Social justice warriors

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   social justice warriors, equality of outcome

ATLANTA — Eleven former Atlanta public school educators were convicted Wednesday of racketeering for their role in a wide-ranging conspiracy to inflate scores on students’ standardized tests.

Social justice warriors caught “inflating” test scores is the politically correct way of stating they changed a wrong answer to a right one. In other words, they cheated.  But then again, the fans of social justice demand equal results and these educators social justice warriors were only trying to make that happen.  They should not be penalized for attempting to advance the lie. That would be unfair. They should be rewarded. Bonuses given. Promotions too. Oops. Those were the rewards for “inflating”.

 Only one teacher was acquitted of all charges. The 11 convicted represented teachers, testing coordinators and other administrators who were accused of participating in the conspiracy dating to 2005, motivated by pressure to meet federal and local standards to receive bonuses or keep their jobs in the Atlanta Public Schools district of about 50,000 students.

 They are participants in the Cultural Marxist lie called education. They are guilty of “dumbing up” their student’s scores. Quality takes a back seat to equality.




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