The “new” Stockholm

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Well, it’s about time they built a “new” Stockholm.

After all, what made those  “Swedes” think they could have, or should have “their” very own nation with “their” culture, mores, traditions, music, architecture, heritage, language, religion etc.? What does the fact “Swedes” have been in this geographic area they called their nation for 1200 years or so, have to do with anything? Give it up you selfish bastards!

erasing ethnic Swedes

Everywhere you turn in a White country you have White people who just happen to like their European based culture.  Can you imagine that?  Just more relentless White racism happening.  You just can’t get away from it in any White (all soon to be formerly White) country you go to.

So in order to eradicate the hateful White culture the “Swedes” created, the elite in Sweden intend to confiscate summer homes, and convert old historical buildings and churches into housing in order to facilitate the arrival of new invaders  oops I mean immigrants. Let’s just call them Swedes.  The new “Swedes” are coming to replace the original “Swedes”(those blonde haired, blue eyed beauties just gots ta go!).

There are a lot of joyful things happening all around those “Swedes” and they just aren’t gettin’ with the program. Let’s take a look at some of the joys. The call to prayer, for one thing. What’s not to like about being awakened before dawn to hear Arabic emanating from a loud speaker five times a day including late at night? And who could complain about feeling compelled to dye your natural blonde hair black to attempt to avoid being raped by  “immigrants”.   I mean the new “Swedes”.  After all, you didn’t like your natural blonde hair anyway.  C’mon, admit it.  And if you happen to think the characteristic White skin, blonde hair, blue eyed “Swede

31393nomoreswedishkids.jpogis the only thing that makes up a “Swede”, well not anymore, that has got to go too. The lady below looks like a genuine Swede to you, does she not?


How dare you think your ethnic heritage should continue? Just more White racism.  Blot it out now! And the government will help you learn what to do.

 And those areas known as no-go where police are afraid to patrol, keep that under your hat.

 So there you have it. A quick tour of some of the joys happening in Stockholm, Sweden. Psst. Don’t criticize the “new” Sweden, that makes you a hater guilty of hate speech.

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