Eating healthy- the new crazy

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        gmo fed tumors

From the Daily Mail UK

                   “…Why healthy eating may be the new eating disorder: Raw food and paleo dieters ‘at risk of a dangerous obsession with nutrition’…”

       Do you desire to stay alive and healthy for as long as possible?  Are you concerned about GMO foods? Interested in eating healthy food that has not been adulterated by processing? Think your body is your temple and in order to maintain, or regain health you need to watch what you eat? Well, you are now – officially nuts. And to go along with that diagnosis, pharmaceutical companies will make billions from the drugs prescribed by so-called “mental health “professionals”” who will now make millions convincing you that you are nuts.  The government will put you on one of their numerous lists, the school nurse or a teacher will ask your children what they eat at home, they will then alert the so-called Children’s “Protective” Services,  soon after, a swat team will arrive at your home, remove your children and then they will label you an unfit parent because you want to teach them healthy eating habits.   You’ll go broke trying to get your children back, your family is in shambles, the media will hound you, your face will be plastered all over TV and newspapers, your ignorant friends and neighbors will shun you thinking you must be some kind of subversive because you dared to disagree with the government approved diet, your boss gets wind of this,  knows his business is dependent on being politically correct, terminates you and your life has now been ruined.

Sounds far fetched, doesn’t it? But it isn’t.  Everyday all kinds of crazy things like I just described are happening to people.

Read the article here

I can foresee the day wanting to live past age 30 will be classified as a mental disorder.  Logan’s Run anyone?

 In fact, the UN wants to decrease the world’s population. Listen to this video.

 How do they do it?

Constant wars

 Is a link explaining this necessary?

GMO foods



fluoridated water

Monsanto chemicals

culture clashes due to unbridled immigration

 All lead to death – your death.

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