Cultural Marxism exposed again

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Here comes the latest example of Cultural Marxism slithering into a college class. Forget Shakespeare. We have this.

From The Tab

The headline reads

“Drama lecturer stuns freshers [freshman students] with graphic video of her vagina

“…Sorry what?

Everyone wants a friendly lecturer, but these first years were lost for words after their Drama lecturer screened a bizarre video of her vagina.
Actress and PhD student, Lauren Barri-Holstein, unexpectedly upped the shock factor when, as part of an introductory presentation, she displayed a video clip from her recent production Splat!.

The graphic clip is described by Lauren as “feminist performance art concerned with the female body”, but it unabashedly exposes a lot more than her feminist values.

This isn’t “art”. This is Dadaism. Do some research on Dada.

The intimate performance shows her inserting a knife handle into her vagina and throwing garish red tomatoes at the blade, giving birth to a small, plastic Bambi figurine, and blowing a condom out of her vagina – all to a background of Happy by Leona Lewis and Poison by Nicole Scherzinger.


‘…Lauren, creator of theatre company The Famous, said the work of art is relevant to her teaching module, Theatre and its Others, and terrified freshers by screening it in the first lecture back after Christmas.”

The what? They call this a “work of art”? Peeing on stage is art?  Shoving knives in your vagina is art?  They claim this is “relevant to her teaching module”. Exactly what is it she thinks she is “teaching”?  The word vulgarity pops into my mind.

Apparently aimed at highlighting how theatre can incorporate intertextual references and dance, viewers were less concerned with her witty fairytale allegories, and more stuck on the fact they had unintentionally got up close and personal with their lecturer’s condom-boasting vagina and paint-spattered breasts, all bouncing around with pride in 10 times their original size.
The video also shows scenes where Lauren urinates on stage, dangles naked and gyrating from a harness on the ceiling, and even simulates masturbating with a tampon, spraying what appears to be blood directly onto a fellow actress’s face.


Splat 4

 One scarred Drama student told The Tab: “It was surreal. I honestly didn’t know how to react.

Run for the hills.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look her in the eye in person, it’s just weird.

This is now the education system in the Western World. The sole purpose is to destroy EVERYTHING about Western Civilization. I cannot stress this point enough.

“It’s not even the fact we saw her lady parts, it’s the fact I literally have no idea how the clip was in any way related to this module.

It isn’t related to anything other than destruction of Western Civilization at the hands of Cultural Marxists.

“It was just so extreme and I don’t understand why it was in any way necessary.”


Splat 2

It’s necessary if your goal is the total destruction of Western Civilization. And that is the goal of Cultural Marxism.

But another fresher holds a more sympathetic approach.

The fresher is not really “sympathetic”; rather unaware the entire education system in the Western World has been hijacked by cultural Marxists who seek to destroy everything she has ever known.

They said: “I understand her credo is to actively gross out the audience and challenge us, which does actually make sense.

Another brainwashed victim.

“She’s really passionate about exposing our socially engrained expectations, so I’m going to suspend my judgement and wait until I get to know her better as a teacher.”

“exposing our socially engrained expectations”…

Yeah, like not having your mores, standards, sense of modesty “peed” on?

A second year, and fan of Lauren, added: “She’s amazing. Don’t be scared off by how open she is.
“Splat! is shocking and all, but it’s not completely without reason.
“When it comes down to it, she’s invaluable to work with on the module and really helps people when they need a push in the right direction.”

The “right” direction? Which direction is that kid? Off a cliff?

Tab art critic Matt McDonald said: “The trope of the female nude is as old as art itself.
“Barri-Holstein’s performance is the latest of many pieces which show us something about the genesis of humanity.
“In some ways, it’s a profound Madonna and Child work. In others, it’s a leftie with her rat out.”

Sorry, Matt, ol’ boy, but nothing this Marxist filth did has anything to do with Madonna and child. Nothing.

Lauren Barri-Holstein declined an interview about this story.”

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