Not smart enough…that’s RACIST!

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Should only the best and the brightest to be admitted into school, no matter what they look like?  No. That’s racist. In fact, no has been the name of the game for several decades and our nation is so much better for it. And if you think otherwise—you are a racist! Just ask these brainwashed dummies now claiming the University they attend is practicing, the  “new Jim Crow”.  Is it really racial discrimination or are the applicants simply not able to meet the academic standards set forth by the university? I mean, c’mon, at some point shouldn’t you just admit some people don’t have the skills to do the course work. No. That’s racist too. Everyone can be a brain surgeon. Didn’t you get the memo?


 From The College Fix

“Disgruntled students at the University of Michigan have declared an alleged drop in minority enrollment a “national scandal” and representative of “the new Jim Crow,” and pledged in conjunction with community organizers at a recent strategy meeting on campus to “kick this university’s ass” and “shut the campus down” unless minority enrollment increases.

The comments were made by University of Michigan students as well as radical Ann Arbor-area activists with By Any Means Necessary, or BAMN, who were back on campus Friday night for what was dubbed a “public tribunal on hostile campus climate.”…

BAMN members repeatedly claimed Friday night that 3.7 percent of the fall 2014 freshman class at the University of Michigan is black – a figure they say is unacceptable and reflective of racist policies.

However, student Joseph Frailey in his speech to the crowd said: “I myself have never experienced racism on a personal level, but I’ve read numerous articles about racism occurring, and I’ve entertained the idea of this possibly happening to me.”

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