” do you think this commercial is? It isn’t far-fetched, it is happening in varying degrees, all across the globe. Every single thing you do will be monitored. Welcome to the future and the future is now. … Continue reading

Goals 2050 forced city living

      They have goals they are striving to reach. For example, their goal is to have 85% of the world’s population living in a city by 2050 with a population density equal to living in a sardine can. Think about that. … Continue reading

Code Enforcement–A Revenue Scam

           What kind of stuff does code enforcement do?  Take your money, destroy your life savings (if you have any), destroy the “peaceful enjoyment” of your private property, drive you into the poor house, take your property and destroy your health. On … Continue reading

Wednesday October 3rd Steve Scott The mind of a free man vs. code commies…

Wednesday October 3rd      Property maintenance codes are being used to take people’s property from them.  The code enforcement office and the code commies are harassing people all across the nation.    Steve Scott was my guest and is one smart … Continue reading

Thursday July 7th Pam Evans, Aida Fernandez, Michelle Cassens

July 7th Pam Evans, Aida Fernandez, Michelle Cassens Aida Fernandez’s web is Michelle Cassens’ web  Property rights are under attack from the east coast to the west coast. Join me as my guests tell their stories of … Continue reading

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