“Once you pop, you won’t have to stop”

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“Once you pop, you won’t have to stop”. Oh baby, isn’t that special? I bet you cannot guess what they are referring to. It’s something they teach the kids in 5th grade. I’ll give you a hint. It doesn’t have anything to do with popcorn. Give up?   Look here for all the fine facts of how to have anal sex being described to 5th graders in Chicago public schools and in some form, yours too.

More Cultural Marxist crap being spewed in  our schools. Again, Johnny cannot find his state on a map, cannot tell you who the POTUS is,  many “graduate” from high school being functionally illiterate, but who cares, let’s teach the children how to “safely” stick their penis or a dildo in their classmates ass or how to have a penis or a dildo stuck “safely” in their ass. Nice.


CHICAGO – A graphic sexual education curriculum meant for Chicago Public Schools’ (CPS) fifth and sixth graders shocked parents during a presentation given during “report card pickup” at the Andrew Jackson Language Academy.

cps6-300x194The presentation included slides that are clearly not age appropriate, and include “demonstrations” of applying male and female condoms (FC), DNAinfo reports.

While CPS spokesman Bill McCaffrey said in a statement that the “objectionable material presented at Andrew Jackson Language Academy this week is not and never was part of the student sexual education curriculum” as reported at the local NBC affiliate, the slides shown to parents are also posted at Waters Elementary School (now removed) as part of the “Sexual Health Education” curriculum for “Grade 6.”

Links to K-8 sex ed lessons can be found here. (now removed) It should be noted that Waters elementary indicates that they “opted out” of the condom demonstrations, which adds to speculation that the demonstrations were indeed a part of the curriculum.

The link below takes you to content of “lesson 5” .





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