Let’s Give Riverton Wyoming to the Indians

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        The EPA land grab is happening all around us.  Imagine one morning you wake up  and you find out the EPA has decided to give your town to the local Indian tribe. That’s right, they just gave away your property to the Indians.  That’s what  happened to the citizens of the town of Riverton Wyoming and other areas.  Their property is now part of and belongs to the Wind River Indian Reservation. Someone will be on the warpath. Who will it be?  Will the landowners of Riverton fight back? Will they be brow-beaten by the commies and called names like racist, hater etc. if they do? Should they just roll over and say, oh well? I think not. Now more than ever it is imperative that the American citizenry stand up for themselves. The ” battle lines” so-to-speak, have been drawn. The Indians all know which group they belong to. Which group do the citizenry of Riverton belong to?

  Who is behind this agenda?  I am not referring to the EPA. Who is their puppet master? Who do these useful idiots answer to? The answer is out there. All one needs to do is to follow the money.  All roads lead to the same group. All roads.

     Read more about this decision here: http://www.powelltribune.com/news/item/11952-mead-epa-decision-on-reservation-borders-%E2%80%99outrageous%E2%80%99


     Listen to a very informative discussion about this issue here.
They mention many  topics which would seem unrelated to Riverton, but they are not: Clean Air Act, Super Funds and Salamanca NY.

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